Jewel in the rough

Originally, this article was to be about both Debi Diamond and Jewel De’Nyle (who were gems of their generations), but Debi’s lack of comments (along with lack of grammar) on the porno equivalent to DVD Talk (Adult DVD Talk) made her look bad. When doing a search for Jewel’s comments, I was overwhelmed by her prolific presence – 40 pages of posts. The site’s software means that a full page consists of 50 comments. The challenge was like turning a short story into an article. It’s nowhere near easy to condense 30,000+ words into 3000- words. Cherry picking was the order of the day in my metaphorical cyber café.

Anna Malle:

“Her death was gruesome, but she wasn’t decapitated; she was severed at the waist. She was a dear friend. I spoke to her husband on the one year anniversary of her death. The most amazing thing that came out of it is I became a great aunt to a wonderful baby girl who will forever be so special to me.”

Wrestlers doing porn:

“I have an agent in the wrestling world, so I’m going to see if I can get as many that are willing and hopefully a few come through at the end of the day.”


“Fear of sharks and fear of clowns.”


“It will age you and I’d much rather have my health and my money.”

Pornographic pet peeves:

“Girls who show up to sets with suitcase pimps. Also I hate when girls show up who roll their eyes when asked to do something. If it’s too hard for you to spread your legs, get a job at a drive thru. I cannot stand it when these girls come to set get top rate then ask how much longer? I think directors should start out with a low base rate and if she does an awesome job, you pay her more. I remember getting bonus money for doing a good job if the director felt I was underpaid or making the same amount as a girl who was lame. They’d kick me a couple hundred extra.”

Why women are more desirable to work with:

“I find a lot of porn guys get burned out and try to do a circus act instead of making a scene passionate and hot. Lots of these guys forget that’s it’s about the girl and should start doing jailhouse movies if they cannot find the heat with a woman. I’m tired of seeing a d!ck fest in porn. I want to see the girls enjoying the sex not looking as if they are mauled by wolves.”

Transatlantic demands:

“Cream pies fly off the shelf in Europe but interracial porn doesn’t. Here, interracial porn flies off the shelf more than an all-anal movie.”

The benefit of making lesbian porn:

“It’s easier to shoot and less expensive.”

Being the black sheep:

“I try to tell the girls to take a step back from the coke or you’ll end up broke. I’ve had a girl smoke a bowl or a joint and I let it slide. If you are pulling out the heavy stuff, you will be kicked off my sets. I’ve done that before. I’m not really into the drug scene, never have been (even when I was a teen). I’ve stopped and started scenes before either because the girl was laying there loaded on pills and looked like she was falling asleep or on who knows what. Most of the problem with lame scenes is drug use. Or the girls have what I call the hooker mentality and they just want to hurry up and collect and have zero passion in their scenes and look like they are f#cking a jon. Stuff like this makes me pull my hair out.”


“She looks horrific with that shaved head and stupid heroin addict makeup. She looks horrible in an industry that sells beautiful women getting f#cked, good performer or not. I’m not being mean to her in any way. I love her as a person and as a performer, but I hate the way that she looks right now. I hate the buzz cut. Short hair is sexy, but bald is ugly. The makeup looks like Alice Cooper.”

The saddest moment of her adolescence:

“I walked out on an interview for working with retarded adults. It was too depressing as I was only 17 and couldn’t take it. I left in tears wondering why or how could this world be so cruel.”

Pregnancy porn:

“It’s a very personal thing to be pregnant and it’s not fair for the child to have a mother exploit them while in the womb.”

Nubile nostalgia:

“My marital ex (whom you may know) and I once had sex in a movie theater. It was fun as there weren’t people around, so it was cool.”

A mainstream movie that is comparable to porn:

“Libertine, starring Johnny Depp, is borderline porn.”

Recurring dream:

“I have a dream all the time that I’m Jewish and being held by a guy who’s a Nazi. He looks like Donald Sutherland for some reason. He keeps me in a straight jacket and commands me to do stuff around an electric fence. Don’t know what the hell this is about, but I’ve had it a few times. Maybe I watch too much history channel?”


“I grew up on a ranch in Colorado. We raised our own meat and had well water. Nothing fancy at all. I was an only child growing up. All my step brothers and sisters were moved out and married. I was never treated like a child or talked to like one. I think that made a huge difference in being ahead of most children my age. I did however have a hard time with kids my age because I thought they were so immature and I always had much older friends who weren’t always the best influence. I did, however, graduate 6 months early from high school as I had extra credits and didn’t need to finish the final semester to graduate, which worked for me.”

Dogs versus cats:

“Dogs worship. Cats want to be worshiped and that’s just too much competition. Cats tend to claw up furniture, which would make me crazy.”

Put up your dukes:

“I never throw the first punch, but I will fight like a man if I have to. Some stupid drunk b!tch was hanging all over my friend’s husband. When she went to the toilet, I mouthed off to her then she went to hit me and I laid her out flat. End of story.”

Reuniting with a peer:

“Serenity and I still remain great friends to this day. Serenity has separated porn from her life other than doing some movie reviews here and there. I don’t think I could dominate her since we had a relationship together for so many years, but I do love her to death.”

Wanting to be Canadian:

“It’s beautiful in Nova Scotia. If I could move there, I would. It’s very cheap and the quality of living is better with our money versus theirs.”

Audio trickery:

“Putting music over the scene is pure laziness so you don’t have to do any audio edits from any camera noises. Some light background music is fine but when you have it over the scene it’s because they don’t want to take the time to edit and clean up the audio.”

Pauly Shore:

“I’m so ashamed we ever went out, and even worse – we made a sex tape. I’m not proud of this one. I’m sure it’s somewhere stashed under his bed. Maybe he should put out the sex tape to save his career like everyone else does. He did contact Red Light District about a year ago but, when he found out I was a part of the company, he failed to deliver. He seems to think it’s worth more than gold. He’s not even bronze, let alone gold. He should do the Screech (Dustin Diamond) thing; it would at least save his sorry ass. We never got serious, we were mostly just bed buddies. I guess the attraction is that he made me laugh and is a real sweet guy when you get to know him. I was seeing him off and on for a few years. Off screen, he was very charming and fun to be with. Pauly Shore is Dead was not a great movie, but I think I’ve gotten more attention out of it than him as I do feel my part was one of the high points of the movie.”

People talking behind your back:

“Yes, everyday. Welcome to porn, the most two-faced business on this earth.”

History’s first porn star:

“It’s documented that Cleopatra was one of the first women to do a bukkake as she would have a group of thirty or more men slaves blow on her face to give her eternal youth.”

Changing of the guard:

“When you can’t let the talent have free range, it makes a huge difference in the product. All of us could’ve still been there if it weren’t for greed. The stable could’ve gotten bigger with the addition of the current players and we would’ve been alright, but too many chiefs and not enough indians was the biggest downfall.”

Apathy towards the homeless:

“We live in a rich country with plenty of assistance and they choose to live like rats.”

The meaning of life:

“To teach you lessons to prepare you for your next life.”

The last thing that you stole:

“I stole a bottle of lube one time on set.”

Do you socialize with other races?

“I can hang with anyone, no matter what race. I just avoid the RAT race.”

Most dangerous vehicle:

“I’ve seen a few deadly accidents all involving corvettes.”

Top three songs to strip to:

“Crazy Train (Ozzy), Don’t Cry (GNR) and Dope Show (Marilyn Manson).”

Unexpected skill:


Celebrity beds:

“Scott Stapp? Yeah, well, I rocked out with him once. He’s not so holy. He loves women just like the next guy. I also had a thing with Jamie Kennedy, but no sex – just making out and we’re still friends to this day.”

Newcomer naiveté:

“Most girls are just so excited to have a big company sign them that they don’t read the small print or spend the money on a lawyer to look over the contract for her, then it ends up costing her in the future. As for a producer or director being held responsible for safety, not likely. All our talent signs a waiver that states that they are independent contractors and don’t hold us liable for any STD while filming.”

An unexpected rival:

“My mom does do movies which doesn’t make me too happy but it’s her life, so be it. Riding my coattails makes her look plain stupid. She started throwing it in my face and talking to me about her scenes. That is not right and it’s something she should’ve kept to herself. I would not shoot her in a MILF movie as she isn’t up to my standards of the type of talent that I shoot. I shoot between the ages of 30-40 years old, not grandmothers. I cut all ties to her who looks like a crack whore. I couldn’t be happier washing my hands of her and I had tears of joy. She’s dead to me. Poor excuse of a mother. BTW, you look sick in your photo like a crack whore and your age shows along with your tits down to your knees. Please do me a favor and pull the trigger.”

Better drama than Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!:

“As for my stepfather, he’s been made a fool and is a total wimp when it comes to my mom. He has no backbone and I cannot respect that. He lost his job in politics that I took the liberty of trying to cover up for him because he slept with his 16-year-old adopted daughter and it was found out among his colleagues. They raided their home and took everything including his questionable porn. So I started XXX to avoid the scandal that they were facing back in Colorado and put all my savings into a company to get them back on their feet. Total losers in my eyes – the both of them. I’m not going to protect them anymore. He’s a child molester and she’s a drug user.”

Perhaps the 2017 film could’ve done with a finale involving Jerry Springer and Howard Stern:

“I won’t go on either, but Springer – that takes the cake. They even offered me a huge amount of money and I still wouldn’t lower myself to such classless realm of people. I’ve tried to make a difference for women in this business, not to make a joke of them. But I wouldn’t expect anything else from my white trash mother. How pathetic could someone be to even have to ask if they should go on Springer. I mean how desperate are you? Why would any of these shows want her without me? She’s useless.”

Reminiscent of the Hellish finale in Jennifer Lawrence’s arthouse flop:

“You’ve not been in my shoes and don’t know the half of what my parents have put me through. No mother in Hell has the right to discuss her porn life with their daughter; it’s just gross and crude. She’s done things to get attention that are out of line and I won’t have any part of it. I don’t care if my mom wants to promote her career, but every time she’s done a promotion, it’s involved me. My mom has her own name; I don’t think companies need to use mine to promote it. One day, I’ll write a book that will clear the air. For instance, my dad is in Vegas with some 19-year-old chick.”

Hope is on the horizon:

“My mom is in the hospital. She’s not doing well after surgery got a major infection. I blame him for almost everything that’s gone wrong between my mother and I. He brainwashed her and turned her into a puppet. He’s whored her out for money and pushed her into doing porn because he lost his retirement, so he is using her and I can tell that she’s putting on a front which suggests that she is not happy with her life. If she left him, I’d forgive her for everything as he is controlling and has done nothing but harm to our family.”

Chico Wang and his Wang Chung (yellow bell):

“What’s sad about our industry is that they’ll let him come right back in once he’s out. The reason why porn has a bad rap is that we let convicted felons back in the circle to conduct business. A convicted rapist being allowed to be around women all day sounds to me like a very bad idea. The temptation is too great for someone with his problems to be in porn. When you are a sex offender, maybe being in porn isn’t the smartest of ideas. That could put you right back in the slammer. It’s not worth it and everyone gets hurt. There are other areas of the business like being a webmaster where you don’t deal with the talent, which could be a safe option.”

Being the shepherd:

“The problem is most of the girls think the money will never run out. The smart ones invest in their future and save instead of spending it on designer BS. I never, during my career, drove a porsche, wore Prada, or bought a Tiffany diamond. These things are material and won’t last. It’s sad when a girl comes begging for work in her 500 dollar shoes and 800 dollar Gucci bag needing work to pay her rent. When a girl comes to me wanting advice, the first thing that I tell her is to buy a house, live moderately and open up a business of her own.”

When Vicky Vette’s husband committed suicide:

“I’m glad that she’s rid of him; he did nothing but destroy her inside and out. I shot her once for XXX Platinum Blondes, and he was so controlling over her that it made me sick. Goodbye and good riddance (or red ends when you consider the blood that came out of him).”

The insanity of vanity:

“There’s a huge difference when you get plastic surgery to better yourself and when it’s overdone. There’s also healthy weight loss and unhealthy weight loss. Open your eyes, take a good hard look and ask yourself if you’re ok with this? Like in most severe cases, someone has to die before anything gets done to help these girls.”

Previous profession:

“I was a gymnast for 15 years and I must say – I have seen girls with eating disorders before and they had plenty of muscle and were able to do hours of exercise. When one gymnast died of a heart attack due to her disease, it opened up a lot of people’s eyes in that sport. So what’s next?! Someone here dies from the disease before anyone lends a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on? The reason why I’m familiar with this is that I had an eating disorder and was put in a clinic for months to keep me from killing myself unintentionally. Around the same time that I was sick, another gymnast died.”

Max Hardcore:

“The reason why I never worked with him is he wouldn’t work with me and vice-versa because we were friends – we would look at each other and laugh at the thought.”

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