Adoring Madori

Rachael Madori is a silver-tongued spokeswoman who looks and sounds like she could (or should) be a presenter for the Viceland channel a.k.a. the hipster version of PBS except it’s not non-profit. Musically, she loves the underground artists who she finds at different clubs in Brooklyn. She is also a writer, model, dancer and actress. What a better way to commemorate her twenty-fifth birthday (as well as international women’s day) than to showcase Facebook comments that would hint at another career.

No one cares about your child’s BOWEL MOVEMENTS. Jesus Christ, Facebook parents! The internet was a mistake. Aside from religious beliefs (which are still questionable), IMO you’re a bad parent if you’ve circumcised your child. Like…since when is mutilation okay? Especially mutilation of a baby that has no choice. “Awh look at my beautiful baby boy. Okay Doc time to chop up his d!ck thanks!”

Those parents affected that child’s sex life FOREVER against their permission. It affects the nerves and how sex is truly supposed to feel for a man. Sex with an uncut man is very different and the way that sex is intended to be. It’s there for a reason. It makes sex more enjoyable not only for the man but for us women. The ONLY reason that circumcision is a thing in America is because Puritans said it would cure masturbation. That constitutes a bad parent in my book. It’s not a thing in Europe like the way it is in America, because it’s unnatural to be cut.

Sweden is the best country on this planet. So envious of the lucky humans who are blessed to live there. I don’t get my information from memes or Facebook like a degenerate. I was watching a documentary on their health care system, especially their maternity/paternity leave – a system that would allow you to get paid to take care of your child for 240 days of paternity leave. I have zero problem paying that much in taxes for functional education, health programs and better society over all.

When people say you don’t get to complain if you didn’t vote…I just wonder what they actually think their vote is doing that gives them the only right to complain. I had a nightmare that Trump was my dad and he called me on the phone. He was yelling because I was defending PCP on a Facebook post. Done with the election and news until it is over. It was a mistake to invite this much negativity into my mind.

News flash: If you’re in a relationship and feel some type of way about your man/woman hanging with the opposite gender – you’re not in a relationship. You’re twelve. If FEAR is involved between two people about ANYTHING, you are doing love wrong.

LOL! News channels are about as reliable at letting the American people know what’s up in the real world as The Real Housewives are.

Girl is promiscuous: DEPLORABLE WOMAN! Guy is promicuous: boys will be boys.

Just saw a YouTube ad that actually said we have to declare Muslims as the enemy against humanity. Cool story, bro. Hey, you ever hear the story about Jews? Oh well, history never repeats itself anyway. Super excited for whenever that meteor is gonna hit Earth. Do your thing, Universe.

The only time that my mind and my body are in unison is when I’m in the gym. It’s the place where I get a chance to physically fight my demons.

I’ve stared at my front door at 4 a.m. because my brain made me paranoid. The night terrors, the lack of sleep and the things you hear in your head isn’t even the half of it.

If I die an early death, one of my requests is that none of you internet people pretend to be my friend for Facebook points.

Good thing my apartment has a gym, otherwise I would actually have to go out into the real world. Ew!

I can’t take the people who disregard the science behind mental illness. The ignorance and unwillingness to understand physical science when it comes to the way that a sick brain functions is why people go their whole lives never discovering treatment.

Having a dog is harder than being the mom to a human child, ya know? I mean my kid has four legs, yours only has two. Your kid bites a human it gets a time out, mine gets put down. Stakes are raised. Humans do not deserve dogs.

Time for bed so I don’t miss church tomorrow. I love all the things about me that don’t make sense but anyone can love Jesus.

The longer that I’m surrounded by religious people – the more that my faith in humanity as well as my own beliefs are tested. They are honestly some of the worst types of people who I’ve ever met. It breaks my heart.

Seeing a doctor and finding a treatment is necessary for me to lead a normal functioning life. For example, I can’t drink alcohol anymore because it makes my symptoms worse. So cutting that out will definitely help my quality of life but it won’t make the symptoms end. Well anyone who thinks they’re struggling with mental illness should see a doctor. I don’t like being on prescriptions, so treatment can also mean a certain type of therapy to help cope with a disease.

People who post articles saying “OMG, YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE THE PHOTOS OF OUR FUTURE FIRST LADY HOW DISGUSTING!” are stupid. I think that Melania Trump is dumb as a doorknob but nude photos aren’t something to disrespect someone for. I just think it’s reaching. There’s other, more relevant s#!t, about her to bring to the forefront.

I had a brand new episode of Bob’s Burgers set to record and you know what I find when I go to watch it tonight? TRUMP AND HILLARY’S DUMB DEBATE RECORDED OVER IT! This must be a sick joke. I could be watching an amazing show that makes me happy – but now I’m just staring at two idiots yell at each other. Both POTUS candidates are bad for this country. The winner has already been paid for. Your vote will not make a bit of difference. You’re all being stupid. Can we just grab a beer and laugh together while the world burns.

We will never forget 9/11 or the Americans who we lost that day. I remember watching that second tower fall from my bedroom window, confused about what was happening in my world. HOWEVER, too many of you post your sad statuses but don’t bat an eye about the fact that 9/11/2001 is an EVERY DAY occurrence for others around the world and some of that is OUR governments fault. We can mourn but how pretentious is it to act special because we got our lives ruined one day 15 years ago. There’s children who have learned that gun fire and explosions are a normal part of breakfast.

Even though I don’t use marijuana – I want to take a minute away from our failure as a country to congratulate all the states who legalized medical and recreational weed. This is a step in at least one right direction.

Walking around NYC is depressing. Everyone I walk by is in shambles.

America has sucked for the past few years. No matter who is in the White House, that won’t change. Money and power rule all – always will until the world burns up. Done letting a reality show keep me from bed. Don’t let this ruin your day tomorrow. Worry about living your life positively – you can’t do s#!t about anything else.

I feel like they’re all in cahoots. Every single one of them. Even when I watched Trump’s speech last night. It was NOTHING like his entire campaign. It was like he did a complete 180 because he said what he said to get elected because most of America is filled with right wing religious idiots. Now that he’s in office, he’s going to do whatever the people in the background (who we don’t see and can’t control) want.

Dude on CBS sounds like he’s about to start crying his eyes out because Trump is leading. LOL!

Your complacency and desire to ignore the faces, the reality, the magnitude of sexual harassment is a major factor in why it STILL happens. EVERY DAY. I’m saying “Me Too” not because it’s “an internet fad” but because I was raped as a teenager and as an adult. Because I was assaulted as a woman. Because I get cat-called and disrespected to this day. I know it’s not because of how I look. It’s not because of what I wear. Its not because of how I speak or what I post online. It’s not because I got too drunk. It’s not because I just didn’t know better. It’s not because I had a duty.

This new workout plan means I get to eat 2600 calories a day and be sore all the time. I’m so excited. So much fooooood.

Why do these angsty “anarchists” wear Guy Fawkes masks and quote Guy Fawkes all the damn time? Fawkes wasn’t trying to destroy a theocracy. he was trying to install one. He’s the opposite of what they idolize him for lol. Like talk about total misconception of a symbol. Stupid V for Vendetta movie.

It really bothers me that in Europe R ratings for movies are more based on harsh violence, but in America R ratings are more based on sex. So we’d rather young minds be exposed to violence as opposed to *gasp* sexual encounters. I’m hoping that I get a chance to live abroad. I think that I’ll learn a lot from living in a more intelligent, sexually liberated and longer standing culture. It’s really disheartening that, my whole life, I grew up thinking “America is the best” and, bit by bit (as I get older), more information proves otherwise, even on the smaller levels.

Corporate greed is literally going to ruin Pokémon Go, why couldn’t you just let us have one thing?

The past was good for one type of person: a white man. Your generation was s#!t. My generation sucks too because humans are terrible variables, but at least we don’t make gay people hide, don’t make rules for other people’s vaginas, are working on racism and don’t tell people which bathroom they can s#!t in.

I don’t care what anyone says. Cardi B giving us girls who started as strippers and are making it nice now – inspiration. No shame. I’m going to be 25 in a month – I cannot believe where I am. PS: I used to deep throat for a living and am now successful in a brand new career. You can judge me, but I’ve been at the top of my game in two completely different fields now. Saying “I won’t speak to you – because you did porn” is the same thing as saying “I won’t speak to you – because you’ve had sexual intercourse with people who are not tested weekly.”

I have NEVER met any people who were safer about sex than those in the adult film industry. After working in such a health positive industry for the past three years, I wouldn’t touch a person with a ten foot poll unless they had a valid 14 day test to show me. To pass a law which limits choice, threatens privacy and exposes us to anti-LGBTQ harassment is unethical. Prop 60 is a sham. What year do we honestly live in? This is a religious agenda disguised as a “helpful” law created by people who don’t know about our lives. America is so backwards and our society is a failure compared to Europe. Please sign this petition!


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