Heavenly homophone

The title refers to the fact that a woman (who was born in Tennessee circa 1976) decided that her stage name should be derivative of a character from a series of novels credited to V.C. Andrews (who wrote the first two parts of the pentalogy before dying in 1986). The character’s name was Heaven Leigh Casteel, but the Tennessee woman decided to be known as just Heaven Leigh. Seeing as how there are other women named Heaven Leigh, she should probably have gone by the name of Tara Tino (as a reference to Quentin Tarantino). Even without the name, she managed to be popular because of her resemblance to Lisa Kudrow. Here are her top 20 statements taken from her nineties Usenet days:

Shifts (in terms of scheduling) in front of and behind the camera: “I can tell you that most sets which I am on consist of 12 and 15 hours. Guys like Mike who are on the other end of the camera have even longer days to deal with. Not seeing something in the end product becomes an edit problem if the end product sucks.”

Acting being described as a profession: “Profession is whatever you do to get paid, even if it’s a job as a farmer or as someone who has worked at the local grocery store for. Just because we don’t have some fancy title above are names that does not mean we are not professional.”

Personalized catchphrase: “Hell will have no fury like a redhead!”

Her racial ideology: “We are all human, bleed red and have to face our maker. I don’t hate anyone no matter what their ethnicity or religion is; I just don’t think you have to date someone to respect someone’s color or way of life.”

Luxuries: “I have been in the business since 1997 and never had a problem paying my bills. I live in a three bedroom apartment whose perimeter is 1300 square feet. I have nice such as a big screen TV and money in the bank. You have to look at the whole picture here. Most of the starlets don’t have a clue on how to save money. They think they need a fancy car and more clothes then Queen Mary. Most of the girls come from poor families or jobs that made them no money and they lose their minds when they make 500 bucks for one day. I, too, did the same not because of the money but because wherever I am in Los Angeles. It’s a big change from back in Ohio and Tennessee. The bottom line is that a lot of the girls do overspend.”

Her political correctness relating to polyamory: “I have a white husband and a black girlfriend. Before me, he was married to a black lady for three years prior to dying in a car crash.”

Drugs: “There is a double standard in the entertainment industry. Music and movie stars are looked down for taking drugs. but there are plenty of athletes who do the same; they just do a better job at deceiving the public. Many 18 year old girls have no clue what life is all about then get used and spit out after the companies are done with them. That is why drugs are so high in this business. The women that have killed themselves had some deeper issues that they should have worked out.”

Her reputation: “I don’t do drugs and I have never been in jail. I have a good head on my shoulders. I know a lot of other motorcyclists who are just like me.”

Moralizing: “Don’t throw stones, because one may come and hit your glass house someday.

The American dream that is not a daydream: “The law states that everyone has a right to a job regardless of skin color. There are many black actors and actresses. There are also many black producers and black movies.”

Deprivation of normalcy: “I have a degree from Northwestern and had a regular job, but the boss told me to perform fellatio or I would get no raise. He was a lawyer. He not only groped me but cornered me in his office. He wanted me to jump the bones of the local judge. When I said no, I was fired. I decided, at that point, to move to L.A. I take satisfaction in knowing that I have never relied on a casting couch like some of the desperate trollops in Hollywood.”

Financial motivation: “Am I too greedy? Well, I am no greedier than most union workers or any person who is self-appointed as a boss. I want to make enough money so that there is a healthy balance of necessities and luxuries. I guess if that is greed then everyone in America is greedy! I make more in a day then most make in a month.”

Zen-esque belief: “The worst arguments are the ones where no-one wins.”

Self-preservation: “The only person who I should care about letting down is myself.”

What type of men that she prefers to be with: “I like the bad boy look – leather jackets, tattoos and ear rings. Hell, like my husband!”

Money: “It’s easier for a woman to make money from dancing and modelling than acting. A lot of girls do it to pay for the rent or car payment and then get sucked in for the glamour.”

False gods: “I don’t want my kids to look up to athletes because they’re not really heroes. Darryl Strawberry, for example, went to rehab. The best case in point is NBA’s Iverson  being stopped and jailed for having three guns alongside a bag of dope on him. It sets a bad example that he got off scot-free. Count the number of athletes who went to jail for beating their wives or girlfriends.”

Her plan for retirement: “Returning to Ohio and live my days on the large farm that my husband owns.”

One man’s fantasy is a woman’s nightmare: “A lot of men assume that Southern women are white trash, so that somehow makes us easier to get in bed with.”

Being mistaken for others: “I don’t know how can anyone even think that I look like Bobbi Bliss at all. I am way better looking than her on any day. When I was younger, I had a lot of people tell me that I looked like a young Kylie Ireland.

Given how her real name has been revealed on some celebrity sites, she might as well have been credited as Trina Sanderson.

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