Oh no, not Scarlett Johansson

Nor is it Debi Mazar, although like the Entourage actress, the actress in the featured image is a fan of Madonna. Writing this article makes me wonder why very few TV shows outside of soap operas and sitcoms were never filmed in the video format (i.e. excluding chat shows, game shows and documentaries). They might as well have been since the tradition tended to be having something shot on film before putting it on many tapes to send to TV stations. The eighties reboot of The Twilight Zone was shot on video.

In Britain, the equivalent was Tales of the Unexpected. When you think about it, a lot of nineties TV shows got cancelled because it was expensive to shoot on film. The cruel irony being that soaps are less likely to get cancelled. A lot of TV movies and costly music videos could have benefited from being shot on video. There’s a reason why Saturday Night Live still airs. Speaking of which, here are some choice quotes from this glamorous comedienne:

Comedy Central airing Beat the Geeks on July 29, 2002:

I’m so stoked that someone other than myself actually saw that show! Thanks for the compliments on my appearance. BTW, I said that I was a director (which is true) as opposed to a producer. The reason why I didn’t take the 3 point question is just that I didn’t feel confident about the category and I thought – “Better to get the 2 point question right and hope that the Geek misses his question, than get a 3 point wrong and insure my loss.”

Cat People:

You just quoted one of my favourite films! The link was cool and appreciated.

Acting career:

As far as mainstream, I did a lot of little parts when I was living in Vancouver (that’s where I grew up). Acting has always been a passion. I appreciate good performances, whether they are in a movie, play, TV series or porno. Actors are great thieves. I steal from everywhere!

Ideal shooting location:

I would shoot in the south of France. That’s where I’d like to retire, but shooting a movie there would be rockin’! The best scenery in the world, especially when travelling on a private jet.

Which websites does she frequent?

I visit shockwave.com to make my own South Park movies 🙂 I love South Park (Law and Order too).

Five favourite films:

I like twisted movies that make you think including A Clockwork Orange, Reservoir Dogs, Bad Lieutenant, The Doom Generation and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Usual Suspects is at #6.

Acting and dancing:

I’m proud of my acting in certain movies. I want to stretch that muscle. After all, I’m a dialogue whore. I’d like to explore some avenues that haven’t been explored yet. Act a role in which I feel truly challenged and out of my comfort zone (emotionally). I haven’t danced for years. My body is telling me I’m getting too old for this and it won’t cooperate like it used to. I’m thinking of doing one night dancing here and there. But I’m not in the physical shape to do it all week.

Do you mind playing second fiddle to other actresses in some of your movies?

I get hired to play second fiddle a lot. I don’t mind–and I understand for the most part the reason why.

Love life:

At this point, I’m not paying marriage much attention. When you work with men on camera, the actress in me falls in love with the person at the time. If I don’t have chemistry with an actor, I don’t work with them.

Non-platonic references:

What a great question! As a female performer, my preference lies with the older man (over 35) because they generally are more likely to be passionate, attentive, professional and are less likely to want to watch themselves in the mirror while screwing. There’s a distinct difference between watching “ourselves” in a mirror and looking at yourself in the same mirror to see if you look cool 😉

As a director and/or actress, have you ever had actors walk off the set?

On my movies, no. On other director’s movies, yes, from time to time. But I’ve never been one of them. It’s more men than women. It’s a “two alpha men” kind of thing. A Chinese dictum states that two tigers can roam the same mountain.


The only reason that I don’t use my real name is for safety. People being able to find out where you live. Stalkers. You’re out there showing a part of your personality that you wouldn’t normally show. The types that get obsessive over stars become really obsessed. I’ve been stalked. It was taken care of in a legal manner.

Her ex worked on the same film in 1998:

We’re getting along. At least on the surface. We can have a civil conversation and not kill each other. I used to be married to a man in Canada. That lasted 18 months. I have no children.


I have one younger brother. I did not have a happy upbringing. During my time out of the business, I was getting my mental house in order. I went through therapy and confronted the issues that I had to deal with from my childhood. I’m much better now. I don’t think I could’ve done that and done what I do for a living at the same time. Too difficult.

Five favourite books:

American Tabloid by James Ellroy, Better Than Sex by Hunter S. Thompson, Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, Crash by J.G. Ballard and Thus Spoke Zarastrutha by Friedrich Nietzsche. Runners up would be Of Being and Nothingness by Jean Paul Sartre and the Sexus, Nexus, Plexus trilogy by Henry Miller. The one that I am reading recently is A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy O’Toole,

Bob Fosse’s Star 80:

I was an extra in the graduation dance scene. You’ll have to use the frame advance to find me. I was 16 at the time, so good luck picking me out of the crowd.


I have very eclectic musical tastes. I like everything from Big Band to Motown to Glam rock to Alternative/ Industrial like Nine Inch Nails. Some of my favorite performers are The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman (I play clarinet), Chopin, Savage Garden, Elton John, Van Morrison and Smokey Robinson. My fave Elton album is a much tougher call, but since you pressed me to decide – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I think that the album was his most cohesive.

I like Ziggy Stardust! Because I loved the gender disorientation in that character and the deep melodic tones of his voice. David Bowie could never lose it in my eyes. Yesterday, I had a song in my head and realized it was by Britney Spears. I was asking myself “why is that bothering me? I don’t like her!” 🙂 I used to be a huge fan of Headpins. Darby Mills had such a kickass voice. As a matter of fact, they were the first live concert I ever went to see, on a bill with another great Canadian act – Toronto.

Favourite actress:

I love Tina Louise (Ginger) from Gilligan’s Island – she did such a great Marilyn Monroe.

Sexual disorientation:

There are many examples of how much the American society has loosened its collective neck tie as to sexuality, be it hetero or homosexuality. RuPaul never could have got a record deal in 1976 and now he/she’s a pop icon who’s being given the opportunity to act in mainstream Hollywood films as a woman or a man.

Bill Clinton’s popularity was never higher as when the whole Lewinsky situation was at it’s peak. One of NBC’s highest rated prime time sitcoms is Will & Grace, which looks at the relationship between an openly gay man and his straight female best friend. I could cite many other examples, but I fear I’d be typing till next year.

What experience haven’t you had that you would like to have?

Meeting Tim Curry. It’s that whole evil thing that hooked me. I loved him in Legend too.

If you could have a cameo on one TV show, which show would it be, and what kind of a character would you play?

South Park! I’d love to play Bar Brady’s love interest.

What city haven’t you visited that you like to visit — and why?

Cairo. Egypt has always held a fascination for me.

Do you think that Robert De Niro is an overrated actor who always plays the same character in a way that comes off as showboating?

Disagree entirely. I would say the above comments are better suited to Jack Nicholson.

Sex life:

I’m not a nymphomaniac. I’m just a woman who enjoys sex. Hormonally, I started peaking 31. I feel an intensity that I never felt before. It’s like being a 18-year-old male who has a stiffy all the time.

What experience have you had that you wished you hadn’t?

Every experience that I’ve had has brought me to this point in my life. I’m happy with the way that things have turned out so far. Even the shoddy experiences have given me the gift of knowledge. No regrets.

Why Pulp Fiction is not her favourite Tarantino movie:

I loved Pulp Fiction. I just have a soft spot in my heart for Mike’s ear severing scene.


I read a lot. I do that to calm down. I go to movies a lot, too. Again, I like thievery. 🙂 Oh, and going to restaurants is another passion! Otherwise, I stay at home a lot like a normal person. I’m just a normal chick.

Which five CDs would you take to a desert island?

Voyeurs by Two (Rob Halford’s new band), Some Girls by The Rolling Stones, Cat People (the soundtrack), Erotica by Madonna and Cab Calloway would have to be in there somewhere.

How easy (or difficult) was it for you to get that first movie?

I wasn’t pursuing it at the time. It just fell into my lap while doing a photoshoot for High Society magazine. The photographer knew a director then things cascaded.

What are your five desert island DVDs?

All About Eve, Cape Fear, Madonna: Truth or Dare, A Clockwork Orange and Pleasantville.

You mentioned elsewhere that you see yourself “behind the camera” by the time you’re 40.

Honestly, I don’t like to give myself deadlines on my goals. It promotes a feeling of failure if it isn’t reached by an arbitrary time. It’s just a direction that I’d like to move in.

If you could go back in time, to any place and event in history, where would you go?

Hollywood, circa 1947/8. I’ve always felt that I was born too late and I really relate to that time in history.

What are your other hobbies?

I love to go to the theater, especially the ballet. I love to be entertained as opposed to doing the entertaining. I love to write and I am honestly having a great time working behind the camera. Every aspect of it is great, meeting with the art department about the box cover, everything. Creatively, I’m giving birth. I love surfing the web. Once a geek, always a geek.

Do you read the Bible, and if so what’s your favourite passage?

My rhyme: I consider myself a humanist. The Bible is not on my reading list.

Do you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat or Independent?

No political affiliations. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing the leaders of the above parties duke it out in the ring. Any bets on who’d win?

Career goals:

I like working with women directors from time to time. They are more nurturing and passionate. It’s a more laid-back set for the most part. I’m not sure why that is, but my speculation is that female directors have a non-threatening way of communicating to female talent. Do male performers treat you differently than how you’d seen them treat male directors? Absolutely!

There should be way more famous gay thespians:

I would love that. I think people are becoming more acceptive of different lifestyles. Look at Will & Grace — the lead character is gay and they are openly talking about it. It’s becoming less of a big deal. Movies like Bound have really brought same sex themes to the mainstream. The L Word is basically softcore porn in disguise. Also, independent mainstream movies are great because they can put out movies that mainstream Hollywood would never allow.

Does cinema have the potential to work against the Barbie look propagated by women’s magazine, TV and the like? Or will they continue to proliferate that notion of plastic beauty?

Wow…I don’t know if I’m the one to answer that. I know myself, I like to hire women who are natural because that’s what I like to see. But I think the media has a big effect on what the public likes to see. It’s a pendulum…now it’s swinging back toward more natural beauty. Look at Pamela Anderson, she took out her implants. But I still think the trend will continue, unfortunately. There’s something to be said about a natural body. I tell people they should go see a therapist instead of spending money on plastic surgery.

What’s your favorite type of overseas food?

French. I love all those subtle flavours, rich sauces and to-die-for desserts. My favourite Asian food is Japanese. I love Sushi.

Also, if you were president, what’s the first thing that you’d change?

Something would have to change before that happened. The law forbidding persons not born here to run for president (I’m Canadian). But hypothetically, if I were in charge, the first thing that I’d change is the healthcare system. It would be socialized medical as far as the eye could see on day two of my term.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while filming?

Okay so it’s not ha-ha funny, but funny peculiar – I had a guy not show up to the set of Handyman 6 and found out the next day that it was because he had died that morning of a heart attack brought on by overuse of steroids. Best excuse ever, but sad because it was true.

You started making movies a lot later than many women do. Do you think that your previous experience in the adult entertainment industry and your maturity helped you make better decisions than other women going directly into porn at a young age?

Absolutely. The legal age to perform in adult should be much higher. I would like to see the legal age raised to 25 (when the brain is fully developed).

I don’t think women right out of high school are ready for what the sex industry is going to throw at them. I know that my years of experience as a feature dancer helped prepare me to deal with the adult industry like dealing with club owners, etc. It helped much more than high school ever could. I decided going in that I would do only what I decided to do and I’ve maintained that attitude to this day.


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