Gentle gentile

Jenny Taylia could have been the stage name of a funny dancer from Oklahoma, except there was already a comedienne named Jenny Talia (an Australian). The Oklahoman was known by the media (and a tad more mainstream audience) as Reanna Lynn Rossi before being simply (and majorly) known as Reanna Rossi. Like Katherine Moennig, she is an actress. As you can see from the main image, she has the suggestive flair of a mime. Like Kate Moennig, Rea preferred playing lesbians. Despite being a year older, Rea entered the film business way earlier. The early bird caught way more worms. Rea (who has a fleeting resemblance to Katie Cassidy) is primarily known by the mainstream moviegoing masses from a 2001 crime comedy titled Made. Rea attended the première in New York with Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and Famke Janssen. This mobster movie was reviewed on a Hong Kong movie site (whose recent scarcity that I happen to share). This is my favourite of the Jon/Vaughn team-ups.

Jon cast Rea because he wanted someone who could strip well. She auditioned instead of being given the role. Jon claimed that he didn’t follow the adult entertainment scene, not that he hadn’t or isn’t view anything; just rarely. He revealed that Rea’s lap dance for Tom Morello took three hours to shoot, and that more footage was going to be included on the DVD. Tom got a bit flustered (it probably helped him to appreciate the music videos which he did while he was in Rage Against the Machine). After 20 takes, Rea joked that she was going to start charging him. Rea also had a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s The Man Show (in 1999). She loved working on these two projects. In the past decade, rumour had it that she was going to appear in a movie alongside the star of Columbo (Peter Falk). What happened was that her role in Made was actually bigger but editing turned it into a cameo, which meant that there wasn’t much to cash in on. The film biz is unreliable, not just because of fads. She was the president of a cosmetics organization called Mesmereyes, Inc.

Nineties newsgroups were more relevant than news sites of that decade. Halfly because there were less sites than message boards (Facebook changed that by becoming a subversively different kind of forum), and halfly because there were many industry insiders who were board posters. Flame wars changed that. In this decade, the news displayed on a board tends to be an reiteration of the postings on a news site. Here are Jenteal’s best comments during her time in 1999…

Ahem, for the record – I got implants a year ago. The first movie that you can see them in is called First Impulse. It isn’t even on the release schedule yet. Most women get implants for themselves, as I did. I like me better with them, so do most guys who I meet on the road. You dedicated fans don’t like them because it’s change. You are used to us looking a certain way. Besides, I doubt that you would complain if you were holding them, hehe.

They shoot soooo many movies that they can’t keep up. With a lot of girls, they aren’t sure how long that they will be around, so they shoot a ton of scenes to be carefully equalized across several movies. Vivid has stuff to be released for the next few years on any given person. I guess that you could say they are trying to get their money’s worth. If that girl happens to stay around, she usually wants to continue to be shot. I was just a teenager (eighteen) when I got into the business. Those movies will take years to be released because they already have so many stockpiled per star. I don’t like it but I have to deal with it. It is not going to change anytime soon. Keep in mind that they shoot 6 to 10 movies a month. How can they possibly release ten movies per month?

Any movie I am in prior to my Vivid Contract was probably a scene with Felicia. She eats the bestpussy! I would also choose Jamie Summers. She has a very naturally pretty face. I love women who don’t need a ton of crap to make them pretty.

Thanks for saying you liked my boobs. The sentence “I like the real thing…” really intrigues me. If you always knew my boobs to be the same size and you didn’t know (or couldn’t tell) that I had them done, it wouldn’t make any difference to you. Men don’t like boob jobs simply because they are boob jobs, even if they look amazing. Once you know they are fake, you protest. That isn’t to say that a lot don’t look or feel right, but what about the ones that do?

Prejudice! Prejudice, I say! Come on! If you were holding my breasts, you would not be thinking about how they used to be “real.” You would be thinking, “Okay, what do I get to touch next, and where is this going to lead?” 🙂 I can’t stand huge superwoman taters. Not to mention that most doctors don’t seem to care what the girls look like once they are off their surgery table. If men b!tch about how women get their boobs pumped up, they should also b!tch about the doctors that do it. I can’t believe some of the boobs that I see. I can’t believe that a surgeon actually makes them look that way. Bleck! How can they do that to women? Don’t they know what looks good and what doesn’t? Or do they even know what they are doing to begin with?

If hair styles are more prone to natural change then why has everyone had a major cow about Janine Lindemulder’s hair? She dyed it black and everyone freaked out. Then she chopped it off so it is short, black, and spiked. The way that people talk about it, you can almost picture them puking. She looks great with short black hair. Her latest pictures look like they should be in a fashion magazine. People know her as being blonde. That is the image she has portrayed for the last eight years – a tall, big boobed, blonde superstar. Fans are used to us looking a certain way. People do not like their fave pornstars to change, no matter what the change. Most people in general don’t. This makes me angsty. Most women do get boobs done for themselves. Even if they think that it will help their career, it is still for themselves.

When I got into the business then signed with Vivid, I was adamantly told NOT to get my boobs done. Everyone said NOT to do it, including Vivid’s Steve Hirsch. I was told that I was more of a commodity with natural breasts. This is an industry standard with most major video companies. I can’t speak for the smaller ones, because I don’t work with them, but I hate that everyone thinks the business makes girls get their boobs done. It just isn’t true. Women “get them for themselves” after they have been in the business a year or more, because it is then that they have the money to do so. It took me a long time for several reasons. I needed the courage because I was being influenced NOT to do it. I had to make the decision to do it “for myself” despite the fact that my peers and employers were telling me no. Also, I wasn’t making enough extra money at first to be able to start my business, save for a house, AND get my boobs done. Boobs are expensive! Finally, I had to talk my fiancé into taking me to the doctor because he wasn’t sure if he wanted me to do it. I did it anyway because I wanted it. I love them. So does he. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what anyone else’s opinions are about it. So there! :þ

I’m sad to hear that if you were playing with my boobs and it was leading to sex, that you would be thinking about the “ramifications” of my breast job courtesy of Dr. Garth Fisher, Beverly Hills, CA. I had heard about him from Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera, and several Playboy models. He is booked because he does the absolutely best boobs!

If you were to meet a girl you liked, would you ask to see her breasts to make sure she didn’t have implants before you had sex with her? It is even more sad that you have such a hangup with implants that it would interfere with your sex life.Would you not date a girl that was great looking with a great personality just because you knew she had implants? You could be missing out on a relationship with a terrific person simply because you can’t get past the “ramifications” or the issues leading all the up to the ramifications.

Anything to do with contract renewal? What contract renewal? You mean with Vivid? Why would it have anything to do with a renewal. Are you asking did I get them so I could renew my contract? I was on contract when I got my implants, so no. Get it out of your head that video companies encourage implants. The major companies do not. Vivid did not want me to get implants. Oh, no offense taken on that last statement. I am not the one dating you. The person that should be offended is your prospective partner……or your lack thereof due to her implants.

No one offered advice. I just did a lot of research first. At one point, I told Jill Kelly that I had reservations because everyone told me not to do it. She said I wasn’t being true to myself if I wanted them and didn’t do it because simply because others told me not to. I would be giving into the peer pressure. You guys complain that girls get boob jobs even if they might not want to because of the business. Well, I was about to NOT get them because everyone in the business was telling me not to. Isn’t the principle the same? If I had chosen not to, I would have given into industry pressure opposite of what you argue about.

I always swore from my first day in this business that I would never do anything I didn’t want to, despite pressure for people in the industry. But I was about to withhold from doing something that I wanted to because of pressure from people in the industry. I would have been doing myself an injustice based on others opinions. What advice do I have? At the end of the day, go to several doctors before you decide. Do not go with the cheap doctor, or the doc that encourages you to have other surgeries.

I paid around $6000 for the procedure. Then you have to take at least three weeks off work while you heal. For the record, the most expensive are not necessarily the best. But the cheap ones are usually rush jobs for fast cash. I am so tired of this subject. There are only so many ways to paraphrase the same old pro and con arguments; don’t you think?! Most have probably never heard a star’s argument like this before, but I am sure that you are all tired of the subject nonetheless. Let’s hope that it doesn’t continue to go too far.

It makes no difference what you believe. You are ignorant to the goings ons of the adult business. Your opinions are formed from what you see on your TV screen. How can you back them up? Besides, this is PORN. There is no logic! It amazes me that just because men watch porn, they think they understand how the business is run and why girls do the things they do. Don’t flatter yourselves. You have no clue! Actually, a few of you do. Those of you who involve yourselves like Luke Ford and Roger T. Pipe. I would have gotten them at age 16 if I could have. I didn’t even know what porn was at that age, all I knew was I wished I had bigger breasts. I already said it did not help my career.

Hello! Wake up! Why do guys get penile implants? Because they are so secure with the penis size they were given?! It was a hypothetical question, my dear. I am fine with constructive criticism. The problem is that most of the criticism is not respectful. In fact, I welcome it. Some of the posts have been good for me to read so that I can understand how people view my performances.

My point is that if you are going to judge me, call names, hate me, or whatever, at least get to know me a little first. Then if you still don’t like me, you will have more reasons than just I’m a Vivid Girl, I don’t take it up the butt, or I have never had sex on camera with a black guy. I enjoy reading posts from people who are level-headed, intelligent, and have good arguments. I don’t care if what you are discussing is criticism or praise. It is stimulating to respond to posts of any subject when they are written in a pleasant, constructive way.

It is nice to answer questions from someone who doesn’t have a personal vendetta against me. 🙂 It is also amusing to read posts from bitter, unintelligent posts because it reminds me that there are plenty of losers in this world who make themselves look like bigger losers by being asses. I plan on staying for a while to see where all of this leads. It is like my daily soap opera addiction on the computer. :Ş

I’m not used to having my rear end kissed by fans. I’m not suggesting that he sugarcoat it, merely that there are ways to communicate your point without sounding like a pompous person. I also intended to get across that even when a person doesn’t mean to sound defensive in their writings. It could be taken that way because emotions are hard to detect in reading typed words. The way which things sound in your head when you type are not always the way that it sounds to the person reading them.

If he doesn’t like them, why does he go on and on about them? It just seems silly to me. It is wasted energy because there is nothing he can do to prevent girls from getting them so I don’t understand. Why the personal crusade? Artificial breasts are not beautiful TO YOU. Some are beautiful TO ME. My message is to point out that instead of someone saying something is not attractive, it may be more correct to say that you don’t appreciate their attraction. Even if there are more beholders that think something is not unattractive, that doesn’t mean it IS unattractive. It just means that the majority of people don’t appreciate the beauty in whatever they are looking at.

If cowardice was my reason, I would be afraid to say so here in the newsgroups for fear of being further ridiculed. Second, if that were true, I wouldn’t work with half of the white guys in the business either, because I find very few of them attractive. So I can’t use that as an excuse now, can I? 🙂 It is I who feels sorry for you for looking so foolish…again. Actually, I can honestly say it is partially true. It is rare that I will be attracted to a black man. Not very many black men are attractive to me. It isn’t a matter of race either. It is like a man saying they are more attracted to brunettes than they are to blondes or redheads.

It is just physical attributes. Coincidentally, Mister Marcus is one person I do find attractive. His sweet demeanor adds even more attraction beyond his good looks. I have kissed three black guys in my life. One of them was one of the top three best kissers who I have sucked face with, man or woman. I have never had sex with a black guy. Unless it is in a movie, I probably won’t since I’m engaged and we don’t swing. I have said this before, but I choose to work with the people who I do because I feel safe with them, I have some idea of what they are like in their personal lives (to my knowledge they practice safe sex) and there are plenty of other reasons. You aren’t aware of all of them, some of them are personal. I don’t care to have you know them. Don’t assume awareness of the whole situation. Somewhere in my line of reasons, Mr. Marcus falls short. I don’t need to justify myself to this group. Who are any of you to question my reasons?

I am sorry they are not good enough for you, but this is my body, my career, and my choice. It is typical that if I say I don’t want to work with Mr. Marcus for whatever reason, I am called dishonest and people say it is because I am racist, or whatever. Or you call what I say stupid or erroneous.

Some of you will use any reason to not like me or to ridicule. Get over it already. I am. >8*Þ It isn’t that there is “one” secret reason. There are plenty of reasons why I would not work with someone (and plenty why I would). Some that I don’t list because there are too many, and there are some that I am not even aware of until I meet a person. Some reasons are just personal. It could be personal for me, or personal for the individual with whom I will not have sex with. Who knows, maybe I don’t like to work with someone because their balls stink. 🙂

For other people to say that my reasons for making the choices I have are not good enough is ludicrous. Besides, I am 23 years old! I have an eternity of sex ahead of me. Why is it that I am supposed to have been fondled every way possible by the time that I am 23?

I got into this business to please myself, sexually and monetarily. I want to experience everything that I can that is positive, but I am not on some sort of deadline. I don’t need to rush to the finish line. If my movies don’t please you, BUMMER! I make my movies to please me, which they do. If only every adult star could say the same. I wish that people would get off my back about what I haven’t yet done on camera. I did use a condom with Rocco in “Jenteal Loves Rocco” (I always have and always will). During the scene, the condom came off inside me. Maybe this is why you didn’t see it. Rocco pretended not to notice this and continued the scene. I didn’t notice it for a few minutes either, but you can bet your ass I made him put a new one on. I did not know much about Rocco beforehand, but I did know that he had a huge cock, and that he was rough with women. For those reasons alone, I wasn’t going to work with him. When I met him, he was a great guy. My fiancé met him and liked him too. I felt safe with him so I decided at the last minute I would work with him.

For those reasons alone, I wasn’t going to work with him. When I met him, he was a great guy. My fiancé met him and liked him too. Metaphorically speaking, the tipping scale leaned towards the left side of my brain. I felt safe with him so I decided at the last minute I would work with him. I regret it because not only did my scene suck, but I learned about all the hard-core stuff that he does in Europe. Vivid conveniently withheld that info from me. I also regret it because although I didn’t know about Rocco’s hard-core sex, you guys are holding it against me that I was nailed by him and not other guys that are just as hard.

My, my, you are intuitive! And, you realized that all of us porn stars are involved in a huge conspiracy. God damn; you are a smart one! How did you manage to learn that? Does he sound totally idiotic to anyone but me? People say the things that they do because they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. You don’t have to be responsible for what you say. It is a chicken sh!t way to voice your opinion. You can hide behind your little Web TV and never have to answer to anyone for your disposition.

Does it make you feel good to get it all out and be nasty to me? Does being resentful and insulting people boost your own self-esteem? I don’t make movies to please you, as I have stated before. I am not worried about someone “replacing” me. I have already established my name. I make a killing on the road. I have a successful business running fan clubs and websites. I make movies for me because I enjoy it. I don’t need the money from them. I am not in competition with the rest of the talent in the pool.

The “top dog scumbag” at Vivid is afraid of losing cable viewers in the Bible Bigot redneck South then why did Dyanna, Celeste (retired), Kobe, Raylene, Heather Hunter, Veronica, and Julia let themselves be worked over by black guys? I am glad that you know what you are talking about! I work with attractive and unattractive people (albeit if it was up to me then I would only work with cute girls, hehe).

I work with people who I like, feel safe with, people who I know to practice safe sex. Do we really need to go into this again? Is one a bimbo because she wears lots of makeup, has fake boobs, blonde hair, and has a cheesy smile on her face? If this is the case, don’t single out Vivid or Penthouse, we are talking about all of Los Angeles. I know lots of girls who do the things that they think guys want to see.

We are on display, so those cringe-inducing smiles are partly because we are feeling uncomfortable. Or because we are being put on real television when we are used to being seen only by men who choose our movies to rub themselves to (or complain about). This is sort of an unfair comparison. You are comparing mainstream actresses to women who spread their legs for a living. You can’t compare different approaches to glamour.

I don’t have to worry about my lipstick getting smudged when I kiss someone. Don’t think I haven’t done anal because I am snooty. It is lame that you pass judgement when you have never met me. If you ever get the chance, you know that snooty is the last way that you would describe me. An anal scene will be hot because it was something that I wanted, not something that I did because they offered me a lot of money. My true fans will appreciate that more because it will be real. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin. In this biz, you are constantly judged. Even worse when it is by men (peculiarly in nasty newsgroups). Girls spend all their lives looking to get approval from men. When I started being myself, my fans thought of me as being more approachable. When I make fun of myself, it opens doors and lets people know that I am not “snooty” (see earlier posts by mean person) or snobbish. It does girls no good to act stuck up or like they are better than the business that they are in. I’m confessedly guilty, myself, of letting posts affect me too much and of replying in a less than congenial way. As soon as I read my own posts I realized I was starting to act the same as everyone else.

You all know Porn Stars are supposed to have the biggest egos anyway. 🙂 It isn’t stimulating to yell back and forth about something so dumb as silicone (saline in my case). My initial intent was to interact with my fans. I have no fans here, so I don’t think I will visit much longer. The only people who I had the chance to interact with here are people who like to rip me and everyone else new rectums.

This spat didn’t stop her from creating an account on Twitter. Then again, she’s always been more courageous than the average porn star. It was her adoration of women, not money, that drove her into doing pornos. For most women, the bonus is the other way around. In fact, Jenteal was chasing tail before she got into porn. How it happened was that she would flat out ask a woman if she’s been with women, then (despite her answer) she would still ask if she would be interested in having sex with her boyfriend and herself. That happened enough times that her boyfriend felt like a red herring.

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