Foes are riled when fans read

In any given industry, you will have frenemies. It’s not hard to imagine actresses taking a dislike to Riley Reid, who sometimes resembles Alexa Vega, Miley Cyrus (when she smiles) or Melissa Benoist. After all, check out her top twenty paragraphs on a forum which she still corresponds with:

“Oh my goodness, will you guys shut up and quit arguing about all this stupid anal. It’s annoying the me that you guys can’t just move on. To everyone who was “annoyed that I was exploiting fans” get over yourselves, you only felt that way because you chose to. I didn’t do anything but try to egg myself on, trying to turn myself on by feeding off your horniness.”

“I want this to seriously be the end of any of this anal exploitation topic. It seriously makes me wanna keep all my adventures to myself and not share myself with you. For whatever reason, you made an assumption and you should never assume things about people. Don’t assume I will or will not do anal. Just take what I have to offer and love it or hate it. I like to think that in all my scenes, especially more recent ones, I’ve become a stronger and more passionate performer.”

“After all this continuing bull plop, it really makes me gear in the other direction and spoil any of you. I hate that I’m even writing on this feed and it has to be negative feed coming from me. Now please shut up about your assumptions and just take what I have and talk about that.”

“Talk about how you hate or love my bush because I actually have one to talk about! Not this made up stories about what your imagination has created in my stupid anal decision. Everything I do on camera I love doing it otherwise I wouldn’t do it.”

“I’m not waiting for some big pay out, I’m not waiting for some moment in my career, I’m merely waiting until I love it and if I read one more post about you being annoyed about my exploitation it’s really going to turn me off from anal. This whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth with any anal play that a part of me wants to be a brat and forget the whole thing and not even try to enjoy anal.”

“Take this post as a the end to the story. I’m not asking for any apologies or any comments on anal. Take what I have to offer and talk about that. So let’s move on, my bush btw isn’t going anywhere. It may be kind of silly but I feel that my bush is my most grown womanly feature I have and I treasure it. I like feeling like a woman with my bush.”

“I’m a small girl only weighing 105 on a good day with 32 A breasts and just a small bubble butt. I have small feet and small features, a youthful face and I can easily be mistaken for a young girl, which I mean I don’t mind. When my pants come off, I want it to be known that I have hit PUBErty, and that I’m a grown young lady at the age of 22.”

“So if you don’t like my bush and want someone with a bare pussy, go watch someone else because my winter coat is here to stay. My new scene with Shane Diesel for Reality Kings is probably one of my favorite IR scenes right now. When I shot that, I had just gotten over taking 2 weeks off work because I got a cold and he was the first cock that I had after all that! It was so insane! My pussy was fighting it the whole way because she was so tight that day!”

“When I met her, I just fell in love. She is such a sweet cute little darling! So when I got to have her all to myself, you know that I took advantage of that! I whispered naughty things in her ear and made her cum constantly. Plus she used her soft wet tongue like a magic wand! I really think that scene will be my new best G/G scene, it was amazing! at least it felt amazing!!”

“I’m kinda surprised by some of the things you guys came up with, your theories on my porn career. It’s pretty funny to me. So I’ll start off with the cream pie discussion. I have NEVER shot a real cream pie scene. I have had to fake it for softcore sex scenes, where the guy imitated a cream pie but again, I HAVE NEVER DONE A CREAM PIE!”

“I personally don’t want someone to come inside of me for obvious paranoia issues of a porno set baby. My little 23 year old body doesn’t need to have any ideas of any kind of pregnancy, so she gets cum on her belly rather than vagina. I know it ruins it for some of you. I mean I know if I had a cock, I’d want my juices all inside a female instead of having to pull out and cum on her face, ass or tits, which is still extremely hot.”

“In any case, the point is I don’t and haven’t done a cream pie. YET! of course I have to say yet because I can’t predict the future, so maybe I will change my mind at some point. Moving on to what some of you guys were saying about a boyfriend and my work slowing down? Come on, seriously why do you guys make some of the conclusions you do? I’m a very independent young woman.”

“I’m very proud of my career choices and placement in life. I would never change any part of my life for anyone other than myself Selfish yes, but to me I live my life for myself and I make choices that affect me. If someone were to have a problem with my choices well then they shouldn’t be with me then now should they. So you can get that out of your head. Sometimes girls go through weird booking phases were I may only (and oddly) be booked up one month for only GG shoots. It’s all first come first serve.”

“If I have May 5th open for booking and one company says Hey, I wanna shoot Riley in a G/G with Bonnie Rotten and they book it, that other company that wanted to shoot me May 5th for a B/G with Mandingo misses out because its first come first serve for booking dates. So if you notice weird patterns in my shoots it’s just because that’s what I was booked for.”

“I’m sorry some of you may feel like i’m not shooting enough of certain scenes or that maybe my work has slowed down but for me personally I’m still working almost 4 times a week, always shooting. I just worked on a reverse gang bang for Prince called Prince the Punisher, I believe.”

“I have never said I hated it. Why would I work on sets where girls do anal such as Cum Exchange and watch Jessie Volt take it in the ass, eating the cock straight from her ass! Doing that kind of scene helps me learn about anal and watch how Jessie takes it inspires me! Not everyone jumps into anal. Some people need to ease their way in, explore and learn about it first. Kinda like how I got into porn.”

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, all the vaginal cream pie scenes of mine are fake. I do not do cream pies for the fear of possible pregnancy. Ultra-paranoid about babies, I don’t want any of those. Although I can say that the anal cream pies on my website are true cream pies! 😀 I don’t trust birth control enough to guarantee that I won’t get prego from a cream pie.”

“I did once go by Paige Riley, although it was my first name until I realized the name was already taken by another woman. I started doing porn in May of 2011 but I didn’t start shooting in L.A. until August. I don’t really count any work previously since it was under another name anyways so Riley Reid started in August 2011.”

“I would wish there was some kind of union thing where agents could set up a way to provide us with insurance and a secure way to root out the untrustworthy production companies, performers, directors, agents or so on and so forth.”

“The way that I live my life is probably a bit old-school. I listen to a lot of old school music like Otis Redding, Al Green, Nina Simone and so many others from that time. Although I do like new age music like ASAP, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey and so many other genres and bands. That’s just a very small list. When it comes to what I do in my personal life for fun/hobbies if say beach is deff a favorite pastime of mine.”

She has her cake and eats it too.

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