From sinner to saint

The title refers to the fact that Gabriella Banks went from being an adult entertainer to the religious type. It’s a shame that the transition couldn’t be a case of going from nurse to nun (since her real surname is Brunn). Here is her intro from her Facebook profile: When we put ourself in God’s hands, our success will be defined by God’s power, not our weakness.

Here is her poem: Seems like it’s a strange coincidence what God’s love has brought me to lying here in a dream-like sequence, half asleep with thoughts of you.

And though I feel so restless, his plan doesn’t happen by chance. I know that each rhyme has a reason. When I saw you, I knew at first glance.

Everything in God’s time, not mine. Willingness to see the sun shine. Not blind but accepting the patience to be. Everything he wants for me.

And the essence of what I feel somehow doesn’t quite come through to the words that I’m writing right now or the paper I’m putting them to. But if I can just express a bit of what’s in my heart. If God’s plan has me here for a reason, I’m so very grateful that I can take part.

Her spiritual statement: Light trumps darkness every time. You can stick a candle in the dark, but you can’t stick dark into the light.