Starred and scarred

This post is a two-in-one special. First up is an article about Bobbi Starr then another about Samantha Sterlyng. When Bobbi’s face is inactive, she resembles Anna Silk (the anything-but-bisexual star of Lost Girl). When her face has expressions, she resembles Sophia Bush. On the most oddest of occasions, she even resembles Katie Holmes. After scouring through hundreds of posts on Adult DVD Talk, I have chosen Bobbi’s top thirty. The twist is that they are displayed in chronological order instead of being presented in order of quality.

1) The vaccine does not protect against all HPV. It protects against the four strands of HPV that put people at risk for cervical cancer. Any STD can spread to your ass. Just because it’s not talked about doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

2) It’s kind of a Hitchcock-esque scene. You know, girl notices she has a stalker, girl realizes stalker follows home, girl frantically runs around the house, creepy stalker catches her. I think that’s the gist of it. Oh, it’s with the lovable Brandon Iron. He and I had a lot of fun that day. Plus, I think in the extras you can see me shoot a milk enema in Jake’s face. At least I hope he put that in.

3) No, not yet. I was asked to do double vag, but it didn’t happen. I think I would have to pick who would be the two to pop my dap cherry. Some day…

4) As a performer, I actually do enjoy doing ATM from my ass. It’s filthy, taboo, there is some (small) risk involved, and as a result its pretty hot. What I will not do, is ass to pussy. The likelihood of a bacterial infection for me is easily 100%, no matter whose ass or how clean. That being said, there are some performers who do ass to pussy with some regularity without getting infections who, by the way, I am envious of. Every girl has her own physical threshold.

5) Sorry guys, no double anal in my gang bang either. I gotta save something for when I get married. Heehee. 😉

6) True, however when you take something that is taboo and give it exposure, such as the exposure that ATMs are receiving at the moment, people begin to accept it. Consequently something that was taboo will eventually not be taboo, which is why there is a constant search for something more taboo and therefore hotter. It’s cyclical, just like most things that appeal to people’s senses.

7) Usually the guys freak out before I do. Heehee. Sure, I’d consider it but I really don’t think that movie would ever be made because there are very few girls in the industry who would participate. If you did find enough girls, it would probably only make one or two volumes. Although, one volume would be worth it, right? Heehee. In addition, you can’t guarantee that the a2m is going to be messy just as you can’t guarantee that it will be clean. It is your rectum; it is unpredictable. 🙂 Although, it would be awesome to make a movie called Unpredictable Rectum. lol!

8) Shoes always have a unique ability to make or break an outfit.

9) Sorry guys. Anything I do in the privacy of a bedroom will stay private. Even a girl who does porn need her fantasies.

10) Jesus! Some of you don’t listen!  I TOLD you, I have to save something for marriage. 

11) Lol. Honestly, I never thought about it. I think double anal is way more sexy than double vag. Double vag is sexy as well, but a stretched-out ass is super sexy.

12) Enemas? I do what I’m hired to do. Enema stuff isn’t very popular right now due to all the obscenity trouble. I love doing enema play. All in due time, all in due time.

13) When you run into a crossroad in life, I’m not sure anyone really thinks “I’m choosing option A over option B.” I didn’t choose porn over music. I am a classical musician. I have the heart of one and I’m educated as one. Whether or not I make my living as a musician, I will always be a musician. I personally don’t have preference to music. I love all types of music and that includes classical music. Classical music is amazing to me; it’s complex and comes from the minds of creative geniuses. It would take me days….months…..years to list/describe composers/compositions who/which I like. the same goes for the type of music that I like to play.

14) Lol. Huh? Where did you hear this? Lol. If I was dating a girl in the porn industry then, yes, I would off camera. But my “off camera” orgy days expired after my college graduation.

15) I remember talking to my oboe teacher in high school about making old oboes into oboe lamps. Pretty awesome if you’re a big oboe geek. Sax is cliché because it’s easy to learn how to play so everyone and their mother plays it. Oboe and bassoon are not easy to play, so they could never become cliché.

16) I was almost one of those lovely green ladies for the 2009 Nerdcore Calendar but instead I was Yul Brynner’s character from Westworld, which I think is just as awesome! I’m November.

17) My first Gaiman experience was Good Omens. So hilarious. A recommendation from my mom (she’s so hip).

18) Some of my English friends introduced me to the Harry Hill world a few years back. That man is a comedic genius.

19) Gang bangs are hard to find when the industry is down and out in finances. They are expensive productions and, right now, most companies just don’t have that kind of money to spend. So, as much as I am willing, I don’t think that will happen any time soon. I will not do public nudity in the U.S. I like being sexually adventurous but I don’t putting myself at risk for getting arrested.

20) I was first exposed to Sun Ra in college when I shared a rehearsal space with Eddie Gale – a trumpet player who played with Sun Ra.

21) For some reason, everyone thinks I play the cello. It’s funny because if I played a string instrument, it would have been the cello; but it wasn’t in the cards for me.

22) In honor of Sasha Grey’s birthday, which just passed this week, I thought that I’d post a beautiful picture of the two of us.

23) I think most make-up artists just pile on the “porno” makeup because they think that’s what sells or that’s what the director wants, but the truth is heavy make-up looks really bad if it’s not appropriate for the person’s face. The make-up should be done to enhance the already beautiful features on the girl not done in an assembly-line fashion.

24) The biggest couch that I have ever seen. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

25) No, I haven’t. Who produces gangbang auditions?

26) Australia has specific and strict censorship laws. When I was over for Sexpo several times, I noticed that my scenes had been edited from hour long scenes to 15-20 minutes scenes and the Australians had no idea there was an original version. You’re lucky that you got a hold of the American version.

27) I’ve recently found out that I have celiac disease. Not more gluten, but I’m cool with that. 🙂

28) I am allergic to tree nuts. I’m also lactose intolerant. I also have an intolerance to some forms of corn and some forms of soy.

29) With the explosion of smartphones, tablet computers and ubiquitous, always-on Internet connections, there’s never a time where print seemed more obsolete. Books, magazines and all the minutiae that make up the total sum of humanity on dead trees have never seemed more quaint as it does today. Kimberly Kane and I are rebelling against Facebook updates, tweets and blogs to produce something that you, our fans, can touch, feel and actually own. We are publishing a zine, or for those of you who barely remember the `90s, a short-run art magazine that will be compiled from photos and letters from you — our fans. It will not be a perfect thing remaining in a time-locked stasis of binary perfection on a hard drive.

30) You think that Vicarious is a strange title? It’s exactly whata POV is. Living vicariously through the shooter/performer.

💀 Samantha Sterlyng also resembles famous mainstream actresses. When the bottom half of her face is obscured with a rag gag, she has a resemblance to Blake Lively. Without the cloth, she resembles Chloë Sevigny. If you saw the latter perform fellatio in The Brown Bunny (2003) and wanted to see her do more of the same then you can’t go wrong with Sam and her delicious ham in general. :aroused Sammy has the least amount of things to type when compared to other online porn stars who post on the ADT forum – a hotter hotbed of info than pornographic punters who post on Twitter…

Monday, June 18, 2007: 19:33…

Neither, I am actually in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Yes, in the middle of nowhere but after L.A. life, I need the peace. 😉 I get to have sex outside and that’s the best! I LOVE IT!

Friday, June 22, 2:12…

I released a clip on my store today that was the longest pee ever, I pulled over in a church parking lot between 2 buses and let her rip. The puddle was so big, I could see my whole body reflection. It’s worth it for you pee lovers!!! I peed for almost one minute.

Monday, June 25, 20:37…

I agree; nothing is too weird but I don’t know if I could poop in front of a camera without cracking up, I don’t think it would be sexy…but thanks for the tips. I have checked it out and there is a bigger market for it than I thought.

Monday, July 2, 19:30…

Would you rather have a girl with enhanced breasts or a girl who stuffs her bra so full, she looks chesty but then when you get her naked, you wonder where the fun bags went?

Friday, July 6, 18:20…

I just did a shaving video. I shaved it bald. I don’t recall ever having a bald pussy BUT I think I like it……what do you think? Shaved, bald or landing strip?

Wednesday, July 11, 21:37…

I have worked for Jewel in the past and it was an excellent time. She is always a good time and nasty minds think alike!!! Keep up the GREAT work, girl!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 10:54…

Where do all the pornstars go when the lights go out? They all become volvo driving soccer moms as put by Everclear in their song Volvo Driving Soccer Mom, but I went to nursing school. When I graduated with honors, I dove back into an adult website. We aren’t all idiots. 😉

Tuesday, August 14, 21:28…

On Friday, August 10th, I had my second surgery in a year to fight Endometriosis and Ovarian cancer. The surgery has left me with a tremendous amount of bills that my health insurance wouldn’t cover since it’s pre-existing and 6 weeks of bed rest recovery ahead of me. I have not decided to go on with a hysterectomy but it is in my future. A lot of you have been asking what you can do and I wanted to make a post giving some details on what you can do.

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