Eliza Beth and Sam Lamb

Megadeth used to have 2 songs in one track because of wanting to rival Metallica. The latter’s Ride the Lightning had 8 tracks, so Dave Mustaine realized that the only way that he could be seen as a fair rival would be if his first album had the same number of tracks. Thereby, Last Rites and Loved to Deth were grouped together. When Metallica’s Master of Puppets was released with only 8 tracks, Dave decided that Good Mourning and Black Friday would be put together as a single track on his second album. His third album had the number again because Metallica had yet to record their fourth album. …and Justice for All had 9 cuts. Dave, naturally, decided that Megadeth’s fourth album (Rust in Peace) would only be seen as a just rival if it had the same number. As set forth by his exacting standards, Holy Wars segued into The Punishment Due.

Rust in Peace and Polaris are also two separate songs, instrumentally if not lyrically. In 2009, Megadeth did it for a final (or potentially last in the previous sense) time with The Hardest Part of Letting Go and Sealed with a Kiss as presented on Endgame. There are enough Megadeth Siamese songs to make up an LP called Binary. Anyway, both of the featured women on my article’s cover are models/dancers/actresses albeit who go by different names so as to avoid being tracked down by rabidly ribald punters galore. Originally, both sections about each actress were going to be in another article (that hasn’t been posted yet) which would’ve been too long. As it turns out, both ladies like heavy metal and have interacted with Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society. As such, this makes sense for them to share the same space (or page to be precise).

In 2003, the entertainer who should have been known as Eliza Beth was backstage at a Metallica concert which resulted in the cover photograph of her meeting Quentin Tarantino. He was there because he was seeking out Lars Ulrich to work on the soundtrack for Kill Bill. Around that time, Liz lived in Reseda within the San Fernando Valley (inside California). Tarantino was so inebriated at the time that she corralled him for the photo. Elizabeth had this to say about the above guy when it was revealed that he died: “It was such an honour to hang out with Lemmy.”

The below photo was taken by rock photographer Chad Lee in January 2005 during the making of Black Label Society’s Suicide Messiah video. Elizabeth said: “Zakk is by far one of the coolest guys I have ever met. It was one of my funniest days. Such great times.”

Casting co-stars: “When I get hired for a scene, there will usually be a phone call from the production manager asking me for a list of 5 or 6 guys who I prefer to work with. I always give them the same names – guys I’ve worked with in the past who I have some chemistry with, who I can feel confident will do a good job and help me put on a hot scene. I always tell the production manager that I’m also willing to work with newer talent, if the guys who I list are not available.”

About unwanted attention: “If I was ashamed of what I do, I wouldn’t be doing it. Hell, I brag about it! Yes, I get tons of emails (and regular mails) of this type. All of them taking several paragraphs to lovingly describe what it is they want to do to me, slowly remove my pants, caress my legs, then start working…..zzzzzz. You get the idea. I delete them, as well. Though I sometimes get a little chuckle out of the misspelled words.”

Revisiting companies and stars: “I’d love to work with Red Light again. I did a BJ for Throat Gaggers #1, and I was willing to do a non-condom scene for Red Light as long as I could work with Vince voyeur himself, but we never could quite get together. Luc Wylder is interested in shooting me for an internal pop shot scene, and I also have a number of other things I’m working on. The Sean Michaels scenes I did this week will appear in Special Auditions #3 (the full non-condom scene) and We Go Deep #18 for the BJ. I loved working with Sean, by the way. Why didn’t anyone tell me he was 13 inches?”

30/10/01: “For all of you who are fans of that sort of thing, there’s a fisting layout in the new issue of Fox Magazine (the Holiday issue, on sale now) that I shot with Trisha Uptown last December. And in an upcoming issue of Fox Magazine, you can see her fisting me, too (if you’re so inclined). Sweet girl. Tiny hands.”

Taylor Hill in Throat Gaggers 4 (16/4/2003): “May I put my two cents worth into this discussion, since I also know everyone involved and I talked to Taylor immediately after the scene in question? I’ve known Taylor Hill for three years, tops – we’re both from Dayton, Ohio and we were friends before she ever even considered doing XXX.”

A chick from a mother’s nest: “I helped her break into the business, and was on the phone with her incessantly the entire time she was in Los Angeles shooting. As a matter of fact, I brought her to LA for the very first time and took her to World Modeling myself. I’ve worked with Brandon Irons (twice) and Mike South, also.”

The plot thickens fuller than a penis in a pussy: “I consider them both to be friends of mine, and I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with both of them, both in front of the cameras and while off set. Brandon and I did a sex scene recently, and I never for one minute felt he disrespected me in any way. Mike South and I worked together in my very first scene, way back in 2000, and same thing – he treated me like a queen.”

She repeats her surname so that you don’t forget who she is (considering that there are many performers named Taylor): “Taylor Hill told me that, before she ever stepped onto the set to shoot her scene for Throat Gaggers 4, that she knew what she was getting herself into and she wanted to “push herself” to see how far she could go.”

The reality of the situation: “Do I think she might’ve gotten in over her head a bit? Yes. Was she in tears the night of the scene after the shoot was completely in the can? Yes. She was so upset that she could barely talk to me. She wept as she slept. BUT I talked to her the next day, and she relayed to me – Felicia, I have a broken blood vessel in my eye. Yes, the scene was rough, but I’m okay. Comparatively, anyway.”

Further insight: “She also mentioned that she felt that Mr. Pete was much rougher than Brandon. He took her further than what she felt comfortable with, but (as a professional) she never considered walking off the set. She hung in and finished the scene that she was hired to do.”

Insightful without being insidious like a lot of insiders: “As far as her leaving the business, I can honestly say that this was not due to anyone she might have worked with. I think the reasons are totally personal and have everything to do with her home life. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she winds up shooting again soon.”

Traumatized Trisha would end up only opting out of shooting with men. At the time, men thought that she was racist: “Responding to someone who asked why Taylor Hill does everything but interracial – her very first scene was with Sean Michaels for his Special Auditions series. I believe it will be released in Special Auditions 5 in the next few months. Like me, I don’t believe she’s ever done anal.”

A recommendation: “If you’re interested in a hot chick with a great NY/NJ accent, check out Tyler Faith’s films from JKP and Pleasure. She’s hot, she’s got a great accent and a great ass, and she’s my bud.”

Being more of a researcher than a searcher: “Before I ever shot my first film, I read about the industry and talked to as many adult insiders as I could. I followed the news and gossip sites for six months, trying to educate myself about the business. Did it help me? Absolutely. Does every young girl who breaks into porn do this? Of course not. Is it a producer’s or agent’s responsibility to educate a newbie about the dangers of STDs? No; it’s up to the performer to learn about the business. One cool thing that AIM does is provide these PORN 101 tapes to brand new talent, and the tapes are invaluable ways to learn about how porn can affect you emotionally, physically, and financially.”

Someone who she never got to work with despite in four of the same movies: “Devon Michaels is a friend. She’s definitely planning on shooting xxx. The last time that I spoke with her, she was interested in doing boy/girl scenes. I know she has discussed shooting with many different companies. You have to wonder, with her living in Atlanta, and Mike South living in Atlanta, could she be an upcoming Southern Belle or Confederate Cutie? BTW, I did tell her I’d be more than happy to do a girl/girl scene with her one of these days. What a bod!”

Why should producers cast women who have disclaimers in favour of ones who don’t?: “Not being a producer or director, I of course can’t begin to guess why I get cast. Maybe there are times when, for a feature film, I may fit the physical requirements of the role (curvy brunette with natural D-cup breasts). Perhaps someone in production saw me in Throat Gaggers #1 and thinks I give great head. Maybe I’m blackmailing everyone in Los Angeles. Or perhaps the director just wants to play with my big titties between takes. Who knows? Who cares, as long as I keep working. LOL!”

Katie June: “I talked to Mike South today and he mentioned that LBO bought the K.J. footage (along with others) but the footage was never released for unknown reasons. The last which he heard was that she was still married and living in TN. Poor thing. Mike also asked me to mention that he has a plethora of Adult Expo pics currently featured on his website, including some nice nudie shots of yours truly.”

A common conception that’s so misguided that it’s a misconception: “I don’t think that you’d find any higher rate of childhood sexual abuse among porn actresses than you would among the general population, if an accurate study was done.”

Circa December 2013: “This has been such a wonderful week, although I’m a little stressed from all the running around for Christmas, and filling out applications for jobs. I’m happy to say, I am officially working as a nurse. YAY! I landed my first job today, and it’s in the field that I really wanted to do. I couldn’t be happier. I want to thank my hubby for running around with me, trying to pull all of this together, and always supporting me. I know I’m moody at times, but I love you.”

From philistine to philiac (a culture shock): “I’ve never really gotten into too many foreign movies with subtitles, but I must admit that The Returned (a French series) is pretty awesome.”

George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin’s death: “Ok, I’m done with all the talk on the case. What’s done is done. The world is a violent place nowadays, what was once fist fights is now gunfights. Turn the nightly news on for some less than sightly views. It’s nothing but violence and innocent people getting hurt, why the media chooses to focus on certain cases is beyond me. Instead of dwelling on all the negativity in the world , maybe each person should try to do something positive and change the times we live in for the better, it scares me to raise my children in today’s world! Not the place I grew up in.”

June 30, 2013: “Great night at Milano’s dirty bird party, as always. Great seeing such amazing friends. To the stupid b!tch who thought it’d be cool to punch me. Bahah not a mark on face, but sure fit some bruises on my fist. Better think about who you throw down on next time. Beside some stupid chick, I had an awesome time!”

Different day, same month: “Getting ready to hit the sack. My son is singing Justin Bieber. He said he’s cool. How does he know him? Lmao. Now, when he’s rocking out to BLS, I’ll be thrilled.”

A tried and true observation worded in a different fashion: “Fame – it happens to so many whose artistic side is ruined.”

Recollecting the part of her youth that was pre-porn: “I honestly didn’t like school much when I was young.”

May 2013: “Oh my god, I’m such a dork. I Just watched my series finale of 90210. I was hooked on it 20 years ago and hooked again. LOL, it’s no Walking Dead; but I’m gonna miss watching it on Monday nights. What sass! There’s cute girls in 90210, alright. That’s worth something.”

Hiatus notification: “I am going to be leaving FB for a while, and get myself back together by focusing on what’s important – my children; not just myself. I have let my emotions get the best of me, and it’s quite immature for a 40 year old woman to put her life out there for everyone to read. Some of you have known me for a very long time, and some have not. I’m not a technology person anyway. Sometimes, you reach out to places which you shouldn’t when you’re going through hard times.”

A notification becomes a soliloquy: “This is my time to deal with my emotions and find the strength from my family who are here with me everyday. I do want to thank everyone for their concerns and words of wisdom. It means a lot to me, but I need to narrow this down to me, my family and the ones that I hold close to me. It’s time for me to find me and not allow any more open doors which can allow me to be hurt anymore. Those of you who are close, you have my number. Those of you who aren’t as close, I’ll talk to you again soon when I get me back on track.”

Admittance: “There is a shut off switch with me when I’m done wrong too many times. I shut my feelings off and I am done.”

Putting the May in dismay: “So much death lately. I’ve been to more memorials than weddings or births. Okay, god; you can let up now!”

The perils of being a parent circa 2014: “Oh, great – Kratom; another drug for our children to take. Ugh! It’s scary raising small children in these times. It sounds like people are using it for pain and addiction, but it sounds to be on the level of bath salt (not regulated). Kids are getting a hold of it. It was just banned in Indiana.”

Being a music lover: “I do love the grammys. I like seeing rock, rap, country, and everything in between in one award show. Metallica (who should’ve been called Metallic) was pretty awesome. I’m a bit disappointed in NIN’s new rockabilly style. I miss when Trent rocked and was angry. Lol, but he is still easy on the eyes.”

Melancholy: “I honestly feel like half my youth was stripped away with the loss of Prince.”

Sam Lamb is a fan of Rob Zombie and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

More Dirty Debutantes 86: “Jake Steed’s condom scene in the scene that was following Ed’s! I’ve done a few condomless scenes with various talent including J.J. Michaels in Fat Dog’s Barbie and Kent do Las Vegas and John Decker in Naughty College Schoolgirls #1 (released through New Sensation).”

A porno titled The Gate: “I had a great time shooting it. I shot an additional anal scene with Mike Horner that was supposed to have been included on the DVD version, but wasn’t. Mike was decked out in one of those leather masks that covered his entire head with the zipper up the face! I dominated the hell out of him! It was really funny!”

Her scene with Max Steele in Head Over Heels 6: I haven’t watched the finished scene, but there’s a good chance there wasn’t even a pop-shot! Max had EXTREME problems, and I don’t remember him ever popping. I’ll have to watch the scene and see how it was edited.

20.12.01: “I’ll be working with Sean Michaels in the next few days. I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve worked with him once before in a threequel, but I only got to ride him for a couple minutes in a group scene! So far, I’ve only done BJ scenes with Mandingo and Lex!! The most recent BJ scene being for John Leslie!!!”

Fetish: “I’ve been involved in 2 movies involving body paint. Alice In Fetishland involved full body paint (sprayed on liquid latex), in a theatrical sense. In Dirty Little Secrets, we battled it out with, not liquid latex, but poster paint (the kind which you used in school), not very theatrical, but lots of fun!”

The performer who should have been in a Jersey Shore pasquinade typed this on 17/6/01: “If it’s of any consolation, I just finished shooting The Violation of Kiki D’Aire this past week and it should make up for any disappointment from the Kate Frost Violation! This time we were fire dykes, complete with a fire engine, hose and axes! I don’t think Kiki will play with matches EVER again!”

Her favourite fellatio scene: “The Facial Frenzy scene in Goo Girls is probably my favorite BJ scene yet!”

A porno titled The Violation of Katie Frost: “I would have loved to “handle” Kate too, but that’s not how we were directed! As for why she stormed off set, that wasn’t acting. Let’s just say that the nightsticks we were violating her with didn’t agree with her pussy, so she acted like one and thus made the scene painful to finish. Plastic nightsticks or some sandpaper would have prevented this. 😉 Kate gave it her best, but couldn’t continue. As much as we tried to go on, Kate got peeved and called it quits. Frost left us out in the cold. Not cool!”

The making of Dirty Little Secrets 1 (one of her two body paint movies): “Daisy Chain and I got into a trash bag and hopped out the studio and into the studio’s shower. We were laughing so hard, paint was going everywhere. We could hardly breathe! Zakk Wylde came in and shot us in the shower. Didn’t they include that in the movie? I haven’t watched it yet. That was the best part of the whole scene!”

Her influence with the way that she approaches blowjobs: “There’s this movie from the `80s called Savage Fury, starring Christy Canyon and this other girl, April May (`80s blondish hair, big tits wearing red lingerie). I LOVE April’s BJ style during a 3way with Peter North and some other guy. That’s how I like to do it. After checking a few sources, I’ve found out that the original copy has an ad for a Traci Lords video at the end of it. Is that why I can’t find a copy? I’ve also learned that it was re-released, but not only does it not have the movie ads at the end (that’s O.K. with me), but the original footage was severely edited.”

21/7/00: “I have a temporary page up now, with a Videography and e-mail link. I’ll have my redesigned site up in a couple of weeks. I’m shooting my own original content for the site, and it will have fan club info, etc. I just shot a small scene for a Dennis Hopper movie called Choke and will be auctioning my panties from the scene. My site will remain free except with for some other stuff for sale/auction and some pay-per-view events.I’ve wanted to do a DP for a while now, but I’m waiting for the right opportunity!”

A genuine misunderstanding: “When I first got into the business, I had never really measured how tall I was, and always thought I was 5’7” as I specified in my first movie (More Dirty Debutantes 86). I had been misinformed through my childhood to believe I was Italian (also specified in said porno), only to find out 6 months after getting in the business that I was Puerto Rican and French with some English. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and then moved to upstate NY. I spent most of my teen years in RI (Rhode Island) and MA (Massachusetts), before moving to CA. The Internet Adult Film Database is correct, though they changed my height to 5’8″ for some reason.”

Admittal: “My clit gets bigger when I’m turned on.”

The L.A. Erotica Show in 2002: “I had AnnMarie in my booth for the show. She’s a petite Latin girl, Costa Rican, all natural, with AMAZING breasts! Mmmmmm! I love her!

Just 18 #6: The Lolita Syndrome lacked herself, Aggie and Shelbee Myne despite them being advertised on the back of the DVD: “Tell me about it! I picked up the vid when it was first released, expecting to see my BJ scene in it! I couldn’t believe it! Instead, our scenes were left out but included in California Cocksuckers #19.”

Chayse Manhattan: “I don’t think she does films anymore, but I highly recommend Pussyman 3 by David Christopher!!!”

By the way, Elizabeth is best known as Felicia Fox (although Eliza Beth would’ve been ideal since there’s a relatively newer star named Felicia Foxx) whereas Sam Lamb is better known as Kaylynn Calloway. I’m surprised that Sam is Puerto Rican. I assumed that she was Jewish. There should be more pornos about Jews indulging in sexual lifestyles.

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