Birthday babes

Here are some obscure Facebook comments from a Texan (Katie Gold) who went from a gymnast to a dancer before becoming a highly sought-out on-screen performer who put her contortionist skills to good use…

The first year of the decade:

I have, at times, worried about other people’s issues until it consumed me. I suddenly found out that, because of this, the things that truly needed my attention had fallen apart! So mind your own business, worry about the things that affect YOUR life and try to focus on the things YOU can do something about. Grant me the serenity to accept the things which I CAN NOT CHANGE.

I have a broken heart. Even Easter with my family couldn’t make me smile. I pray for guidance through this all. Keep me in your prayers. Just learned that my mom and dad are moving to Washington State. It makes me saaaaaaaddddddddd!

How can I keep my little man from catching every freaking illness that comes through that day care??? Poor little guy doesn’t stand a chance! And he can’t tell me what’s wrong. That makes it that much worse!!

What a wonderful life it is being in the light of God!! I am so blessed – healthy children, loving spouse, and happy home. God is good to me.

For my wedding, I’ll be wearing waterproof makeup but will still be needing a makeup girl.

I don’t know how I survived all these years without my soulmate beside. Thank you, God, for bringing him into my life. Thank you “superman” for my beautiful family; each and everyone of them bring so much to my life and I am a more beautiful woman inside every day for them.

Why is the past always showing its ugly face?? YES, I am learning from it but sheesh…it sure has impeccable timing!!

I will not worry today. I will not allow for other people’s bad moods to affect my glorious day. I have so much to be grateful for and will not allow their “true colors” to bleed onto mine. I will not wear a frown.

Jason and I had a cross collection each – together, it is quite impressive.

I’m almost there! This wretched day is almost over and I can get the f*** away from the energy-sucking vampires that consume the majority of my day!!! Whew! Head down, mouth shut, eyes focused on the task at hand. I know, right?! Some people just suck the life right out of me! I try and try all day for weeks to keep a positive attitude and BAM! One rough weekend and I’m ready to bite off everyone’s heads! I need a buddha mantra right now…OOOOHHHHMMMM!

The second year of the decade:

Okay, I have received a couple of messages from individuals from my past. I am a totally different person than you all think you knew. I am happily married with children and your attempts to get a hold of me are only harmful to the very stable and blessed life that I have today. I have absolutely no desire to hear from you let alone respond to you. I am requesting that you move on and leave me alone. Any further attempts to reach me will be considered harassment.

It is better to give than to receive, but it is not a sin to receive. We are worthy; just say thank you. I am so in love with my life. Three wonderful men to share my life with and a mother’s strength that gets me through any crazy dentist visit or outing with now two children.

So my beautiful baby boy wakes up around two this morning for his midnight snack. I go outside after feeding him and see an orange glow on the horizon. I think I’m dreaming it and go back to bed. Hubby and I wake up to the smell of smoke. Outside is filled with it and there are ashes all over. Please pray they contain this fire before it gets too close to our home and anyone else’s in its path.

The sheriff’s department came by telling us we had to evacuate. I’m devastated. I’m trying not to show my fear so my kids won’t panic, but it’s not easy. I’ve lost all my possessions a few times before, but it was my own fault. This is so much harder to handle.

Ugh! Old behaviors rewarded with appropriate karma. I wanna go home. I miss my peaceful little abode.

What a good Friday it is! I saw the most precious thing! My two-year-old laying down next to our new born showing him a plastic easter egg and telling him about the Easter bunny. Well, it wasn’t adult English but my little one seemed to understand and was intrigued. I am so in love with those boys!

If one more “army guy” bites me while walking through my house, I am gonna ban G.I. Joe and every single member of the toy armed forces. Hey, I’m patriotic but c’mon!

I am so very grateful for the blessings in my life. I have worried that there must be some mistake. How could I possibly deserve such gifts? My God does not make mistakes. A wise lady once told me that I deserve whatever is in my life.

The third year of the decade:

I remember a day when I could wake up brush my teeth, throw my hair in a pony tail and be on my way for the day. NOW? I wake up, do teeth, wash hair, apply thick coat of foundation and concealer to hide wrinkles along with weird color changes. I then blow dry my hair whose natural color that I haven’t seen since high school! Finally, I can leave and go out to the mailbox! LOL!

Out “sneaky shopping” for birthday/father’s day! Your gifts are 100% HEART!

Chime in if you too have sought refuge sitting on the restroom floor with your back pressed firmly against the door to discourage would-be intruders, so you too could enjoy a candy bar without having to share! Ah, motherhood. NEVER a dull moment!

It’s five something in the morning. All is quiet. It’s so weird. Usually the kids are running from room to room, I am screaming at them to slow down! Be nice! Get off that! Put that down! The TV is usually up as far as it will go, and the dad attempts at covering the sounds around him. I absolutely love this time of day. I always wondered why my mom always got up so damn early. I get it.

Do me a favor – don’t call it what it’s not. At 2 o’clock in the morning, don’t tell me – Ah, it’s just a waterbug. It’s a F@*%ING COCKROACH! The term waterbug does not sound like the name for an insect that evokes so much fear and heebie geebies that it sends its victim running to put as much distance between her and roachzilla as possible. Sending her standing on a chair knowing full well that they fly and crawl up walls. There is no escape. Thank you.

Almost done. The kitchen is put together and so is the bathroom. I have always said those two rooms are critical to keep immaculate and spotless. After all, that is where we prepare food and get clean. So I suppose it’s equally important for them to be the first rooms in a home to be put together. I’d like to give my husband credit for putting up with my terribly exhausting OCD. Thank you my sweet sweet husband for being ever so patient with me as I find the absolute perfect location for every teeny tiny thing we own.

I removed my rant because I have forgiveness in my heart and do not wish to condemn because of one bad day, but my kiddos need church as much as mom and dad.

Oh, don’t be THAT mom – you know the one that watches some poor woman on TV who’s ridiculed for locking her kids in the car and says to her husband – that stupid woman. How do you forget your own children?? You don’t! You stop at a store to get some shampoo and let the oldest pee. You manually lock the doors because you have an old truck. You open the truck door to step out and grab a cart leaving the truck still running, so Kiddos can listen to music. Suddenly, in a fit of defiance, your baby throws his bottle out the door sending it rolling on the pavement. You jump to catch it and, as your back is turned, the old heavy truck door swings shut just enough to lock your two hungry boys in the running air conditioned truck; leaving you armed with the only thing that will make baby happy – his bottle. I am THAT woman.

I am still unpacking my life in box form. The more that we put away, the more boxes appear! where were we hiding all this S¥¤%!!? It’s like everything duplicated itself while in boxes! It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya! All our belongings which we assume are inanimate are just the opposite – they dislike being smothered with newspaper, crammed into hot stuffy boxes and hauled all over the place. They have teamed up and are now launching a counter attack!

What does an 18 month old have to have nightmares about? A worldwide shortage of chocolate milk? I am rather enjoying the clinging thing but heartbroken that he can’t tell me what’s wrong. Sometimes my favorite job sure makes me sad.

Well, it’s official – I heart Zumba too! You were all right! Couldn’t do all the jumping because of spine injury but loved every minute of the dancing.

I am grateful to the government who will pay for my baby’s dental surgery! AND I am grateful for sexy leopard print heels that hurt my feet but still make this mama feel like she’s still got it!

Why is it that when I take my boys to the park to run their little hearts out, other parents with their less loud children look at my motley crew with disdain? Why do people think they are so different? Thank God that I don’t have to live that way.

Being a recovering addict, there are often times that something in the media will trigger some sort of familiar pain that I have felt in my past. I was exposed this evening to such a trigger. I cried and felt that pain for a brief moment. I then realized all those years of begging for death to come release me……only to be answered by the sun shining, my head pounding, heart aching was a gift. I was being spared for something greater for someone greater – the real me. I am so very grateful to be exactly where I am right here right now. Thank you, Lord.

The fourth year of the decade:

Ever felt like you had it all and then a bomb literally fell from the sky and blew all your s#!t up? With s#!t flying everywhere, s#!t coming from everywhere and you wanna duck and cover but you’re trying to keep your valuables from being completely destroyed? My own personal bombing. There is a terrorist responsible, someone you’re terrified of. Been around a while and struck at JUST THE RIGHT time. Sleeper cell right here inside of me. Wanna know its name? ADDICTION! Very, very, sneaky.

Been a while since I checked this thing. For those of you concerned or curious, I am doing pretty damn good considering the current self-sabotage that I am facing. It’s a God thing.

Gabriella Banks went from being an adult entertainer to the religious type. It’s a shame that the transition couldn’t be a case of going from nurse to nun (since her real surname is Brunn). Here is the Californian’s intro from her Facebook profile: When we put ourself in God’s hands, our success will be defined by God’s power, not our weakness.

Here is her poem that reminds me of a South Park episode titled Christian Rock Hard (2003): Seems like it’s a strange coincidence what God’s love has brought me to lying here in a dream-like sequence, half asleep with thoughts of you.

And though I feel so restless, his plan doesn’t happen by chance. I know that each rhyme has a reason. When I saw you, I knew at first glance.

Everything in God’s time, not mine. Willingness to see the sun shine. Not blind but accepting the patience to be. Everything he wants for me.

And the essence of what I feel somehow doesn’t quite come through to the words that I’m writing right now or the paper I’m putting them to. But if I can just express a bit of what’s in my heart. If God’s plan has me here for a reason, I’m so very grateful that I can take part.

Her spiritual statement: Light trumps darkness every time. You can stick a candle in the dark, but you can’t stick dark into the light.

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