In the garden of Eden Rae

She is a motorcycle enthusiast and probably would have been more famous had she been a wrestler for the WWF (or even the ECW). Unfortunately to the wrestling fans reading this, she spent more time wrestling with men than women. When I first saw what she looked like, I wasn’t sure what type of rock music that she was into. Was she just into punk or did she like metal? As I would later learn, she managed a metal band called Voodoo Temple in 2001. In 2003, they released a solid album called Vessels of Wrath. They even had a music video (Closure) about literal kidnapping (i.e. kid abduction). The most interesting fact is that it was directed by a black guy (not too many of those directing metal bands). Back to the woman born as Rachel Walker (who is a big fan of Alice in Chains), her grey eyes suit the alternative rock scene.

At any rate, the one thing which I do know about her cultural identity is that her ethnic lineage is Sicilian. She doesn’t like it when people assume that’s the same as Italian. Her birthdate is June 12, 1973. She was born in Chicago and was raised to be bilingual. Her parents had a strict Roman Catholic background. As such, she went to a private Catholic prep school. She is definitely a smart person. She has degrees in Economics, History and Philosophy after attending the University of Minnesota. To afford the tuition fees, she became a model and a dancer (she had to take a gap year). I will let the savvy and sassy screen siren do the talking from now on, starting with her acting ability: “I tend to get roles of the bohemian, diva, seductress, or tyrant. I can play Italian, Arabic, Greek, German, or a Latina very well.”

Screen name and her career in general: “I always use my stage name in public forums and media with the exception of Eve Renee for Personal Video Magazine 4 among other things à la the Alan Smithee alias used in Hollywood. I have modeled since age 14, and Eden was the name which I used at that time as well. I use it as a feature, and in porn. I also have a altogether insane schedule as a commercial fashion model. I do runway and still photography in artistic, fashion, editorial, beauty, and glamour areas. I use my nom de guerre for this as well. I have identified with this name for many years, even off camera. It became more a part of my persona than my birth name, which I legally changed before getting into the adult field. I did this mainly to protect members of my family from the intrusive types who might wish to try to contact them.”

A famous male porn star is shamed: “If appearance is not an appropriate method for choosing a sexual partner (paid and on film or not), I guess that I should run call Ron Jeremy and apologise for not beating his door down earlier. He also says that he has no problem with a girl turning down a partner, as long as the guy gets a viewing. If you hadn’t noticed yet, one of the biggest victims of plastic surgery in porn (I’m barring breast ballooning) has been the man himself, the inimitable Ron Jeremy. There have been two types of surgeries involved – hair transplants, and controversial reverse liposuction. In the latter procedure, a portly, bon-bon laden, Jerry Springer fan and housewife from an Arkansas trailer park was recruited as a donor. She was then whisked off by plane to LA under an assumed name. After arriving at the surgical suite, gallons of fat were liposuctioned out of her and injected directly into various parts of Ron’s anatomy.”

What she’s spilling is so chilling: “Here is where it gets definitely and definitively interesting. In payment for her part in the procedure she was given two things, a boob job, and a new wardrobe from Fredericks of Hollywood. She was seen leaving the VIVID offices, but sources said she would be appearing in a number of John T. Bone’s upcoming films like Kendra Jade and Zoe. This was back in 1998. Ron’s other known foray into the doctor’s office was for hundreds of hair transplants, over nearly his entire body. Bad idea. There has been some question as to where and how he would find enough willing donors for such large volume transplants. A number of scenarios have been tossed around, the two most popular also being the strangest. One version of the donor angle has to do with a skinhead group. It’s said that after hearing about Ron’s desire for said transplants and seeing one of his earliest films, they volunteered.”

The thing that should not be: “The other most frequently circulated explanation says the donors were not willing at all! That in fact the “donors” were not human but animals. There is also a split among those who agree that the transplants came from an animal. While sloth and aardvark have popped up occasionally, these versions have been basically dismissed. The difficulties involved in acquiring and transporting these species would not be very feasible. The other, most commonly accepted version, is that the transplants were taken from hedgehogs. As strange as this sounds, hedgehogs being a much more common species, would be easier to obtain. Second, they are much smaller as well, and would be easier to slip into the hair loss center without being detected. It can be assumed that due to the sheer number of visits required for this many grafts.”

Where she differs from him and other porn stars: “When coupled with the reverse lipo procedure, Ron Jeremy may be the porn star with the largest number of plastic/cosmetic surgeries under his or her belt. One can be more sensually erotic than a ranting whore even if you don’t have bleached blonde hair and a boob job. Small tits are underrated. I don’t like the screaming gutter slut image, it’s just not me. I am not of that mentality, despite the connotations which tattoos seem to have for some people, they don’t make someone something they are not. I don’t undergo the usual surgeon’s ski-jump nose found in L.A. I’m as natural as they come, baby. My image has changed but tastefully. I no longer have a nose ring, which only leaves a single nipple piercing. On top of that, my tattoos are no longer visible in most of my performances because of make-up, day-glo body gels and even glitter. It is easier to start with a blank slate for all that stuff. “

Opinions about some female porn stars: “Jasmin St. Claire, far from being a saint, also had a boob job to match the work done to her nose and chin. Kendra Jade operates under double standards. She lambasts her but she’s added lipo to her nose and boob fixtures for sure maybe more. Kendra is basically Svengali. She feels that Jasmin owes her. A lot of their friction came from Kendra being bisexual versus Jasmin being hetero. I’m not on Kendra’s side but I do think that Jasmin is a disgusting diva. The artist formerly known as Rhea Devlugt tried too hard to top Annabel Chong with the sequel to The World’s Biggest Gang Bang. I know plenty of men and women who had more fun watching something that I was in 72 Cheerleader Orgy. To add insult to injury, Jim Malibu is a better director than John T. Bone. Jim has an organically subversive power. Being around those macho and feminine women made me go from being heterosexual to heteroflexible.”

Her sexuality: “I am a top and have been since childhood, I just didn’t know the term for it. I don’t do double or triple penetration because I would pass out and I wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of. Due to fear of viruses, I prefer kissing lesbians to bisexual women. I don’t like pubic hair on a woman, so I’ve never been known to be prone to muff-diving. All in all, I prefer penises. On the flip side, I prefer anal intercourse with women because they are more empathic and sensitive as a result. For vaginal penetration, I prefer men. Theoretically speaking, I’m bisexual; but that label is too liberal for someone as picky as me. People, mostly men, think that bi means 50% hetero and homo. I would never date a woman like I would with a man. I like masculine men but I could never go for a full-on butch woman, not even if I was drunk and stoned. Also, I will never have sex with a transsexual.”

She actually has a mainstream acting career: “In the fall of 1998, my career picked up with two roles in mainstream movies along with some gigs on TV. I won’t say which ones because I feel like I should be like Clark Kent. TV work as well. That year, I shot a warped comedy film role. It was filmed in November. I don’t do extra work (i.e. background people) myself, but my ex-husband (a.k.a. Jeremy Steele) did it for many years. He saw numerous run-ins with cruddy service to the extras but great treatment for the crew and other cast. He has been part of the S.A.G. (Screen Actors Guild) since 91. I have only worked as a principal performer. I’m the Where’s Waldo? of actresses. Mainstream women can be just as bad as their porn counterparts in terms of drugs and plastic looks. Fake tits look like crud. They don’t move properly. The falseness takes away from the midriff.”

Trivia: “The Ed Powers scene and the Bogus Brothers scenes were all shot in the first WEEK that I was in X. I did roughly five scenes during my first week and a half, left town for two months and then came back. At that time, I had made the decision to limit my partners.”

The songs which should be a playlist for any stripper and lap dancer: Darling Nikki by Prince, Witchy Woman by The Eagles, Don’t Let Go by En Vogue, Hoochie Coochie Man as covered by The Jeff Healey Band, Summertime as covered by Janis Joplin. Shameless by Garth Brooks (for the country crowd), and Heaven Inside You by Alice in Chains. The lap-dance tune in ShowgirlsWasted Time by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, is always the ideal encore. These songs always made me piles of extra $5 tips when I did laps/tables. On stage, these songs can be real lucrative too, but you have to have them picked for just the right type of crowd, and they are definitely showstoppers.”

A rumour that she would like to clear up: “Annabel Chong did NOT use the dildo harness on me in Poison Candy. I used one on HER, and I remained clothed during it. I wore a tuxedo during one of the scenes, but I wore lingerie, PVC gloves, a long coat, and thigh hi boots in the other.”

Preference of the two cores in porn: “I primarily did hardcore, save the stuff that I for Playboy channel’s Flavors. I like doing Fetish stuff as well.”

One of the things which used to annoy her about men: “None of my friends believe that just because I am a porn star, I should HAVE to have sex with anyone I do not wish to. None feel that because I am a porn star, I should HAVE to have sex with a large number of partners. In the early days, men were so close-minded that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Right now, men are starting to warm up to the idea of a cerebral porn star.”

Grievances with men who misunderstand her vixen vocation: “Beyond that, what is with the porn ACTRESS or hooker statement? How about the porn ACTOR? Why is no one comparing HIM to a gigolo? Bit of a double standard here is there?”

Although Eden is self-confident, she doesn’t see herself as perfect: “I was heavily chastised for my low weight, as the doctor feels that maintaining a ‘healthy’ weight is important to me after winning my battle with cancer in the late nineties. Despite heavy weight training, I was still below the doctor’s target weight of 120 (and muscle mass weighs more than fat). I was measured in the same month before I participated in that weird comedy. I never try to fits into corsets. Without corseting, very few adult women can naturally achieve a waist size below 22 or 23 inches. This is due to the propensity for a woman’s hips to widen mid-puberty and post-puberty to accommodate childbirth.”

Metonymy: “This Eden is too good to be used by any Adam or Eve. As a woman who came into X by choice, not a lack thereof, I do think it is ludicrous for Jerry Springer to preach morality. I started X with a few degrees, which I got for MYSELF, not with any intention of working 9 to 5. I came into X and still continued with my mainstream acting/modeling career that I got into beforehand. Why? Because my mainstream reputation is so good that I could. I am a chameleon. I came into X knowing the $ was not that great for talent, but is in producing. So what did I do? I started performing with the intention of producing. It was a conscious choice, not a last resort. My father knows what I do, both dancing and X videos, and is 100% supportive. He has worked as my bouncer when I was stuck because my usual roadie was ill. I have never wanted to, or had to lie about what I do. I never felt the need, because I feel no shame about what I do for a living. I think it is perfectly healthy.”

Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee and Jenna James being a couple in 1999: “Maybe, but he was passed out in a bed with some other chick in a Vegas hotel which was registered to another porn girl (not the one he was passed out with). With Jasmin St. Clair being a fellow metalhead, I would dread to think that those two would form any kind of union. From the other side of the green grass, he seems to prefer blondes.”

Why lesbians put condoms on dildoes: “It’s because they are too cheap to use new toys, and only wash them after use (if they even bother). You don’t know it where it’s been and you also do not know how well it was cleaned. Since the ‘cleaning’ is usually just soap and water, it is not enough to kill viral or bacterial contagions. I won’t use toys which are not new. Bleach and rubbing alcohol are too caustic. Barbicide is best (the stuff used in salons for shears and manicure equipment) but few directors are aware of it from what I have seen. I still clean new dildoes with Barbicide! You can not sterilize latex any other way really.”

The claws come out: “Bill margold is a washed-up and blowhard who tries to make a living sucking the life out of the talent who come through the industry, whilst spouting his concern for them and their “safety”. No matter if they want him to or not.”

Eden’s dildo methodology: “My personal company policy is to budget an additional 20 or 30 bucks per actress if they will be using toys. I take them to an adult store and they pick out the toy they like. I buy it, and they get to take it home with them when the shoot is over. If a newbie hasn’t worn the waist-wailer (as I like to call it) then I volunteer to be her test dummy, with hilarious trial and error moments. Kidding aside, it’s not some weird thing which they wouldn’t use in their domestic lifestyle. It’s something they wanted. It also means they have one other option to bring with them to sets and spare them the reused toy routine. If I have any doubts as to if a package has been opened, I make them soak the toy in barbicide for 20 minutes.”

Why she never visits other people’s lesbo sets anymore: “Since the toys are reused, and can not truly be sterilized by hoses, they use condoms. Unless they are clean freaks, I no longer watch double-ended anal encounters between women. Brown dildoes should be used for anal scenes because you don’t want people to see residue of feces. I tell my employees and clients that this is the best way to remember anal hygiene – excrement is not exciting, it’s excruciating.”

Rae’s trademark which some fans misinterpreted as a recurring theme: “When I first began, I said that I would incorporate smoking in some films. It wouldn’t be the main focus of the film. The context would always be fleeting moments of classic film noir/glamour. There should be more porn period pieces like the 40’s. Vintage Hollywood imagery is so underappreciated. Men in cashmere overcoats encountering women corseted into sequined gowns with hose and heels. Cigarette holders separate skanks from ladies.”

Why she divorced a porn star named Jeremy Steele: “He is a bitter man, who lies through his teeth. He is also forgetting to mention his KKK paraphernalia catalogs, which he has had for years. There is a difference between calling an INDIVIDUAL a derogatory name, and calling an entire race it. Evidently, he has no clue that there is a difference. It was horrible because so many many people thought that I was racist toward black guys. When the divorce was finalized in 1999, I felt so liberated. It was like I went from living in Limbo, if not Hell like prison, to being in Heaven. I had to take a break from the metal scene because there were so many colours that I wanted to try. The most liberating experience was when I was given the chance to do an interracial scene. I was referred the work by Tina Tyler, who’s opinion I trust. She said the guy I’d be working with, and the guy directing, were very cool and would treat me right. I even emailed her to THANK her afterward.”

Spit or swallow: “The director is usually the one when the girls are playing with it and letting it drool back on the phallus, etc. When a girl swallows, it is more of a 50/50 chance that she was told to.”

Jeremy’s balls are well and truly busted: “I find it very funny that Jeremy called Luke Ford PURELY to disparage me within DAYS of my posting photos of myself and my new love to my web page. Pulling this stunt only confirms that Steele doesn’t have nerves of steel. He has known from the get-go that he was only taking up space until the Scottish James Bond is available. Sean Connery is my first true love. He has given me way more nostalgia. On my 25th birthday, a male friend who is a sports agent offered me airfare to Chicago to watch a playoff game ON my birthday, seats on the floor, and partying with the team after. I declined to go to the cinema to see The Avengers, since it was about to end its run and I wanted to see Sean on the big screen!”

Speaking of guys that she hates: “Mike Tyson is a syphilitic rapist and a pus-filled pig in general. He is a sadistic ringworm leeching on society’s face. Even a braggart like Deion Sanders isn’t as boastful as him. No matter which way you slice it, each guy is arrogant. I hate men who use their sex lives to gloat. It just dawned on me how best to emphasize my dislike of basketball. It’s a lame sport. Basketball fans will probably hate me for giving this one up. IT Shows just how little a guys being a “star” matters to me when it comes right down to it.”

Upbringing: “I grew up in the Chicago area for 12 years. I am for all rights and purposes, a native. I was a Blackhawks and Bears fan as long as I could remember. I’m such a typical obsessed Chicago sports fan that I refused to watch a single Bears game after they fired Mike Ditka. I can tolerate baseball.”

Sports: “Now, for Mark Messier, I would go to the ends of the earth. He is so handsome. Yummy! Besides, he’s got such a cute smile. I prefer hockey myself, and went to college with a very notable player who was on the Stanley Cup champion Dallas Stars! I’m into real men’s sports like boxing, football and rugby.”

Disdain for another porn star: “I had a habit of telling men – just because Jenna Jameson is so shallow that she will bang anyone who has his face on a screen or a jersey with his name on it doesn’t mean we all are. The fact that she has to make a point of it being public and tell everyone about it just proves that she has no class. Even Vanessa del Rio and Ava Devine have more dignity. Don’t assume that her actions are on par with the behaviour of other girls in the biz. Personally, I think that is insulting to those of us who wouldn’t think of conducting ourselves in that manner.”

When she attended an All-Girls Catholic school: “Contrary to any suppositions, I never participated in any non-platonic relations with any of my fellow students.”

Versatile filmography: “I manage my own career mainstream or otherwise. In 1999, I participated in over half a dozen non-porn films. Without giving away titles, I flittered between independent and mainstream films which didn’t require any nudity. In 2000, I even acted in a sci-fi short (45 mins anticipated final edit time). When I had my own website, it was available. The producer/director was okay with it.”

Rule of thumb: “I could never have sex with someone I didn’t know. It goes beyond hygiene or looks. It has to do with self respect. I am not a whore and never would be. You can’t base it on simply the exchange of sex for money. Wenches are different in that they use little if any discretion.”

Knowing where to draw the line: I have always maintained I’d rather stay friends with the sports figures, actors and musicians whom I am friends with. Much more so than I’d want to engage in fornication with them. You screw them, and then the allure is lost. This includes those who may have already been fed portions from the erotic side of my diverse filmography. Can any of these girls say that these guys will return their calls 5 years from now? I doubt it. Those guys will be continuing their wildfire streaks of muff-mincing.”

Versatile filmography: “I manage my own career mainstream or otherwise. In 1999, I participated in over half a dozen non-porn films. Without giving away titles, I flittered between independent and mainstream films which didn’t require any nudity. In 2000, I even acted in a sci-fi short (45 mins anticipated final edit time). When I had my own website, it was available. The producer/director was okay with it.”

The age-old wage gap: “Considering that most men prefer them, girl-on-girl scenes shockingly pay MUCH less than B/G scenes. For those women not into each other, half the pay is hardly an incentive to do a lesbo scene. I always said for guy rates, I’d do a lesbo scene, and not for less. Guess what? Not one single producer will offer $2000 for a G/G scene. As for the percentage who would do it off camera as well as on camera, when you are talking about being “really into it”. In all honesty, my opinion is somewhere around 20%, which is a little more than I would say it is in the general populace (my opinion 10-15%). I am not including the girls who may have did it once off camera. I am talking about those who would do it on a recurring basis in their personal lives. Too many girls have that dentistry anxiety look on their faces when doing a G/G scene. I don’t want to look that way when doing a scene.”

Smokers and sinners: “Jamie Lee smokes anything that it’s difficult to tell if she has a signature brand. Nancy Vee smokes Marlboro 100s. The cigars which I smoke are Arturo Fuente Canones (especially Opus X). Too many women get accidentally pregnant. Condoms are a stopgap measure, being used to create a false sense of security. Consider that they are not being used consistently enough to protect anyone! Removing the condom for a facial or an external popshot that lands on the posterior (and very often runs back down onto the poophole or pussy) negates the whole point of using the condom to start with. In order for condom usage to protect anyone, they must be latex and used through the entire act, including the blowjob and popshot. If not, why bother with them at all? If the performers health is the REAL consideration, use the condoms correctly,or implement more complete disease testing.”

She goes into overdrive: “Of course they know that in order for it to truly be safe, condoms must be present at every encounter and no more cumshots at all. Of course even they know that nobody wants to see it go that far. So it’s really an empty gesture and no wonder so much backsliding from supposed ‘all condoms’ companies is happening. Easier to do that than deal with the expensive “hassle” of diligent HIV and Hepatitis or VD testing. It’s not up to porn fans to advise us on how to handle our careers. It should be up to us to decide. PERIOD. Don’t presume to ‘Big Brother’ us and tell us what’s best for us. We can think for ourselves. We are not all airheads (i.e. jocks) and bimbos (cheerleaders).”

Foreign film fan: “Having seen The Tin Drum when first released in America, I found it to be truly an amazing adaptation. A film of it’s caliber being confiscated not only from stores, but private homes is indeed scary. Fahrenheit 451 anyone?”

The illusion: “One thing to note, magazine layouts are staged. Anyone see the Howard Stern show on E when the girl said she isn’t into girls but had just done a G/G shoot? She said she held her breath every time she had to get close to the other girl’s vulva. She said she wouldn’t do G/G, but I think she was talking about actual G/G SEX in XXX vids. A posed photo shoot not requiring any actual oral/genital contact is a far cry from really licking clit and letting another female lick yours. You also only have to be convincingly “into it” for seconds at a time, not 30 minutes or more. Might make it a lot easier for a girl to do. But you know, it’s too bad that Jon Dough won’t do a guy/guy scene. I’ve sucked glans and I liked it.”

Her credence: “Truth to oneself and one’s own personal morality will best insure that one does not become enslaved to a false prophet.”

The most repulsive porn stars: “Male: Ron Jeremy (nice guy, but keep your clothes on!), Don Fernando, or Earl Slate (do we see any resemblance to Tom Arnold?) whereas with female it’s much harder to form a top ten list. Basically, anyone with silicone (or silly cones as I like to call it), and Mila. Yuck! Using other words to describe her would make her look good.”

Welcoming a newcomer: “Tawni Lyons is a very nice girl, although she had a cold when we met in 1999. We appeared on Harley Fire’s show with Kid Vegas in mid-July and she was a real trooper despite not feeling well. Pretty new to the biz. She said she had only done 11 videos at the time.”

Eden is quite the poet: “In the shadows lurk the realities of our souls, hidden not only from others, but ourselves. Where once was a proud man, was turned into a withered whisper, when burned by the betrayal of his beloved. The scorn of something beautiful, like a dark and acid rain, burns the heart it touches.”

Working out why people work out: “I’ve never been gym-obsessed like many women. I find it to be something of a puzzle, especially when a lot of the female porn starlets who work out subject themselves to so much debauchery. At the end of the day, it’s your face and hair that makes you pretty; especially the hair. The eighties had many average-looking women who were elevated to Goddess status because of their chic hairstyles.”

Oral limits: “I’m okay with a lesbian licking my clitoris but I would never go down on her unless she had an aesthetically appealing vagina. I prefer white pussies to black ones, but I prefer black phalluses to white pussies. I say phalluses because black men put the phal in phallic. Although women’s asses are better looking and smelling than men, I wouldn’t do anilingus (rimming). I would rather lick balls than any ass, male or female.”

Legal responsibility: “It is legal to shoot porn in California and New York. This is a response to the needs of the mainstream movie industry, who for some time have used X actors to create more realistic love scenes. When you see very wide shots of a couple doing the nasty in a mainstream film, and it looks too real to be fake, it probably isn’t the latter. They hire talent to actually perform an X scene, shoot it wide from various angles, and splice it in with the closeup shots of the ‘real’ actors from the film doing it. This was done for Indecent Proposal, and as I recall, it was Nina Hartley who doubled for Demi, in a wig etc. As rumor had it, it was cut out though.”

Rib-tickler about condoms supposedly cutting down on the bankability of porn: “Any wonder why so many girls are whoring themselves? Because idiots like Bill “Don’t Call Me Willy” Margold and Sharon “Spunky Junkie” Mitchell are telling them to take a cut in their already meager earnings in the sake of a crusade they were not genuinely espousing.”

A 1999 anecdote: “I was at a club where I had a mainstream TV producer with me grabbing film for the pilot of his new show, on which I will be profiled. Got him to get a bit of tape of Chloe since we get along, and I think she deserves a little recognition. I mostly just prowled around in my trench and grey fedora doing my usual Hollywood appearance and disappearance.”

About the Adult Video News: “AVN does not speak for the performers; it speaks for it’s own loaded agenda ($). AVN will jump on any bandwagon thrown at them by VCA and VIVID in order to keep those thousands of advertising dollars rolling in.”

Bottom line: “This is simply a sideline for me, as I DO have investments and business pursuits outside of the adult industry.”


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