From maiden to mother

This French-Canadian Taekwondo teacher has special insight in the film industry. She has worked as an actress, production assistant, wardrobe supervisor, editor, property master and director. Given her musical background (academia-inflected), I’m surprised that she hasn’t done any composing. She could easily write a ditty about how she can teach you six tricks of the trade. When this ballet fan was younger, she wanted to be a broadway actress.

She attends advanced screenings (such as tests), which are important for film connoisseurs because these showings often contain footage that has yet to be taken out. Then there’s the issue of scenes or even shots not being switched around yet. Test screenings can often lead to screen tests if recasting comes into it. As box office and public opinion has indicated, these audiences are not the most reliable of focus groups. Over the years, this concert percussionist has met so many celebrities and reviewed so many movies that I consider her to be the female equivalent to Mark Kermode.

As such, I have chosen to condense her most interesting comments which she has made for the better part of two decades. She should write a book (which she has been thinking of doing). Maybe she will write one when she fulfills her dream of directing a PG-13 movie. As for the title, I transitioned from pasting her comments about filmdom before she got married to talking as a parent chaperoning her daughter. If it wasn’t for having kids, she would’ve been employed as an assistant director. Read it and don’t weep…

Obscure TV acting:

Among others, I have been in Mighty Morphin Power RangersMurder of the Crows (Showtime movie), Clueless and a bunch of Vice Academy movies. In Power Rangers, which I was on about a dozen times, I was an extra as a teacher. We got to run in fear a bunch of times.

Overlooked film acting:

Among others, I was in Blade 2. I was in the opening nightclub scene where everybody is screaming and running off. I can barely find myself in it. The most fun thing that I ever did as an extra was in a movie that had Daniel Baldwin and Claudia Schiffer. It seemed like an action/chase-type movie. I’ve never seen it released anywhere. They were the only two principles on set that day, so we didn’t know who else was in the movie, and I couldn’t remember the director’s name. Daniel flirted with me. I was also in Laughing Out Loud.

Watching a film at a Comic-Con:

Snowden has been on my radar for over a year. I respect authority, but when that authority is criminal or corrupt, I’m going to question it, and will not care what the personal cost will be. The San Diego Comic-Con panel for Snowden was my favorite moment of SDCC. Towards the end of the trailer, there are words one by one. Soldier. Fugitive. Patriot. Spy. Hacker. Traitor. Hero. We were asked afterwards to applaud at each thing that we believed was true about Edward Snowden. Not a single person applauded at traitor. There was applause for soldier and fugitive. Hall H went crazy for patriot and hero. That moment gave me hope that there are people who can make a change. Stay aware. Stand up to corruption.


First, this is a movie that every American citizen should see. I followed this story in the news as it was happening, and had also followed stories of previous NSA employees whose homes were raided and their lives torn apart simply because they questioned authority, which in their case was their government. Whether or not I’ve loved every one of Oliver Stone’s movies, I’m not sure. But I can say that I’ve seen every one. He is one of the most brilliant and brave filmmakers who is a part of the studio system. So yeah, high hopes.  There’s a filmmaking choice or two that I wasn’t in love with, but nothing that destroyed my enjoyment of the movie.

Stanley Kubrick’s space odyssey:

I found 2001 to be interesting, but very slow. I don’t need a movie to be a laugh or explosion per minute, but dragging is BAD in my book.

Her favourite movie of 2001:

Memento is based on a story by Christopher Nolan’s brother. So if one of the brothers is indeed a fan of Winter Sleepers, it’s probably his brother. I already have the regular DVD, but I’m not going to buy the special edition discs. MAYBE I’ll rent it so I can at least get to see some of the extras, but I refuse to pay full price for something that should have been the option to buy when the first version came out.

Ryan Phillippe:

I kinda like him. Even though the movie sucked, I thoroughly enjoyed his performance and presence in Cruel Intentions.

Gangs of New York:

It was a decent movie, but not my favorite of the Oscar bunch. It was also the movie that I noticed the most technical errors in editing, lighting, color processing and such. Overall, I enjoyed it, and thought Daniel Day-Lewis was very strong. I didn’t think she was Oscar level, but I was very impressed with Cameron Diaz. She’s always a pleasure for me in a movie.

Rivalry between two 2003 sci-fi sequels:

I prefer X-Men 2 to The Matrix Reloaded. Better acting. Less of a letdown.

Who and what to like:

I’m a bigger fan of Kevin Smith than I am of Ben Affleck, especially recently. Clerks – OK. Mallrats – loved it. Chasing Amy – enjoyed it a lot. Jay and Bob Strike Back – liked it a lot but wish that it hadn’t been so dependent on the previous movies. Dogma – Not really my ideal movie, but I enjoyed it. If Jersey Girl is a little more of a mainstream movie, I’ll like it even more than I liked Mallrats and Chasing Amy.

Her least favourite Smith movie:

I did love that the theater manager had nothing to say other than “No Comment” about why they’d book Saw V but not Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I run fairly hit and miss on Kevin’s movies. For some reason, I expected it to be more likable like Chasing Amy. I’m definitely not saying I hated it. I just went in with high expectations. Too many times, I felt like the obvious cheap joke was used instead of something more inspired. I felt it was lazy on the writer and director to not let us know what Miri’s job was. It wasn’t hugely important, but I felt that I didn’t have enough reason to believe why she and Zack would have stayed such good friends throughout the years. Was she as much of a slacker as he was? It was implied, and maybe I’m being too hard on a movie that was supposedly about porn.

Quentin Tarantino:

Even though James Cameron has shown people getting killed, I don’t see why the greatness of an action movie should be judged on the body count. I will be waiting for Kill Bill on DVD. I don’t feel like spending $18 on one movie that I’m not sure if I’m going to like or not. When I heard they were splitting into two, I decided right then that I was going to wait until they were both on DVD, and then watch them within a few days of each other. I’ve liked a couple QT movies – mostly Jackie Brown and the couple where he wasn’t the main director (Four Rooms and Sin City). Not as many as I’ve disliked though.

John Woo’s Paycheck:

Unfortunately, there are so many movies out right now that I really want to see that this one will have to wait for me on DVD.

Spider-Man 2:

I didn’t have problems with the CGI – it made me feel like I was a watching the actual comic book character doing web-slinging. Doc Ock was amazing, both acting and effects. The love story was fine, and maybe slightly overdone, but it seemed to fit. After all, in the comic books, the love story was fairly well emphasized. I’m actually looking forward to Spidey 3, 4 and…well, you get the idea. I’m really looking forward to Batman Begins. I’m really a big fan of the whole Dark Knight stories.

Spider-Man threequel:

It still remains to be seen how well it does in it’s second week of release. If it has more than a 50% drop, then studio execs will take notice. I thought it was passable, but honestly – if there is a fourquel, I’ll probably pass on it and wait for the DVD. Oh – and if I hear that they let Kirsten Dunst sing again, I’m DEFINITELY waiting for the DVD. Venom should have been given WAY more time. I could have done with a whole let less James Franco though. Cute guy, but he should give up the acting and be a model.

2004 Summer announcement of a Lindsay Lohan movie that never got made:

It’s based on the novel by Lynn Messina called Fashionistas. The novel came out in March 2003. The adult film came out on VHS in September 2002. On IMDB, they made the movie sound like it was going to have a plot much more similar to the adult film, but the description of the book on Amazon is not so close. The IMDB synopsis has since been modified, and now it sounds like the movie will be a lot truer to Lynn’s book.

Lost in Translation:

In my VERY humble opinion, it would not be getting nearly the acclaim that it is if it hadn’t been directed by Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter. It’s an interesting movie, but one that won’t be strongly remembered in 10 years.

July 16, 2004:

Although the most recent previews look better than the original ones did, I still think I’m skipping Catwoman. Word has it that this movie was still in reshoots as little as 2 weeks ago. The movie had completely flopped with test audiences.

Girl Next Door:

Loved the movie – HATED the commentary. The director was high-and-mighty. I didn’t expect it after having just watched the movie. I love Elisha Cuthbert and thought she nailed those emotions to a T. I thought she brought a nice reality to the character. I’m not as convinced about it being a rip-off of Risky Business. Similarities? Sure, quite a few. But the feel was very different, and other than not having Tom Cruise, I liked it better.

Mission: Impossible III…

Carrie Anne Moss as the love interest?! I hope that she’s gained a little life to her acting (and a little weight) since Matrix 2 and 3. I might be in the minority, but I’m looking forward to M:I 3. The shot where the 2 motorcycles crashed in mid-air in #2 was worth the price of admission. I don’t watch Tom’s interviews anymore, but luckily, I’m still able to enjoy him on screen.

July 28, 2004 (announcing a casting choice to gauge audience interest):

If Eric Bana looks like he does in the Cannes premiere of Troy photos, then I guess I could deal with him as Bond. He can handle the action sequences, and he’s charming enough. But an Australian? Bad luck! George Lazenby; enough said. I could have dealt with Pierce Brosnan again, although Timothy Dalton was my favorite Bond. Oh, well, I haven’t seen the last two Bond flicks anyway. Although the movies had become all about the gadgets and had such laughable plotlines, I associate Bond with having at least some cool gadgets.

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith…

The commercials look pretty cool, but then again, I thought the commercials for TPM looked good. I was SO disappointed by the horribly written dialogue and mediocre acting in Ep 1 that I didn’t bother to see Ep 2 in the theater. I bought it used on DVD, and couldn’t get more than 30 minutes into it. That was painful. Industrial Light and Magic has done more believable special effects on other movies (non-Lucasfilm), such as The Perfect Storm, Twister, The Abyss, Pearl Harbour or Master and Commander. If I can ever get through Ep 2 on DVD, I may eventually buy Ep 3 on DVD. I’ve already been horrifically disappointed twice, so even though I admit this one does look like it will be better than the last two (which isn’t saying much), I’m not taking the chance.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

There are 7 years of Hogwart’s School, and J.K. has always said she plans on 7 books. If they made one film a year, that would work out perfectly for aging the young cast. But they’ve already gotten a little behind. They should try to film #4 and #5 at the same time or right after each other to catch up.

Sin City:

I actually saw the movie on it’s second weekend, but I was so confused about how I felt about it that I didn’t post anything until now. I will preface all of my statements with this: I never heard of the comic book series until I had seen the trailer. I WAS, however, someone who had read a few of the Dark Knight comics. I was SO excited about this movie – the look as well as the potential content. I wasn’t seriously disappointed, but other than the cool visuals, I can’t really say that anything much completely blew me away. Some of the acting made me want to cringe. I didn’t even cringe that much during Dick Tracy (and never once during Hellboy).

X-Men: The Last Stand…

I enjoyed the threequel, but there were too many corny lines. Also, I was stupendously disappointed in the acting of Angel, who was my most anticipated new character.

Pan’s Labyrinth:

I probably would have liked it even more if I hadn’t gone in with such high expectations.  After everything I had heard previously, I was expecting more parallels between the war and the fairy tale world shown in the movie. Certainly the best foreign-language movie I’ve seen in a few years.

The Matrix Reloaded:

I liked it a lot, but not as much as the first one. Middle-child trilogy syndrome. I wasn’t crazy that the fight-sequences went way too Crouching Tiger (same choreographer).


It does look good, but due to personality differences, I haven’t been able to enjoy a movie with Nicolas Cage ever since I met him. Other than a few times where I enjoyed him, I usually avoid any movie that Cage is in. He overacts way too much. Raising Arizona was one of my favorite movies for a long time, and one of the few times I’ve actually enjoyed a Cage performance.

Meet the Fockers:

I actually like Dustin Hoffman, and think he will play fantastically opposite Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. But Barbra Streisand? This movie went from a must-see to a maybe in my book.

Sin City revisited:

Jessica Alba – GORGEOUS, but I guess I hadn’t realized that she isn’t a very good actress. Rosario Dawson – Sexy, but I preferred Alexis Bledel and Jessica. Josh Harnett’s story – I wasn’t sure if I loved or hated it being in the movie. I hated that they ended the movie with a non-ending. Then it kind of grew on me. Overall, I liked the movie, although some of the acting (dialogue?) really disappointed me.

Dark Shadows (2012) was announced as far back as July of 2008:

I wonder if it will follow more closely to the 1991 TV show rather than the 1960s show. I’m not a fan of sixties camp. I really liked the nineties version, and was really sad when it ended so soon.

Dear John:

I have a huge crush on Channing Tatum, and Amanda Seyfried is fantastic, but I can’t bring myself to want to see this. Maybe if I’m feeling especially sappy on Valentine’s Day.

Teaser trailer for Batman Begins circa July 2004:

Dude – that looks awesome! I looked at the photos too, and Christian Bale looks exactly as good as I hoped he would in the Batman outfit. They didn’t show what the torso out of the outfit looks like, but he looks dark and strong and brooding. Chris Nolan is working again with his cinematographer and editor from Memento as well as Insomnia, so I am really, really excited! The only thing I’m peeved about is having to wait until June 17, 2005.

The Simpsons Movie:

I thought it was worth seeing. Not landmark, but definitely not disappointing for me.


I saw an advance screening a month before the première. Really liked it before, and a couple slight tweaks made it even better. Even with knowing what would happen at suspenseful parts, I was still holding my breath.

Ender’s Game being advertised at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con:

Harrison Ford in the panel cracked me up. He was more coherent than I’ve seen him at other times, but just as much of a smartass. An audience member asked him if Han Solo met Indiana Jones, what would they say to each other. He looked at the moderator (Chris Hardwick) like “Really?” and said “Um, hi. How are you?” I’m not that excited about the movie. Great book, but aside from some of the kids and Ben Kingsley, it doesn’t look that great. The Fan Experience wasn’t all that special either. Some costumes, a couple sets. Seen it before for different movies.

Paranormal Activity:

I’m split on this movie. If it had cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make and turned out remotely like this, I’d be horrified by how bad it was. For $11,000 and no known actors…not bad. The constant jump cuts during dialogue scene kept pulling me out of the fantasy world, so that made it a lot less scary for me. I’m terrified by Ouija boards, so when that came into the storyline, it made the movie more tense for me. But without my background emotions to go with it, I don’t think this movie would have been very scary.

March 27, 2014:

I have passes to a screening tonight for a horror movie from the producers of Insidious 2 and the Paranormal Activity series. So it could be Ouija, The Purge 2, 13 Sins, one of the Paranormal Activity movies coming out this year, or a handful of other movies. I love horror movies, but I freak out when I think about sitting through one in a dark movie theater. Eeeeeeek. :tmi: Ok. I’m going to go. As long as I don’t have to sign a non-disclosure agreement that says I can’t even say I saw the movie, I’ll let you know what I saw tonight!

March 28 (it turned out to be Mockingbird):

It wasn’t a movie on my list of what I thought it might be. Although the first few minutes, most people in the theater thought it was Purge 2 because of certain things like hearing sirens in downtown L.A. and the general tone). All in all, I saw a decent thriller/horror movie with good acting and an interesting storyline. It will come out sometime later in 2014. Wish it had been Purge 2.

April 3:

The movie fairies got me an invitation to The Purge: Anarchy tonight. Excited, but scared. I think it comes out around September.

Jennifer Lawrence being dumped by Nicholas Hoult in July of 2014:

I predict 10 years from now, he’ll be the one more currently famous. Check out the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer.

The Help:

OK movie, great acting, passable screenplay but horrible editing and directing decisions. I was infuriated when I watched the deleted scenes. I know the movie was really long, yet all but one of those deleted scenes would have added so much more depth to the movie. The director casually said “We decided we didn’t need it” or “It wasn’t important enough!” If you didn’t read the book, I encourage you to read it; SO much better than the movie. It will be worth your time to really feel how dangerous the situation was for the characters in the story.

Les Misérables:

It’s my favorite musical of all time, and one of my favorite novels, so I didn’t expect to love everything.  I’m not sure I was thrilled with all of Hugh Jackman’s singing. Most of his singing, yes. But his “spoken singing” sort of missed the boat with me. I’m not sure I loved Sacha Baron Cohen as Monsieur Thenardier, even though I enjoyed him in Hugo. I was mostly really happy with the acting, with a couple of tiny exceptions where I thought a character should have acted differently than what the movie showed. The scene where Javert recognizes Jean Valjean after the latter lifts the horse cart is a big example. But like I said, I knew I was going to be a harsh critic. Overall, I really enjoyed it, so I guess that’s my stamp of approval.

October 31, 2008 (a month before the cinema release):

I actually read all 4 Twilight books just because I love vampires so much, but the writing was definitely too teen-focused for me. I kept hoping that, by the end of the last book, Bella would end up with Jacob.

November 17:

Oh, and Robert Pattinson (Edward) was just announced as appearing on The Tonight Show on November 26. My contact there had told me that if any of the Twilight cast was going to appear on The Tonight Show, he would work on getting me a few green room passes.

November 21 (the release date):

I went to a members-only showing last night (8 p.m). The audience was about 80% female. It was obvious that the vast majority of people in the theater had read the book at least once. We don’t know in the movie that Jasper has an ability to calm those around him – so he just appears odd. Having met actor Jackson Rathbone this week and immediately adoring him, I had high hopes of really enjoying him in this movie. Let’s hope that he figures out the character before Breaking Dawn is made because Jasper’s personality is vital to the execution of that story. Instead of really enjoying Jackson as Jasper, I found myself liking him the least and liking Taylor Lautner’s Jacob SO much more than I expected.

Review: Part II…

I’ll give Nikki Reed (Rosalie) a pass, because the thing that irritated me the most was that she seemed to have no motivation for her actions, which is EXACTLY the case in the books. My biggest disappointments: the direction of some of the dialogue, and the editing. There were WAY too many times that edit cuts didn’t match, especially in dialogue scenes. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves when watching a movie, and this movie did it so many times that I had to take deep breaths a bunch of times to let myself just enjoy the movie.

Sunday, June 27, 2010:

I don’t think Eclipse will necessarily be any better than New Moon (which was fairly painful, despite how much I love vampires). Regardless, I’m seeing it at 9pm on Tuesday. If it’s worse than New Moon, then if Breaking Dawn actually gets made, I’ll probably have to skip that one in the theatres. I can’t imagine how, if they mess up Eclipse, that they’d be able to handle half of the plot situations of Breaking Dawn.

June 28 (duology anticipation):

I know they’re slated and have been more than greenlit. There’s just still a part of me hoping that the director will realize that the movie can’t be made well at ALL, and will tell the studio that. But then that director will get fired, and Summit will hire someone else willing to take the paycheck. I’m simply hoping Eclipse will be better than New Moon. As for the source material, the story of the books didn’t completely suck, yet a more competent production company, directors and better actors could have come up with a better movie franchise. The actual writing of the books and a lot of the dialogue is what sucks, but that could have been improved upon a little bit in the screenplays, and again…with better acting.

June 30 (a preview screening):

Hmmm. Saw it last night at 9pm. As for the movie… Overall, I enjoyed it. A couple scenes of gushy dialogue made me groan a little, but since there’s a lot more about blood-thirsty vampires in this movie than either of the first two, I’m being forgiving. There’s also more of Taylor Lautner with his shirt off. I didn’t dislike Edward as much in Eclipse as I was starting to in New Moon. Overall, he’s less tortured emotionally and more balanced. Since that was so much of the annoying parts of the first two movies for me, this one was easier. The character of Jasper has a lot more screen time (following the book), so to people who haven’t read the books, his weird attitude and acting makes more sense now. We find out in what era Jasper had been mortal. it’s a difficult character to play, and I’m looking forward to see how Jackson handles the acting for the character of Sokka in The Last Airbender, also out in a couple of days.

The Girlfriend Experience:

If I’m going to pay to see something in a movie theater, I expect to see professional editing with very few noticeable low-quality production elements. Perhaps some of the audio errors and problems I noticed in the trailer will be fixed before the final theatrical release. If not, and if Sasha wasn’t in it, this would be the type of movie that would be an automatic DVD rental for me. I adore Miss Grey (I’ve always said that she’s extremely beautiful), and like I said – from the looks of this trailer – it looks like she did great with her acting. I hope the reviews of her end up being so good that she gets many solid mainstream roles in her future.

Review: Part 2….

Some of the dialogue could be served well by some ADR. there were several times in the movie where an actor says a line or a phrase twice (either because of flubbing their improv or because it was said slightly differently on two different takes that were put together). Soderbergh just leaves it in, when it could have easily been cleaned up better in editing. That type of stuff distracts the hell out of me and severely affects my ability to stay in the fantasy of the movie and enjoy it. I thought that Sasha did a more than passable acting job, and as always, she looks flawless.

If only Twilight had a rival like The Hunger Games did:

There is HUGE Divergent poster at the Woodland Hills AMC. I highly recommend the books. The first one…almost as good as The Hunger Games. The second two, I didn’t like as much but I still thought they were worth reading. Truthfully, I liked the third book (Allegiant) a little better than I liked Insurgent. It definitely goes in a direction that I didn’t expect, but it answers pretty much all of the questions of what the heck all the secrets in Divergent are. I didn’t like Allegiant nearly as much as I enjoyed Divergent, but some people simply might not like what the author chose as the ending. I’m ok with it, and I thought the pace moved more quickly than Insurgent, and I was happy to finally have all those questions answered.

Corpse Bride:

The actual songs didn’t take my breath away, but the ambient music during the film fit perfectly. I saw the movie last week with a couple of adults and a couple of children, and we all really loved it. I’ll go so far as to say I liked it better than The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I thought this one was sweeter, while just as bizarre.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest…

I saw it at the 3 a.m. showing. My friend and I LOVED IT!!!! Great action sequences, tons of fun, and yes – Johnny Depp did steal the show, although that doesn’t mean that the other cast wasn’t as good as last time. I actually LOVE Keira Knightley’s jaw, mouth and smile. Great profile, and she has really learned to use it to her advantage, adding to that wonderful pout of hers. When she gets really close to kissing someone but then doesn’t, her mouth is RIGHT there. GREAT ending by the way, the people in the theatre I was at were cheering for the title, the first time they saw each main character, for the main monster, and especially for the last 5 seconds of the movie.

Review: Part Two…

We saw it at the El Capitan, and they had a cool live effect that started off the show, including 2 fake cannons going off. I have to disagree about no character development in the first one. the action was intended to be cartoony – it’s based on a Disney ride. If you didn’t like the first one, you probably won’t like this one. Although it is darker, it does still keep a lot of the feeling and stupidly funny one-liners.  I’m actually going to see it again tonight. My spouse and daughter want to see it, and of course, neither of them came to the 3:00 showing with me.

What songs do you sing in the shower?:

Lots of Disney songs. I’m an admitted Disney freak. I also was in the All-American Marching Band that opened up Euro Disney in 1992.

Dainty Disney dolls:

For all you pervs out there, you can check out Michelle Trachtenberg AND Hayden Panettiere in a Disney movie called Ice Princess. I was far from the wholesome PTA image, lusting after those two. 😉 That and Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries. Hate the corporation, but gotta love some of those Disney girls. 🙂

Triplets of Belleville:

Is it French-language and subtitled or dubbed in English, or originally in English? Has anyone seen it? I would consider taking my 3-year-old daughter to see it, but don’t want another Spirited Away situation where it’s meant for older children and grown-ups, so she’s crying to go home.

An indirect recommendation:

She has been okay through all of the Harry Potter movies, she loved The Spiderwick Chronicles, and she even saw The Dark Knight (with cues from me about “this person isn’t going to die” or “during this scene, such and such is going to happen” or “you need to prepare yourself for this next character dying”).

February 16, 2010 – M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender Toys arrive:

Oh yay, just in time for my daughter’s birthday wish list. The Nickelodeon series was her favorite thing on TV for 3 years straight. She still watches the 3 seasons on DVD now and then. I was informed by her, months ago, that I would need to help her make a Katara costume for her to wear to a most-probable Last Airbender panel at Comic-Con.

Trepidation overshadows anticipation:

I’m anxious about the movie. I’d be much less nervous if M. Night hadn’t been allowed to write the screenplay. I don’t think he’s a great writer. I really enjoyed watching the TV show with my daughter. A lot of stuff I only watch with her because I’m her mom and it’s my job to check out what she’s watching, but I found myself really enjoying The Last Airbender. While I thought that Dev Patel was very enjoyable and capable in Slumdog Millionaire, I don’t see him as Zuko at all unless he’s a MUCH better actor than I think he can be. Zuko needs to have raw anger yet still be tender and vulnerable.

The screen goddess is God-damning with faint praise:

Here’s hoping this will end up being the movie it has the potential to be. 😦 I’m REALLY hoping that they’re saving his dialogue for a surprise, and it’s not just because the acting is bad. Regardless of whether the movie ends up being awesome or sucks, we’re still fans of the show, so for Halloween I’m already working on figuring out sewing patterns for an Aang costume in a baby size, a Katara or a Kyoshi warrior (Suki) costume in a girl size, a Katara or Princess Yue costume in an adult size, and a Firelord costume in an adult size.

July 2, 2010 (she reminds me of when Mark Kermode criticizes any studio’s decision to go for a 3D retrofit):

I saw it last night with my family. My daughter insisted on wanting to see it, even though I warned her that the reviews were pretty bad. She HATED the movie, and she’s supposed to be their core (and perhaps only) demographic – under 10. We didn’t bother seeing it in 3D. When a movie is done with production before the decision to do a 3D version is made, why should I care? Some of the effects are pretty good. They just didn’t make up for how boring the movie was overall.

How to find a loophole in a private test screening:

There’s a mainstream movie coming out later this year that I saw this past month. The end moral is that humanity needs to change in order for the human race to stay in existence. When the movie eventually comes out, I’ll post a BUNCH about it. For now… go see everything this year that has Jeremy Renner in it. 

The second coming of Arrival:

It wasn’t very different at all, but my daughter and I both agree that (all minus one change) we noticed were improvements. I’m a bit surprised at the astounding reviews, I was expecting it to get moderately good reviews. The story is told in a very unique way that people will love or hate once it is revealed. I like the message.

17 Again:

I’ve already promised my daughter that I’ll take her to this. It’ll be SUCH a chore…sitting through a movie, preoccupied with wondering who I think is hotter between Michelle Trachtenberg and Zac Efron. I say since it’s pretty much a tie for me. I’ll go with whoever shows more skin wins, and since it’s MUCH more likely that it’ll be Zac in this movie, he’ll do. 😉

P.S. Seeing as how Tricia Devereaux (a fixture of Adult DVD Talk) wanted to become a broadway actress, it’s not a coincidence that her daughter has become one.

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