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The movies which this Cancer-surviving dominatrix thinks are her top five are Devil in Miss Jones 6BlissBelle De JourUnreal and New Wave Hookers 6. Tina Tyler’s career is an alternate reality where Scarlett Johansson and Debi Mazar became porno stars. Intriguingly, her autobiography has never been published (i.e. small fan-base). She was nice enough to share her diary of what her life was like before and after 9/11!

Monday, April 9, 2001:

I finished shooting a new movie for VCA called Dangerous Games. Veronica Hart directed this twisted tale of deceit, which stars one of my favorite people – Chloe Nichole! In this movie, I made “herstory” instead of history. I did my very first double vaginal scene with Steve Hatcher and Ian Daniels. All I can say is “Oh, my Gawd, I felt like a born again virgin!”

That scene was one of two sex scenes that I participated in for said movie. Big thanks to Veronica and Chloe for making it happen for me.

Saturday, April 14:

From April 30th through May 4th, I’ll be directing a bi-sexual feature for Stable Entertainment. It’s called Goosed at First Sight (a Bi Sexual Fable for Lovers) and is the third in the award winning Goosed series. This will be a very large project featuring some of the biggest names in porn. I’ve been able to cast some amazing female performers who have never done a Bi-sex movie before (and one or two that have). There will be a press release issued next week announcing the incredible cast of characters. I just completed the 16th episode in Playboy’s animated series for Michael Ninn (Dark Justice). I play the voices of Taffy Dugan, Lonnie Lovett as well as various other voices because I’m the voice that people hear when they go to the bios section of the VCA’s new DVD releases.

Thursday, April 26:

I’ve decided that the latest Goosed movie will have more emphasis on romance, and the amorous predicaments unique to a bisexual relationship.

Sunday, May 13:

I’m here in New York having a VERY naughty time at the Den of Iniquity. It’s located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. It’s housed in a nondescript building, although the dungeon is very large and imposing as a result. There are several rooms with a wide variety of implements and equipment used to torture lucky slaves. This has become my number one BDSM dungeon. I’ve extended my stay here by 6 days (cause I’m having way too good a time) and will be back in LA LA land on the 27th of this month.

Wednesday, June 6:

My mission: to give naughty men the punishment they so richly deserve. Mission accomplished. I accepted one hour and half hour private sessions ranging in activity depending on the client’s personal fetish. Some men wanted to worship my feet, others wanted to be verbally humiliated. Others were looking to be whipped and caned. Then there were those who were fans and just wanted to spend some time talking to me in person. Rather than describe all of my sessions in some detail (cause I’d be here into the next millennium), I’ll describe one of my favorite sessions in great detail.

Here goes: There was a Japanese man who came in with a very specific fantasy. It was his first time in an American dungeon. He’d been to dungeons in Japan, but had trouble fulfilling his request, because (in his words) Japanese women have a hard time being truly dominant. It seems he was very much in lust with his older brother’s wife. He envisioned her as a very dominant woman whose nature was being squelched by his brother, who didn’t understand that such things can be beautiful. His fantasy was a role play in which I played his sister-in-law. It included crossdressing, denial, feminine training, blackmail, verbal humiliation and reward. We began the session sitting and chatting while smoking a cigarette together. After I finished my smoke, I confronted him. I told him that I knew about the panties which he’d stolen from me. He denied it, but I ignored him and went on to say that I knew he’d been sniffing them.

I knew that he’d been wearing them under his suit to work. I told him that, unless he did exactly as he was told, I’d tell his brother and shame him to his family. At this point, I dressed him up in lingerie, heels and a long, flowing wig. I told him to stand in front of me. I corrected his posture and told him to walk across the room. He did. I then showed him the correct way to walk like a lady and had him do it again. This continued with correction until he got it right. Next up, lessons in sitting like a lady. Each time we went on to something new, he protested until I threatened him with exposure of his shameful secret; he then went along willingly. After his lessons, I told him to put himself across my knee and began some bare-handed spanking while I told him how disgusting I thought he was, but that his shameful secret was arousing me. At that point, I told him to lay on the floor (on his back). I blindfolded him so he couldn’t see what was coming. I said: “Since you like to sniff my panties so much and you’ve been such a good little slave, I’m going to give you a real treat.”

He started to protest until his words were muffled by my rubber-clad buttocks. He started to thrust his hips into the air and released spontaneously without touching himself. I stood up, told him that his secret was safe with me and left the room. Just thinking about this session has got me all sweaty.

Friday, July 20:

I’ll be appearing on Jacklyn Lick’s internet radio show (KSEX) tonight at 8:30pm PDT. Tonight’s show will be a round table discussion with myself, Bill Margold, Fred Lincoln, Brittany Andrews and Sinnamon.

Saturday, July 21:

I will be back in NYC at the Den of Iniquity as their featured dominatrix from July 28 through August 11. I will be accepting one hour and one half hour private sessions throughout my stay. I also enjoy meeting fans who would just like to book time to chat without all of the naughty stuff. The radio show got a little heated when Jacklyn Lick posed the question: “What do you think of the use of Viagra in the industry?”

Brittany Andrews was the first to weigh in with her opinion. She told us that she was all for Viagra, or anything that makes the scene quicker (I’m just paraphrasing here). I think I annoyed her a little with my differing opinion. I feel that Viagra use among young and healthy men who don’t need it is dangerous. Many male performers who use Viagra, do so more than once per day when filming. This can’t be good. It was originally developed as a heart medication and there are not nearly enough test results available in regards to use of the drug by men who don’t require it.

I said that the need for Viagra would be significantly lessened if the female performers would lend a helping hand (or mouth) as opposed to expecting the guy to instantly have an erection. At that point, Sinnamon claimed (with Brittany in full agreement) that it was not the “girl’s job” to fluff her partner. She said that the girl’s job was to show up and look good whereas the man’s job was to provide the erection for the pop shot.

I must say that I knew this attitude was present among some female performers, but I was SHOCKED to hear not one, but two of them announce this opinion publicly. Is this really what fans want to hear? Is this what employers want from their female cast? Finally, is this what their co-stars want to hear? I have very rarely found myself in the situation of having a scene take too long because of wood problems. I find the attitude espoused by Brittany and Sinnamon to be very disheartening. I wonder what their spouses think.

Friday, July 27:

If I had to choose, I’d say I like directing first, then “dominating”, followed by performing.

Tuesday, September 4:

I’ll be live on K-SEXradio.com again tonight at 9 p.m. sharp. This time, it’s just one on one between me and Jacklyn Lick. I’m a big fan of Howard Stern. I wish I was on his show (if not necessarily instead).

Monday, September 17:

I may be co-producing and starring in a play this fall. It’s called Four Hookers and was written by Ronnie Larsen, of Making Porn and Shooting Porn fame. I’ll be DANCING. Yes, dancing in the L.A. area, at Bob’s Classy Lady (which is based on Van Nuys) on October 11, 12 and 13. I’m donating a show at Bob’s on October 26 at 9 p.m., benefiting AIM Healthcare. That should be a good night to go, as Kylie Ireland and Chloe are dancing on the same night.

Tuesday, September 18:

I just got word that I am featured on the pages (2 of them) in the September issue of Flaunt magazine, which is on newsstands now. I can be found near the back. I’m featured along with Syren and Keri Windsor. The pix are worth a peek and are from the set of Touch Me – a new VCA picture that should be on shelves soon.

Thursday, September 27:

I’ll be appearing LIVE on the Playboy Channel’s Inside Adult on October 3rd at 9:30pm PST, to promote the premiere of VCA’s Unreal, airing on the channel on October 13th. It’s a call-in show. Four Hookers, a play that I am involved in, is a go for the third week of January! It will be held in a theatre in West Hollywood for a minimum of six weeks.

Wednesday, December 12:

Goosed for 3 (a bisexual love affair) is now available in stores everywhere. This was the first feature that I had the opportunity to direct and stars Keri Windsor, Asia Carrera, Shanna McCullough, Dru Berrymore, Nina Hartley, Blake Harper, Matt Bradshaw along with Tuck Johnson among others. Next, I am now directing movies for a new company called Pandora Cinema. My first movie for them is called Tina Tyler’s Going Down. It’s a wall-to-wall video/DVD that takes place in a elevator, hence the title. This movie stars, Nina Hartley, Dru Berrymore, Kylie Ireland, Kimi Lixx, Tera Indiana, Brooke Hunter, Sean Michaels, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher as well as others.

I am currently working with a ghost writer on my autobiography entitled In Pursuit of Pretty. I hope to have it ready for public consumption by the end of 2002. The play, Four Hookers, has been postponed. I will be signing at the Pandora Cinema booth at this year’s AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas on Jan. 9th, 10th and 11th along with Logan LaBrent, Alex Foxe as well as Kaylin.

Friday, December 14, 2001:

There is a ‘soft-core’ agent who (over the past 18 months or so) has been getting adult female and male talent involved in the late night HBO-type/Skinemax-esque movies. He owns a company called Creative Image Management and due to his open mind, many adult stars have been working in this genre, myself included.

As for Big-time Hollywood flicks, they’re opening up a bit to the adult stars, but usually only for small parts that require nudity (so many mainstream actresses won’t even take their tops off anymore). I don’t see Hollywood studios hiring from the adult pool much more than they already have, anytime soon. The stigma is still very much alive and kicking. Look at Traci Lords. Poor thing.

Sunday, December 16:

I just started my own Yahoo group. It contains many never seen before pics, a message board and chat room which I will be frequenting regularly.

Wednesday, December 19:

The next chat will be tomorrow night from 6pm to 8pm Pacific Standard Time. I must leave at 8 sharp because I can’t miss Survivor!

Saturday, December 29:

The next live chat for my Yahoo group members will take place on January 3rd (that’s a Thursday) at 9pm Pacific Standard Time. I’m trying out a later start time in hope that more people join in, and so that I can accommodate my Survivor viewing. Thus far, chats have been sparsely attended…but totally fun. Less people, more intimacy and intricacy.

Sunday, January 6, 2002:

I’m leaving for Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 8th and will post about the sexperience on the 13th when I get back. There will also be another chat for Yahoo group members on the 13th. No time set yet. I’ll be posting a time for the chat well before it happens, though. I’m anxious to get Vegas over and done with.

Monday, January 14:

I took the online test again after a fab fan questioned my answers and, well, I read them a little slower this time and found that I answered some of them untruthfully last time. Wow! I’m even more evil than I thought. I’m almost pure evil! I am 81% evil. Sin is my way of life. If there is a Hell, I have packed my bags for the trip. Previously, I was 77%.

Wednesday, February 13:

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I answered an online survey for women (or men who have a well defined feminine side): Find out which Greek Goddess you are. This was the result: Hera was the Queen of the Gods, though she was known for her jealousy. It was mostly deserved because her husband was a man-whore. She was the protectress of women and marriage. She had an unusually good grip of what was going on in the world around her. You are apparently a pretty grounded person.

Wednesday, January 23:

I’m in New York from Jan. 28th through Feb. 10th having a walloping good time and gathering some more story material.

Saturday, February 16:

I will be on: KSEX Radio’s Tales of Tail. Monday, February 18th, 2002 from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm (PST) live on global Internet radio.

Saturday, March 30:

I haven’t done a chat for a while because I’ve been planning and shooting another flick for Pandora. I also realize that tomorrow is Easter Sunday, but since I’m not the religious sort, tomorrow it is! The chat begins at 7pm (local time in Los Angeles). I have lots to dish. It’ll be fun!

Thursday, June 13:

Wow! It really has been an awfully long time. Here’s what I’ve been up to. I recently retired from performing sex on camera in favour of directing others doing same. Tina Tyler’s Going Down (my last on camera sexual role) is now available on DVD from the Pandora Cinema website exclusively. It’s an all sex movie that takes place entirely on an elevator. I recently wrapped production on a new movie called Slut Enough. It features 6 brand new women and 3 brand new men in training to see if they have what it takes to become full-fledged porn stars. They were expertly trained by Jewel DeNyle.

I’ll be going back to NYC to the Den of Iniquity as their featured domme for 2 weeks in July (7th through the 21st). I will invite my fans to spend my birthday with me on the 16th. Even though it’s a house of domination, I offer non-S&M sessions for those who aren’t that kinky (e.g. private strip tease, full body massage or relaxation therapy). Also, I just wrapped a VCA movie, The Ozporns, directed by the amazing Antonio Passolini. In it, I play Sherri Ozporn (wife of Izzy Ozporn). It was a fun experience (as are all of Antonio’s movies).

Monday, July 29:

My episode of Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks is airing this week. Not sure of the day.

Tuesday, August 13:

I’ll be in Manhattan on August 29th for the Den of Iniquity grand opening of their new, larger space. There’s a party that night (open to the public), at which, I’ll be doing a live performance. I’ll be taking sessions on the 30th only, as I fly back home on the 31st. I’ll be in Phoenix from October 16th through the 19th dancing at Stevi’s All Nude Cabaret.

Thursday, August 15:

I have a monthly column up at the Avn Insider site. My latest installment is up on the site as of this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 27:

I’m looking forward to giving deep tissue massages to my fans.

Monday, September 16:

Jason Sechrest and I recently saw a really twisted little musical, playing in Silverlake, in the basement of a Mexican restaurant on Hyperion Street. The evening was not expected to be fun at first, but the sick humour and brilliant musical numbers soon won us both over. The title of the play is Ann E. Wrecksick and the Odyssey of the Bulimic Orphans. It’s a really twisted take on Annie, and it’s brilliantly executed. Tickets are incredibly cheap.

Monday, November 11:

I will be appearing as the featured dominatrix on a tour of all 3 Den of Iniquity locations. Starting in December (the 9th through the 15th) at the newest location of the Den in Los Angeles. I’ll be at the Den in Phoenix immediately following a dance gig at Stevi Secret’s in February (at Stevi’s from Jan. 29th through Feb. 1st then at Porsche Lynn’s Den of Iniquity from Feb. 2nd through the 5th). Finally, I’ll be back at the original Den in Manhattan from May 11th through the 18th. I will be attending next year’s Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas (i.e. Jan. 7th through the 11th). I will be signing in VCA’s booth.

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