Natural born rivals

I don’t believe in natural born killers or natural born anything else because a person’s outlook is shaped by the environment that they’re in. There are many people, however, who are destined to be rivals if they not only look like each other but work in the same industry. In the case of adult entertainment industry (a needlessly classy name for the porn world), there are many lookalikes who have graced the screen if not shared the screen (not including twincest). The featured image is of Traci Lords and Staci Lords. The other unintentional clones are as follows (with each follower listed on the right):

Buffy Davis – Jamie Summers.

Jerry Butler – Blake Palmer (especially during the early eighties).

Sabrina Johnson – Sabrina Jade (à la Bruceploitation movies). Surreal!

Taylor St. Claire – Taylor Hayes.

Nici Sterling – Melissa Hill.

Cara Lott – Crystal Wilder.

Selena Steele – Madelyn Knight. Selena who shouldn’t be confused with the blonde-haired Serena Steele, who emerged six years after her and did only one movie. Selena was popular enough to spawn the success of a lookalike named Sydnee Steele, who came into the industry two years after Madelyn.

Barbara Dare – Alex Jordan.

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