Sigi Gradwohl is an actress. When she looks normal, she resembles a combination of Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel. When she is at her wackiest, she looks like she could be the daughter of Rachel Dratch and Jim Varney. I decided that this article will be an extension of her résumé in that there is a steadfast balance between the funny things which she says on her Facebook profile and the funny things which she does with her face, with the exception of the first image alongside the first quotation faciliating a facade of normalcy.

You pour months into a project, dive head first into a role, live in this surreal world where everything else stops and that becomes your new reality. The tragedy: separating from that mentality and moving onto the next. There’s somehow no time to feel proud, happy, content, affected, or fulfilled. But then, today…one of my students who saw The Diary of Anne Frank told me she decided to do her school project on Anne. She wanted to delve into her life and to learn all about the Holocaust. She asked if she could interview me and if we could speak further about the experience. She begged to know more. She looked at me like I was Anne. In that moment, I remembered the reason I initially sought out to pursue this craft. I wanted to impact people. To make them laugh, think, feel. I wanted to go on rides and have people join me in each journey. That young girl today reminded me that we have tremendous power to inspire. And that maybe it’s okay to feel an ounce of pride.

November 7, 2012 (after Obama wins again):

I’m surprised that people are surprised. Am I only friends with democrats, or is everyone else just afraid to post a status?

November 25, 2012:

November 27, 2012:

Apartment hunting is a bad form of speed dating. Literally texting a real estate broker “It’s not you, it’s me.”

December 5, 2012:

This is a day that I like to call NOT MINE.

December 7, 2012:

I would rather be a struggling artist then have all the money in the world doing something that I didn’t love.

February 6, 2013 (about jury duty):

Can I get out of it if I get an audition?? Which now will def happen.

March 26, 2013:

In the last few days, I’ve played an app maker, a store clerk, a Canadian bully and a waitress. Who AM I? #identitycrisis

March 27, 2013:

When the travel agent at Virgin America says “I wish you all the luck in the career you’ve chosen” you know you’ve changed one too many flights.

January 31, 2014:

Audition for a teenage psychopath…the casting director said I scared her. Second time that I got that today. Uhhhh.

March 7, 2014:

So like, flowers just die, and then you’re supposed to just like, throw them out? I hate that! I feel like there’s a life metaphor somewhere in here.

March 17, 2014:

I slept through the 1994 Northridge earthquake but this one woke me up. Is that an age thing?

March 20, 2014:

Booked a role in a film that James Franco is executive producing. Should be interesting!

April 29, 2014:

Type casting…guess what type.

November 15, 2015:

I guess that bday month is officially over. I’m touched by all who showered me with tiaras and shot necklaces (and whatever goes in them), overwhelmed me with cake, songs, and toasts at the wedding, and called, texted, messaged, and posted on the day. I feel so lucky for all the love in my life and thankful to everyone for humoring my fear of growing up.

December 18, 2015:

Was offered a teenager discount at the nail salon today. I wonder how long that I can upkeep this role of a lifetime…

December 20, 2015:

Every time that I come home, I get an audition. By now, my parents have taped many sides with me. They’ve played boyfriends, love interests, best friends, crazy moms, abandoning dads…but nothing beats hearing my mother read a solid Romeo for my Juliet audition today.

January 29, 2016

I don’t usually post this stuff, but there’s a lesson in here that felt worth sharing. I auditioned for this role last week, and was bummed when it went to another actress. But then I thought about how several years ago, prior to my LA move I would watch tv and think, Man, if only that were me!! And here I am, living that dream, actually playing these roles for snippets at a time in front of big decision makers of major networks. And that: The path. The journey. The execution of your vision. Is all that matters.

January 30, 2016 at 3:58am:

I had a few days of frustration first…but here’s something that may help – remember when you WEREN’T auditioning for series regulars?

July 20, 2016:

Sometimes your favorite actor from your favorite TV show messages you on a dating app and your life is complete.

August 4, 2016:

I started writing and producing in order to create acting opportunities for myself. Never claimed to be more than an actor. But I just signed my first writing development deal and I guess you really can do anything you set your mind to.

September 24, 2016:

Only in L.A. is it embarrassing to study lines in a public place. I want to tell everyone not to worry, I’m also a Hebrew school teacher.

December 13, 2016:

Practicing lines at Starbucks when a man comes over and tells me about his date with Meryl Streep two decades ago. Apparently she was too shy and he never called her back. So even if a guy doesn’t call you back you can still get 19 Academy Award nominations.

December 16, 2016:

Got a fun little role in a Netflix show airing in the new year! So grateful for all acting opportunities this year including but not limited to crazy prom queen.

December 19, 2016

Anyone who thinks that La La Land is exaggerated should join me in this audition waiting room filled with elves. It’s a jolly time.

Read more of her mind here. See more of her beauty there.

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