I like this Drake more

There is something to be said about some Twitter profiles being more interesting in the past decade before the celebrities got too promotional and congratulatory towards other celebs. Such is the case with Jessica Drake, as can be seen with her 2009 tweets where there’s almost an innocence about them…12 months – 12 tweets:

Jan 11 2009: I won, I won. I won!!! Best actress for Fallen!!!

Jan 16 2009: Watching a screener of “Always and Forever” – my newest movie, coming out soon; and eating chocolate.

Jan 26 2009: Writing, writing, writing. Need scripts, and I have 4 half done. lol.

Mar 24 2009: Whoa. Just shot one of the best-acted dialogue scenes ever with Brad Armstrong. I see a best supporting actor nom in his future.

Apr 22 2009: My dream script is really long. I don’t have the experience to direct it AND star in it yet, I may hold onto it for just awhile. It’s good!

May 14 2009: Note to self: do not fly next to bodybuilders who overlap onto you. I know I’m small, but I was smushed like a sardine. Really!!?!?

Later that day: After being snowed in at a hotel full of male strippers who raided the kitchen of all food, I ALWAYS travel with food and everything else!

May 24 2009: Still on set, watching some amazing stuff! We have lots of large props from some very big mainstream sci fi movies.

May 27 2009: So many more hours go into making movies than you will ever, ever know. I love all the preproduction work, wardrobing, & the set building!

May 30 2009: Due to a VERY complicated permit issue, today’s shoot is cancelled. 😦

Aug 11 2009: Going to sleep! Looking forward to shooting the final day of “2040” tomorrow. The movie is looking amazing. Coming September!

Aug 13 2009: Just finished one of the coolest, most emotion-evoking books ever – “The Hour I First Believed” by Wally Lamb. So many surprises! Good read.

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