2017 Metal Hammer quotes

January issue…

Floor Jansen (singer of Nightwish) criticizing Slayer while talking about the most metal album in her collection: “Some would say Slayer, but I think they’re a dreadful band. Unbelievably boring. Terrible.”

March issue…

Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) name-checks the most metal album that he owns: “Slipknot’s Iowa. I still think that’s the most metal album in the world; it’s so filthy and raw. It was innovative and fresh at the time but it still hasn’t been replicated – nobody’s ever been able to deliver a record as aggressive at that.”

Mille Petrozza (Kreator) reveals the history between his band and Sepultura: “We came from the same underground metal tape-trading scene They were in Brazil, we were in Germany, they’re write to us letters then we’d go back and forth. They sent us made handmade Sepultura T-shirts and their live tapes.”

Rob Halford (one of two singers who have fronted Judas Priest) talks about his violent boyfriend’s suicide in Phoenix, Arizona circa 1986: “I was with someone who was also dealing with their own self-destructive challenges. That was my pledge, in the memory of that person, to stay clean and sober. Drug addiction and alcoholism is like a curse.”

April issue…

Konstantinos Karamitroudis (a.k.a. Gus G in Firewind) talking about the most metal albums which he owns: “All my Black Sabbath albums – Tony Iommi’s worst album is still better than most metal albums ever made.”

Robb Flynn (Machine Head) talking about The Blackening and James Hetfield’s reaction to the album: “I say this a lot, but I really this that the job of an artist is to hold a mirror to society. Sometimes what reflect back is beautiful and sometimes what we reflect back is ugly, but it has to be done. Once James said he liked The Blackening, that was it! We get invited to support Metallica.”

John Bush (Armored Saint) explains why he joined Anthrax after Symbol of Salvation: “I think we probably had these expectations that Symbol was gonna be bigger than it was. But truthfully, even though we received a lot of acclaim on that record – we didn’t get the results that we’d expected. There was some frustration on the U.S. tour that we did after the album came out. It was one of the most miserable tours that I’ve ever done in my life. We were driving through the Rockies with all our luggage and 10 guys in a van. I thought we were going to die every time we hit the road and there were a LOT of short fuses in the band. It felt like a big sigh, you know? We’d made Symbol but we were exhausted – mentally, physically and emotionally. The tour was terrible and then Anthrax came along. It just seemed like the right time to end it.”

Vinnie Paul (the drummer of Hellyeah) compares the recent music industry with what it was like when Pantera were still a band: “It’s just not quite as fun anymore. A lot of bands now aren’t really bands; they’re corporations – they don’t hang out together, they don’t drink together, they don’t party together, they just do it to get paid. It’s sad. I’d give anything to go back to how the industry was in 1994. It’s much more difficult to be successful now. Back in the day, you had to sell a platinum record in the first week or the label would drop you. Now, if you sell 50,000 units then people think you’re the greatest band since Led Zeppelin; it’s crazy. Just because I was in Pantera doesn’t mean that this band is going to sell out arenas.”

May issue…

Avenged Sevenfold’s mascot comes from a band called Overkill. The last album that Bobby Ellsworth (the singer of Overkill) bought was Dear Mr. Sinatra by John Pizzarelli: “We were in the same high school and his father was an amazing jazz guitarist. John is the apple from the tree. I mean, I’m from New Jersey, you know. ’nuff said.”

June issue…

Bobby talking about Queen’s Sheer Heart Attack (their third album): “It had it all: heavy metal, pop, musicianship, songwriting, perfect presentation. Queen was also my first ever concert. My father called the police because the show went late, but I wasn’t leaving.”

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) combines sociology with psychology: “When you’re sitting at a bar, you’re looking around. You’re kind of profiling.”

Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter (Deftones) cites the unlikely influence of a 1984 album: “When I was a kid, the first Metal Church album really made an impression on me. It was incredibly punchy. I told Terry that I wanted Adrenalize to sound like that, so that you could turn it up real loud. When it came to recording Around the Fur, he told us that we should be considering going for a more bass-heavy sound.”

Chino Moreno cites another unlikely influence: “We were in this rehearsal room that had a skate ramp. We were all big into the skate scene, so we’d hang out at our studio all the time, skate for a bit then write some music. Back and forth, you now. Looking back at it now, it was kind of like the time of our lives. Stephen wrote all the riffs and I put the vocals over it. It wasn’t forced; we didn’t argue. We were really connected at the time.”

Terry Date (producer) contributes to the same article: “I had just come off of working with Pantera and a lot of the metal bands of time. Those records tended to have a lot of top end; not a lot of hip-hop low end.”

Chino opens up on collaborating with Max Cavalera after the fatal car accident of the latter’s stepson (Dana Wells): “It wasn’t depressing at all, it was really uplifting. It felt so exciting for us. Those first Sepultura records were really important to us as a band. Chao A.D. especially. I met Max through Dana, we were one of his favourite bands and then suddenly he dies.”

He addresses how preconceptions can be misconceptions: “People have this idea that I write all the mellow stuff and Stef only likes big guitar riffs, but listen to Mascara on that record. That’s a Stef song. We’ve always all been open to anything musically.”

Stef seconds the motion when addressing the rap metal trend at the time: “I remember when these sub-genre names didn’t exist. It was just metal, so I don’t think we made a decision to step away from it – we’ve never paid attention to what anyone else was doing. We just what we thought was right, and tried to make a killer album.”

Chino concurs to an extent: “We did make a very conscious choice of who we were going to play shows with. It was hard to be this young band and having to turn town tours. I can’t remember how many times I turned down Korn! The name of the genre was nu metal, so anything that is new is going to be old. I didn’t want to be old with it.”

July issue…

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) had low expectations: “I had been in a band that had a record deal, I had already had my grab at the brass ring. The band got dropped and I was 26 years old. I thought that was it.”

He had low expectations when they were openers for Public Enemy: “The tour was a needlessly controversial one. At the time, rap was considered a dangerous endeavour. The police sometimes outnumbered the audience at these shows. They filed injunctions – none of which were successful, I might add. We were playing at these colleges, and the audience would be 100% white fraternity boys and sorority girls passing through five levels of metal detectors before pat-downs.”

August issue…

Terry Date talking about producing Soundgarden’s second album: “They were just different. It was a period of time when things were going hair metal. There was a lot of dumb, butt rock – metal without any thought. Then Soundgarden come along, and you’ve got these four incredibly brilliant people, and they’re doing heavy riffs with really smart lyrics. My goal at the time was to make music that was still going to be valid in 20 years time, and those guys completely fit the bill.”

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