Virgo virago

Very few famous females whose star sign is Virgo could be described as viragos, but the woman formerly known as Nichole Ronning really is. She even supports a machiavellian politician. Coincidentally, I wanted to write a novel titled Virago. The problem was that somebody else had already done it. As for Nic, be prepared to be blown away by her barbed comments from the prehistoric version of the net and today’s social media.

Parenting and politics circa 2016 (pre-victory):

“I am a mother to a 5 year old Trump supporter. This was not my doing, nor anyone in my household. One day last summer after a day at camp, he was playing by himself at home and I heard him saying “Donald Trump” over and over. I am pretty sure he just liked the sound of his name which is why he kept repeating it in a rhythmic way. I thought that he may continue to say his name in public so I proceeded to explain that there was an upcoming election and Donald Trump was running for President. He listened carefully so I continued then asked if he wanted to know some of the other candidates people could vote for.”

She assessed Jenna in August of 1999:

“I know for a fact, only because I know a shipload of features that duos never get what they want! Remember, Jenna tours with roomie Nikki. What I mean by this is, if Jenna wants $16,000 for a week of shows and Nikki wants $10,000, the club will not be able to pay $26,000 for both! The club will pay $20,000. So, what is my point? My point is that somebody has to get jipped. They probably split it down the middle. Meaning that Jenna would get $10,000, not her usual $16,000.”

Justifying her assessment:

“Now, the reason that the fee is prorated is because features actually charge per show.  I will guarantee that most clubs that book porn stars (not features-only big names), will not book the girl for 24 shows! The reason behind this is:

  1. Porn stars are generally lazy, they don’t want to do that much work, plus a club gets kinda boring if you spend that much time in it! =) Just kidding. All my favourite gents are club studs!

  2. The clubs cannot afford big name stars all week long, so they will do 12-16 shows. This way they still can afford to bring the girl in.

Hey, I don’t feel like arguing anymore. Bye.”

Bike rack and Frankensteiner (courtesy of Mike South) being the name of a position (cribbed from a forum circa November in 1999):

“Torris, you’re not even close on this one! Mr. South, you must be a dinosaur in the adult industry, and still stuck in the old ways, because I have never heard any reference to a Frankenstein!? So, this means the only TRUE Active pornster here is my beloved Dave, he was right on the Pile Driver thing!! You go BOY!!! Mr. South, I call you that because I have been in porn for over two years and have never met you, but you have offered me a few thousand to do my first boy/girl.”

Splitting hairs about splitting bills:

“Hey, do you realize that most of the girls are making their living off their websites, featuring, signing at book or video stores, or doing some other type of personal appearance? I have done over 75 movies in two years. Do you really think that paid my bills? Well, NO! I am a feature entertainer. I have been featuring longer than I have been doing movies. By doing movies, my feature rate is raised. I am now worth more money to a club owner. This is how we make our money!”

Addressing a guy who failed to remember the name of a woman who played the girlfriend of Frank Towers in Change of Heart:

“Hey, does the name Brooke April sound familiar? She didn’t just play his girlfriend. That really is his girlfriend. He was contracted with a large gay production company (the name of it escapes me right now) but he is no longer working in gay-for-pay. I guess to answer your question, yes he WAS doing gay pornos. Though I have no problem with gay or bisexual activity, I don’t agree with their procedures. They are not as safe as mainstream porn. HIV testing is not required. But I like Frank; I just don’t recommend to work with him.”

Corresponding with a guy who can’t think of a single gay company that doesn’t mandate condoms (circa June in 1999):

“Oh, by the way, I have never seen a gay movie WITH condom usage! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people not using condoms. They are plenty of ways to have safe sex without that thing on a sperm shooter! I use liquid condom. This is a product that looks like lube but performs so many more tasks! This product is 99.9% effective in killing the HIV virus, STDs and yeast infections! Not using condoms is okay as long as you have other means.”

The best type of ball-busting is blackballing:

“I will keep those that are HIV positive from performing in this business. I would not recommend working with Frank. My reasoning for this is simply the testing issue. I went on further asking if gay companies actually use condoms, because I have never seen a gay movie with condom usage. I have only seen without. And no, it was not any type of feature. And yes, it was probably some type of compilation of scenes without condoms.”

Assessing Jenna Jameson in July of 1999:

“She could be in debt. I am not exactly sure how many years she’s been in the business, but I would guess around 4 years. Now, even if she spent a lot of money on clothes and B.S. like cars, I don’t think she has spent that much. She does not have a house in Malibu. In fact, she lives in an apartment with a roommate {Nikki Tyler}.”

The typical example of women who are the opposite of men who prefer bisexual women:

“Some of these girls are paranoid, hence the ban on having sex with men who do gay porn. However, you will see a brave soul or two in a bisexual movie doing something naughty. But, then again, if I remember correctly they never actually sleep with these men. My girlfriend, Sky Lopez (Vivid contract girl), recently did a bisexual movie and she only got to suck two guys. Another friend of mine was on the same set and only got her pussy eaten! For some reason, the straight industry does not want to touch it. So, to jump on the bandwagon, I have to abide by these mores. I don’t want a company, or a girl for that matter, to ban me from doing scenes with or for them do I?” 

Flash-forwarding to the infamous 2016 election anecdote about her son:

“After telling him, this is how our conversation went:

Rocco: I’m going to vote for Trump.

Me: Why is that? (I didn’t tell him anything other than their names and that Hillary was a woman).

Rocco: Because he likes to run.

Me: how do you know that?

Rocco: MOM, you said he’s RUNNING for President!

I tried to explain, but it pretty much was set in his 5-year-old head that Trump was the way to go. I didn’t tell him anything negative or positive about his decision, I just left it at that. If there is anything I wanted him to learn about this election, it is how to treat others with respect…even if they don’t agree with you. Why would we tell our boy that we should treat badly a voter who isn’t voting for Trump?”

The feeling of being trumped regarding Trump and her son:

“Over the course of the last few months, my husband and I avoided the topic in front of him. We even distracted him when friends or family who we were around with brought it up, because (ummm, let’s face it) most discussions weren’t very sweet; they were laced with the negativity that this election faced. Any time he mentioned it to me was because he heard something from someone else when we were not around, which isn’t often other than school. He was never negative towards any candidate thankfully, but his heart was set on Trump. I really don’t know why since, at 5, policy was above his understanding, but it was the way it was.”

An opinion that was made near the end of the last twentieth century year:

“It is very hard to compare actresses that are of a different day than those that are still performing today. I think it is correct to say that there was one actress that stood out for every decade – Marilyn Chambers for the `70s, Nina Hartley for the `80s and Jenna for the `90s. I do have to give major props to Ginger Lynn for making contracts such a popular thing! But most importantly, our business seems to get unflattering attention. I know, duh! =) I don’t thank Traci Lords for giving porn such a bad name. As we know our own age, I am sure that she knew hers when she was performing illegally – and worse, went on to blame the industry for employing her. I do thank Ginger, Nina, and MOSTLY Jenna for making the mainstream audience see our industry a little more positively! In the end, I would say that Jenna Jameson is the most important porn player of all time, for she made the most impact on our mainstream audience!”

Best natural tits of all time:

“Hello?! Have you guys lost your minds?! You’re forgetting about the voluptuous Anita Blond, and the VERY voluptuous Taylor St. Claire. There is something so extremely tasty about foreign titties because I really enjoy Lisa Belle’s boobies too. WOW!!”

Someone acknowledges the lack of relevance when asking if anyone knows a site to check out the best and least dressed of the Grammy ceremony:

“Well, it’s porn if you’re talking about Jennifer Lopez’s dress. lol. Sorry, no site that I know of.”

In 2000, somebody is admonishing her for whistling past the graveyard. She uses this as an opportunity for chastising a fellow actress:

“I would say this could be true if you changed it a little. I have more sex partners in one year than an average person has in a lifetime. You see, we don’t work everyday. I have done about 100 movies to date. I have been in the business for three years. That averages to about 30 movies a year. Now, that means I do about 2-3 movies per month. I personally have not been on a set more than three days. That would be a maximum of me working 9 days out of the month. Now, I am not saying that I have not worked more than 9 days in a month, just simply that is how it averages out. Some months, I am on the road for the entire month and I don’t get to work at all. You see, just because Bridgette Kerkove did a scene almost everyday last year doesn’t mean anything for everybody else.”

The fear of cooties:

“I was 20 years old when I started doing movies. Damn was I a wild thing! I was more sexual on a promiscuous basis than who I am professionally. I guess you could have called me a little slut. None of those people I had sex with from 17-20 showed me HIV tests, or any other STD screens. So, in my humble opinion – being a construction worker is riskier than my job!”

A tangent tinged with a tang of blood:

“Eh, I am not sure who’s conversation you’re in. My argument is not that I want to donate blood. In fact, I gave blood once when I was in High School; it wasn’t an experience that I would like to have again. Just trying to fight a simple stereotype, that’s all – nothing more. Calm down, nobody’s takin my blood UNLESS IT’S FOR A REGULAR HIV TEST!!”

Pussy lips and fussy quips:

“Hey, do guys really like big pussy lips? I prefer small, light pink-coloured ones myself! Hey this is a porn star who is sick of chicks getting into the business who don’t enjoy sex! I mean can’t you guys tell who is having a good time or not?! We all have to make a living, but I have a motto – if you stop liking your job, FIND ANOTHER ONE!”

Revisiting the framing device of this article that revolves around Donnie Trump and her son:

“His first question upon stumbling out of bed on Wednesday morning was “Who’s the President?” He doesn’t know that it’s not immediate because we only communicated basics to him. I now am a proud mama of a 5 year old Trump supporter. Why? Because he is going to be our president and I need to teach my child that I support him and I support America. We are proud Americans who appreciate living in a beautiful place and that is that. We love who we are, and we love having great friends and family to share this life with. I do not take each day, each lesson, each relationship, or any moments for granted. I am where I am because of the the steps that I took to get me here and I appreciate my life. God Bless you all and let’s make America great!”

Assessing another AIDS antagonist:

“You sounded like such an intelligent person until part. Unfortunately, this was at the end of your posting and this is what they will remember you by. My reasoning for this comment is simple. Unless you are completely celibate then you are at risk as any man or woman is. Those, like yourself, that mention how performers are having sex like it’s nothing are convincing me of something – just that I am rather disappointed. It sounds like all of our fans out there are geeks. It sounds like you men are not having sex at all. The only reason that I mention this, is simply because in some way I had hoped that…

1) I was helping to teach you guys how to f#ck the sh!t out of your girlfriends in a way that they have never been penetrated before.

2)  I had hoped that one day there would be a fan that would want to teach me a thing or two.

Unfortunately, it sounds like there are no men out there that know anything except how to f#ck themselves. God, that’s sad.”

The woman known as Nakita Kash says:

“I am glad that my job can help you through the process of your orgasm, but until you get a partner (or in normal people’s cases – several partners) then I don’t think you will really learn anything from porn. Why bother watching or even talking about it? I apologize to all of you who are practicing (safe sex) with partners, but hey – why don’t you speak up on the topic? Let’s take a poll and see how many people each fan has had sex with in the last year. If it’s too many, then people will look bad at you. If it’s too little, you will look like a chump. If it’s just right, you will look like a champ. P.S  I bet that I beat half of you.”

A tidbit about Randy West:

“There are two times which I worked for Randy – one was a g/g with Katie Gold, while the other was my infamous solo scene in the back of the Suburban. Randy was sporting wood, from under his shorts, with his hands on the camera, within minutes. He didn’t have a reason to take anything, he wasn’t working in either scene. He begged me in both situations to take it out and stroke. Ok, so he didn’t beg, he merely asked if it was okay. Be nice to the guy, you guys are just jealous because your average is 35, and can’t get wood like that!”

A man questions her generalization that all male performers are popping Viagra:

“The first time that I heard a group of male talent chatting about how much better things are when taking it, I asked how many of them take it, they all said that they do and admitted to most of the men in the industry taking it.”

A pivotal example:

“If Tony Tedeschi does not have sex in a 24 hr. period, he starts going insane, pacing the room talking about needing pussy – no kidding. Listen, I am not trying to say that the men in the industry are bad guys, or screwed up for that matter. I am just trying to say that it is a hard job; we all need help sometimes. It’s almost the same as women needing lube, because they are not turned on enough for their pussy to get wet. Wake up and smell the coffee, porn is not a dream world – we just make it seem that way.”

Tera Patrick having anal interplay with a dildo on a live call-in show for Playboy was dismissed by a male:

“Oh my god, what the hell are you saying?! If it’s not a real cock then it’s not real sex? You don’t think it is anal if Bridgette Kerkove sticks a million chopsticks up her ass? Please tell me you don’t think that isn’t anal penetration! In my opinion – You stick a finger up a girl’s butt, and that’s anal penetration! You are penetrating the anus, if you will.”

More about Temptress and anal (in the last month of 1999):

“I have worked with her a few times. The second time that I worked with her (Puritan Video Mag. #23), I did anal. Before the scene, we were talking and she told me that she doesn’t do it, so I don’t think that you will find any anal scenes with her. However, the third time that I worked with her, we did Hustler (Aug. 99) and Taboo {Jul 99} together. We did a shoot where I fisted her. When I worked with her last month on Playboy’s Night Calls, she said that she had stopped doing the fisting thing. So those magazines may be the last that you will see of any fisting from her!”

The origin of her son hearing Trump’s name:

“Surprised, I asked him where he heard that name as my husband and I have never mentioned any of the candidates nor an upcoming election. He told me the names of a couple of boys at camp who were talking about him. I asked what they were saying and he couldn’t remember, just his name.”

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