Electric fan mail compendium

Before hacking became a fear for many celebrities, some of them used to like typing to fans online. Many years ago (in the nigh-tech rather than high-tech nineties), these stars answered your questions. 🙂 Unlike many thin-skinned mainstream celebrities, adult entertainers could give as much as they could take. Usenet was a utopia with groups like alt.sex.movies and rec.arts.movies.erotica providing enough anecdotes to write a book about. Here are some of the best…

Colleen Brennan (Sharon Kelly)

IMHO – Where there was Jerry Butler, there was tension on the set.

Addressing Brandy Alexandre (sic) when answering which adult entertainers who you would actually be okay with marrying:

I just hate myself when I get all judgemental, but John Stagliano?! Consider therapy.

I had sex with a leading man off-screen once, after we’d “worked” together that day, probably the 3rd or 4th time that we’d worked together. We were just about as nervous as any other two co-workers having sex together for the first time, because we were having sex privately. We were not performing. We were interested in pleasing only each other. We could kiss, explore, and generally take our time. It was VERY different. Even when you think you can see consistency in a porn performer’s sexuality, it may still only be a professional persona.

Would I marry a porn star? Nah; not until he got a real job with medical benefits and a retirement plan. But seriously, folks, I don’t think you can tell much about a person’s sexuality from watching them in porn.

Most people familiar with my, um, body of work would assume I am sexually dominant. As a result of my age when I started (32), my ability to advance the plot by remembering a lot of words, as well as that awful sneer thing that happens with my top lip, I was usually cast as the dominant personality. In reality, I’m not even a switch. Hmmm…I wonder if Desi spanked Lucy (from I Love Lucy) OFF-screen?

Thanks, I liked Trinity Brown, too. That was my first major role, first time “working” with all those guys, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, and Joey Silvera. It was fun. I still remember a shot where John and I are in our cop car (shooting without a permit to do so, of course), John turns on the flashing red light on the roof and off we went, turning the wrong way on a one-way street in downtown Los Angeles. Hey, it was FILM; it was EXPENSIVE, so we did the dialogue BEFORE we peed our pants! BTW, I thought the director, Robert McCallum, was top-notch for the genre.

Halli Aston

I have the answers to all your questions. Heidi Dalton is Kelly Ray. Kelly is her real name, and I have no idea who that other Heidi girl is. Heidi was working in the biz for about 3 months in the later part of ’97. She is actually why I even got into Porno. I met Seymore Butts through her and her slimeball agent one day, when I happen to be tagging along on a shoot to see what porn was all about.

So, I met Seymore, he offered me a contract practically on the spot, soon after that he offered her a contract. Halli and Heidi were going to take the porn world by storm. At the last minute, she backed out because she couldn’t handle the porn world and quit soon thereafter. She was my best friend for like 10 years, and now I haven’t seen or heard from her in, like, almost a year. She’s also done Coed Cocksuckers, and a few movies for Jim Powers. One, I think was called Heatwave (or something like that) along with another Johnny Toxxxic film, but I don’t remember the name. Hope that answered all your questions, if not let me know.

In The Tushy Girls Meet The Orgasamatic, I have three of the most mind-blowing almost painful orgasms I’ve ever experienced in my life. By the time that the 3rd was finished, I was practically in tears, and I needed help walking because my legs were shaking uncontrollably, and were useless for the next 30 min. They don’t get more real than that! Check it out and see for yourself!

Kalina Lynx (a.k.a. Kelly G’raffe)

In my first year, I did 3 g/g scenes because the pay was good. I have done over 150 scenes. I found that I feel too much with a female that I couldn’t justify getting paid for it. I keep it in my personal life. I do Kerri on films as she is my S.O. I have sat here reading all the posts concerning HIV, Marc Wallice, condoms, the nitpicking between people, etc. It amazes me how petty that people can be. I had to sit on my hands to not reply to some of these posts until I could calm down enough to write my thoughts on the issues.

First off – I am staying NO condom. When I got into the business 3 years ago, it was the day that the industry had a meeting on Barbara Doll. This business has risks. If you don’t understand something, don’t do it. Last time that I checked, I was over 18, I don’t need “parents” telling me I have to use a condom. That is MY choice as with each performer. Life is full of choices. I made mine – I wanted to be a porn star. I found out what I’d have to do to become one and did it. How many girls do background talks? Schlong checks? If you are unsure of someone who you are doing a scene with, talk with the guys. I do and all the guys were happy to talk to me. I have certain techniques to check out the guys without being retentive about it. The number one issue here is my safety. If I feel uncomfortable with someone, I find out why. I have lost some scenes because a guy has a cut on his cock, an infected ingrown hair, or their area was not clean. I’d rather lose a scene than my life. For the amount of sexual activity that I do, I NEVER have had any kind of STD’s.

Anyway, all I ever wanted was my own movie, my own box cover in a decent vid. I have worked hard and was on my way to getting this. Now because of the condom issue, I may not get this. I hope the producers that say they are staying no condom live up to that. I mean, if there was a most improved award on self then I’d be nominated. I went from a 75 lbs waif with no tits to something workable with tits. A famous speaker once said If you don’t take risks you have nothing, if you have nothing – you are nothing. Life is full of risks everyday. I’d rather take risks than sit and do nothing.

I am not a loser. In fact, I am a rape survivor. I was raped in ’94 and got pregnant by the rape. For me, doing the rape films has helped me not to hate men. Instead of becoming afraid of men, I took the bull by the horns to face the pain and shame that I felt. Not all people are the same, so different therapies work for different people. 2 months after the rape, I did a very heavy scene reliving the rape with a friend of mine. He picked 2 people that he trusted and then showed up during it. To this day, I have had no flashbacks or trauma of the rape nor am I afraid of men like so many women become after a rape. I only do rape movies with people that know my triggers, know how far they can take me before they hit a danger zone. People who I trust with my life is a very serious thing.

If that makes me a loser in your eyes, then I am sorry. To most, I have become a winner and I will stick with those. Through it all, I will survive! Also, if this person had done their homework then they would have known that I do bondage and rough sex movies. So, of course, I’d love to see a girl beaten as long as my turn is next. *grin* If he doesn’t like these kind of movies, don’t watch them. There are enough movies for everyone to enjoy something. Just my opinion. I would say – yes, rape can be erotic on film. You have to have a lot of trust of the men doing it. I did one that was supposed to released by GRG, but it was too hard for the American market. I also have seen two older companies that did this – Tao and Avon. Also, the original Smoker has a great rape scene that it is very erotic. As for a straight bondage rape, I would have to say Hitchhiker by ZFX. The words which he uses – the looks, awesome. IMO.

The most genuine porn stars who I’ve met? I haven’t worked with Ed but I met him at a signing convention in Florida and we hit it off real well. He was really funny. Ron Jeremy did help me in my personal as well as my professional life. He’s great sexually. I didn’t know if I could say the F word here. Both of these gentlemen have earned the respect of stardom. Remember – this IS only my opinion. Nobody else has to think this way. As a performer having done a couple of these, they may not have the looks but from what I’ve seen in their videos with all the cute girls who they get; they have something about them that makes them almost magical.

Check out the official home-page of Kerri Downs. 99% of her videos have female ejaculation in it. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t urine. E-mail me and we can talk about it. I’m not gonna start a major controversy over this topic. I ejaculate. A lot of women I know can. Women are coming out of the woodwork now for a lot of reasons. With me, I started to hide doing it because a lot of guys got intimidated by the fact that I could squirt too (I was told this by my partners). I live with Kerri. From face-on experience, it ain’t pee. I do know the difference in taste.

Just got my Zane Entertainment News Monthly. I thought that I post it for those who may have been let down by not receiving a copy: Zane Goes Condom-Only. By now, the majority of you are probably aware of the recent, unfortunate outbreaks of HIV in the adult entertainment industry. While there had been isolated incidents of the virus in the past couple of years, all of those cases could be attributed to non-industry causes. That is to say, in those earlier reported cases, the people with the virus contracted it outside of the adult industry. This lucky fact helped to fuel the misguided belief held by many performers and producers that having an AIDS test on the set was enough to prevent an outbreak within the ranks of porn-dom. However, the recent mini-epidemic of these past couple of months has brought the painful reality to the forefront.

In an effort to stem the tide and to protect the talent from risking their lives on the set, Zane Entertainment, along with many other major video producers such as Vivid, VCA, Wicked, Metro, Odyddey Group, Shane, Fallen Angel, Pleasure Prod., Heatwave and others have decided that enough is too much. In future videos, scenes will be performed with condoms in addition to the PCR/DNA test. Until now, widespread condom use in videos has previously been frowned upon by producers who believed that consumers didn’t want to see scenes performed with condoms, but it was agreed that the lives of the talents were more important than anything else. As with many of life’s horrors, sometimes the tragedy has to hit close to home before it seems real. Now that the adult industry is no longer “immune” to the HIV epidemic, eyes are opening everywhere. Hopefully, the use of condoms in adult videos will help to makes condom use more acceptable to the porno viewing public and create a heightened awareness of HIV.

Kalina writes a review of Cuff Love (1998):

Scene 1: Begging for More. Starts right into action as Dominic displays uncanny ability with ritualistic rope bondage. With floggers and crops used to warm up her body in multiple positions, this long-legged, braided hair beauty writhes with pleasure and pain. Dom shows no mercy as he brings out the ultraviolet wand. You can’t see it working it’s electrical magic, but her reaction will tell you that it’s working just fine. He even gets her tongue with it. The hot spot in this scene is the little fire torches and where he uses them, including her mouth and ample tits.

Scene 2: No Mercy. Features two cute natural-breasted blondes (one of them who is the cutest). Black rope looks scrumptious on these lovelies bound in Japanese butterflies. Dom ties the two together with white rope with a quality I have only seen done by a few. He decides to play the clothespin game, which for those of you without the knowledge, is to put a clothespin on a girl’s back, have her give it a number then make her remember it. It gets fun when there are two bottoms because one is listening to the other’s numbers and gets off count.

Then the punishment begins. It’s cute to see the sandy blonde girl’s reaction as she wiggles and is wrong and she makes the sweetest whimper of anguish. Dom unties them and puts the other blonde on an X-frame before putting the other cutie’s ass facing out with her head in the blonde’s crotch and Dom goes effectively to work with a bullwhip. The camera work is a little shaky for a minute or so – guess the camera man got excited! A crop is applied to the pussy of one of the girls who whimpers in agony/ecstasy so well. The one short blonde-haired girl’s response was so-so, but the little long-haired cutie makes up for it with her whimpers that are the sound of joy for the twisted.

Scene 3: Joy of Pain. This is a short but HOT scene. Dom begins with a tall busty brunette clad in a garter belt, blindfolded for the action to come. He immediately plays with fire torches all over her body and gets her ass pre-warmed. With an already prepared ass, Dom thinks it needs more color and he adds a lot of candle wax to it. That fixes that problem, but leaves a mess for the clean-up crew.

Reviewer’s Note: This movie was excellently put together for those that have the knowledge of what the art of body ritual S/M is. Dom executes this perfectly. No plots, just good S/M and stupendous rope art.

DISCLAIMER: As with any bondage film, especially with fire included: DO NOT TRY THIS unless you are qualified to do so. Inexperience can seriously hurt someone. It’s really hard these days to find a good bottom!

Linda Thoren

European and U.S. females performers:

I like working in USA. There is only one thing – all the girls seems to hate each other. The older hate the younger, whereas the black ones hate the white ones. If you do anal sex, you are a slut; if you don’t do it, you’re not professional. In Europe, we seems to be more relaxed about these things.

Don’t shoot the messenger:

Tina Tyler borrowed a lot of money from people in the business and then she took off to Vancouver; Canada circa 1995 where she disappeared without a trace. I don’t know her and I don’t care if she has borrowed money. I just passed information by, which I got from two separate directors in LA.

Laure Sainclair:

Hi Peter. I agree; she is one of the best. She is on a contract at VMD (Video Marc Dorcel) in Paris. She has done a lot of films for him, but maybe it isn’t that easy to find them at the net, they don’t use Internet that much in France.

Do those multi-hundreds-gangbangs turn her on?

For me (speaking as a non-participant), it’s just boring. I can’t understand how anyone could get horny, looking at a half-asleep girl getting banged by a bunch of losers. If this is the porn of the 2000, I don’t wanna be a part of it.

A guy named Vince named the top ten perfect porn stars as Selena, April Diamond, Lisa Ann, Leanna Foxxx, Ashlyn Gere, Chloe, Madelyn Knight, Melissa Monet, Crystal Knight and Cherokee:

I can’t find Silvia Saint in your list. I assume it’s an oversight from you.

Melissa Hill

May 29, 1997 (an employee went berserk after some girlfriend problems):

Did anyone hear about the shootout at the Evil Angel warehouse?! A P.A. and a cop were shot.

If you guys don’t mind my input, I’d like to clarify some things. 3 guys is not considered a gangbang, not to mention the fact that doing 3 guys was a huge boundary that I had to overcome mentally. I felt strongly about Dreams of Desire and the emotions that my character had to go through. Doing a scene with 3 or more guys was necessary in order to get the emotional struggle across to myself and the audience. Dreams of Desire has one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever played, combining all aspects of characters I’ve portrayed. One more thing – I never did an anal in that movie. The only movie I ever tried doing anal in is (drum roll, please…) Arrowhead.

Jonathan Morgan was Damien Hell-X. That is a very true fact.

Why not wear slip-on high heels?

The reason that we don’t wear shoes such as ones described above, is simple. They fall off. It’s difficult enough trying to keep balance in an awkward position while having sex with 6″ heels on as it is. Add slip-ons to the equation? Well, that, right there, is a guaranteed trip to the hospital. Hehehe.

The holy grail of porn that is more desirable than even the most obscure lezzy lick flick:

Yes, it is true that Insane Clown Posse was involved in a “flick”. It is called Backstage Sluts. Yes, it involved Julie Rage and others.

Just a bit of information on Nanna Gibson a.k.a. Dina Jewel. Dinner Party 2 was not the only movie which she did. One of her first movies is entitled Operation Sex Siege, distributed by Private and directed by Nic Cramer. If you watch it, you might notice something about her voice. *wink* *nudge* Anyone care to take a poll on whose voices were used in all the speaking parts? You know that the entire cast was foreign, and spoke indecipherable English, right??

The most erotic scene involving lezzies:

Jill Kelly and I in Dreams of Desire. Ironically, I’ve done more lez scenes with Jenteal.

Shane Tyler

I personally think that any Leanni Lei scene could be considered her best. She always gives it 100% whenever I see her on camera, so it’s difficult to choose one particular favorite. She is genuinely fine (naturally beautiful), fun and enthusiastic which makes me believe she’ll be around the industry for as long she wants. Either way, I’m just happy to be ranked up-there with Jeanna Fine. I love watching her give head! Yummy! My vote for Most Enthusiastic Cock Sucker would have to be Tori Welles. A lot of my “technique” was developed while watching her in action.

As of July in 1999:

I’ve been a “performer” in adult videos for close to five years, and have been featured in about 40 video titles, and to this day I have yet to consider myself or label myself a “STAR” in this industry. When asked, I say I am an “Adult Video Actress” (for lack of a better term, as I’m rarely ‘acting’). As you said, and I agree with, the real STARS in this business are the people whose names are synonymous with the industry [John Leslie, Randy West, Ron Jeremy, Vanessa Del Rio, etc.] NOT girls (or guys for that matter) who have done one or two videos. And for those girls who do those massive gang-bang type videos [Houston, Spontaneous Exxxtasy, etc.] and then consider themselves a “Star” in this business, I simply have to laugh. If anything, performers like these deserve the label of SLUT, not star! <laughing>

If there were no “excitement” in having sex on-camera, I wouldn’t continue doing it regardless of what it pays. I know it sounds like bulls#!t to the average fan, but I came into this industry to have good sex and get turned-on knowing that other people are watching. Getting paid for it is just an added bonus to me. (smile) I love to watch other people having sex! It’s a huge turn-on both in person and when watching videos.

Responding (circa December of 1999) to the rules made by someone outside the industry (the outsider can’t match the insider). Rule #1 – Never get a boob job:

I agree, in the majority of cases. I’ve never had one and don’t plan on it either, but there a few (very few) cases where the boob job looks good and are necessary considering what the girl had to start with. Girls like Jenna Jameson, Stacy Valentine and Charlie should have NEVER got “bolt” jobs considering they had such nice tits to begin with!

#2 – Never, ever, get any other kind of plastic surgery:

Again, concurred (somewhat). Believe me, there are some girls in this industry you would have never taken a second look at without ’em having plastic surgery. But in 99% of the cases the surgery is unnecessary.

#3 – Always take it on the face:

Yummy! I love facials! (smile) I agree that if you’re going to get into this line of work, you have to adapt to things that a majority of fans will enjoy. I honestly can’t understand other performers who will take a cock up their butt but complain when a producer asks them to take a facial.

#4 – Never just do girl/girl:

Well, let’s see, the only two girls who have been successful at doing strictly girl/girl stuff are Janine Lindemulder & Felecia Danay. Janine is supposed to retire this year and Felecia is, well I’ll keep my comments to myself. Any other girl who has tried to do only girl/girl has “cum” and gone.

#5 – Never do a gang-bang:

Agreed. I’ve never done one, nor do I plan on it. The girls who think a sausage party will raise their popularity in this industry only need to look at the careers of Jasmine St. Claire and Houston. Where are they now? (cackles)

#6 – Never do bukkake:

Most girls do these kind of scenes for the money (which is very good) and they don’t actually have to touch the male talent involved. I personally have no interest in doing one, but I have to admit that watching them does excite me.

#7 and 8 – Never sign with Vivid or Extreme:

How about…never sign with anyone?! All these companies want to do is make sure that the girl is exclusive for their films, which in-turn ends up cutting off the girl from working with or for the people she really wants. Most girls sign with Vivid for the exposure which makes them extra money on-the-road as a feature performer (where the BIG money is).

#9 – Never screw the Hedgehog:

Couldn’t agree more! Although Ron is probably one of the nicest and funniest guys in the biz, I just don’t see anything erotic about having sex with a hairball.

#10 – Always take it up the rear-end:

You’re stretching it here (no pun intended). I enjoy “grind behind” scenes every now and then, but I don’t think it’s necessary to ALWAYS have a bumping bum. How about a little variety?

#11 – Don’t fake it:

I’ve only done 40 scenes (which I know isn’t very much) in my brief time as an adult actress, and I’ve only had to “fake it” once because the guy couldn’t keep it up. I agree that faking it is pretty lame, but sometimes there are good reasons for it. I can’t stand the girls who just lay there like they’re bored. I would rather have them fake it.

#12 – Never ever do one of those weird pregnancy/lactation/fat ppl videos:

Hey! Different strokes for different folks. I wouldn’t do ’em, but I’m not going to knock girls who would. You have to remember there is a market for EVERYTHING in this industry.

#13 – I’d ensure that I got to do at least one g/g with Anita Blond.

I’m still waiting to do a 3-way girl/girl scene with Shayla LaVeaux and Nina Hartley! Guess I could throw Anita in that mix. (smirk) I’ve been lucky in the respect that I have been able to work with the girls and guys who I’ve wanted to. Contract girls aren’t so lucky. Well, I hope this adds a bit of perspective to your list. I’d like to see some responses from other other female performers as well.

Is Inari Vachs still working? (circa June 1999):

I hope [and pray] that she is still working! I want her SO BAD!! *big smile*

X-rated Xmas recommendations:

Hey! What about my scene with Missy, Charlie and Tye in I Love Lesbians Three? OK, so the entire tape doesn’t have a holiday theme, but I play Santa’s Helper in the opening scene handing out “play toys” to all the naughty girls under the tree. Does that count? *giggle)* Happy Holidays, all! Season’s Beatings to the S&M crowd! *guffaw*

Appearing on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” as hosted by Drew Carey on ABC circa 17/12/99:

I didn’t speak with Drew during that taping. He seemed to shy away from everyone after the show; however, I did run into him backstage at a Carrot Top show in Vegas and he remembered me. I didn’t speak with him much that night, but it was easy to see that he’s a very cool and down-to-earth guy! I told Drew that he had mentioned a video which I was in {Strap-On Sally 4} in his book Dirty Jokes and Beer and another {The Voyeur 2} in a Playboy Interview. He just giggled and said: “Both of which I consider to be cream of the crop in my porn collection.”

After the taping of Drew’s show, I did get to meet Ryan Stiles, who joked that he gets his porn recommendations from Drew. (teehee) I said “Hello” to Greg Proops, who I had met a few nights earlier at a George Carlin show in L.A. Overall the show taping was a blast, but it did suck having to sit there for 3 hours straight with no bathroom break! Some girls can’t hold it that long.

After Nakita Kash tells her that she loves the show:

And I love you, baby! What’s happening, girlfriend? I had a feeling that you’d be a Who’s Line fan. How can you not laugh at a group of talented performers making complete asses out of themselves? (meant in a good way) Performers making asses out of themselves? That reminds me, are you going to the AVN Awards Show? Me & D.J. will be at the Hard Rock having fun! But I’m sure I’ll see ya at the show. (smile) Hugs & Wet Kisses. And Season’s Greetings to you & K.

“I could have sworn that the girl sitting behind him, just over his right shoulder, while at the desk was none other than porn starlet Shane Tyler”:

Guilty! *laughing* Yes, that was me sitting behind Drew, and I honestly can’t believe someone (especially someone on RAME) spotted me. What a trip! That show was taped a while ago during it’s debut season. I had been a fan of the old version of the show and was invited to go a taping of Drew’s version; it was a riot!

“She’s wearing a white silk-like shirt, sitting to the left of another hot blonde”:

Wow! You even remembered what color and material shirt I was wearing? You must be quite a dedicated fan Krystina? Thanks! I sincerely appreciate my fan’s support. That “hot blonde” is a long time girlfriend of mine, Cynthia. We used to dance together in Florida, and now she’s out here (L.A.) trying to live the “legitimate” lifestyle. For everyone’s sake, mine included, I wish she’d go back to dancing just so everyone could gaze at her incredible body. Guess I’ll have to save those viewings for the bedroom.

“I am almost 100% sure it’s her. You can’t miss that smile. Did anyone else happen to see this? Or am I going crazy? Or do porn fans not watch such shows? Thanks for any back-up on this, and Happy Holidays all”:

I’m glad I could confirm that you’re not going crazy, and (again) I appreciate even the mention of my existence. *giggles* Here’s hoping you, your family, and everyone that passes through RAME has a Very Merry XXX-Mas plus A Horny Nude Year! Have a happy and safe 2000, all!

“I remember an online interview w/ Shane Tyler where she talked about meeting Drew when he recognized her at the show and had her come sit up front or some such thing. Is this the same event?”:

Wow! I honestly can’t believe I have fans out there that remember such stuff. What I originally told the guys who I was doing the interview for, was that I believed Drew had recognized me, so had the personnel sit me and my girlfriend directly behind him intentionally, although the interview itself says differently. In either case, I was wrong; but I do see a pattern of cute girls seated behind Drew in the more recent episodes, so I guess I just got lucky.

What happened to your website on AOL? I noticed it’s down. Are you still married? Any movies recently? (22/12/1999)

1) I pulled that website a long time ago and have been screwed around by too many other so-called webmasters to put up another one. No plans on a new one anytime soon. 2) Yup! (big smile) It’ll be six years in June. I can’t believe the number of people who are amazed that a marriage can last in this industry. 3) My latest (and perhaps last) scene appears in Dirty Dancers 17 (I think?) from Fallen Angel. Stay safe in vile Vegas!

“If I remember correctly that was one of my favorite box covers with Shane’s butt on it” (The Voyeur 2):

Yup Steve, that’s the box with my infamous butt shot on it. (chucklee) As a matter of fact, I asked Evil Angel to bring some of the slicks for Voyeur 2 and Voyeur’s Favorite Blowjobs and Anals (which features the same scene) to sign at CES in Vegas. I’m glad you liked it. 😀

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