Bet on Beth

This friend of mine is my favourite journalist. You can always count on her to have a valid scoop, like her review of a Paramore concert. You can read her thoughts here and there. You can even see her work as a director. Like any good friend, I will advertise her like a CV – she studied at the University of Cambridge. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Political Sciences. Politically, she is a leftie. She has a distaste for anyone who is self-described as a centrist or Tory. As you can see on the far right below, she looks like she could be related to Patricia Arquette more than Rosanna Arquette does. As for other talents, she has elementary proficiency in French.

Most people that know her would say…

I’m a feminist.
I love travelling and general adventures.
I’m a little obsessed with politics too.
I also love poetry and music.
I’m fairly odd or so I’m told and I have a dark sense of humour.

What she is doing with her life…

Teaching and travelling when I can.

She’s really good at…

Cat noises and eating cheese.

Favourite books, movies, shows, music and food…

Fantasy and sci-fi.
Harry Potter, Fahrenheit 451, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.
Rock, acoustic and emo music.
Most food – especially curry and cheese.

Six things that she could never do without…

Meh, I don’t place much value on things.
Let’s go with: people I love, music, books, cheese, the existence of Stephen Fry and my dog!

She spends a lot of time thinking about…


On a typical Friday night, she is…

Really depends how I feel.
In with a takeaway or out at the pub are both good.

If she was sent to jail, she’d be arrested for…

…punching Nazis.

Her perspective on the negative influence of an infamous erotic novel that doesn’t need to be namechecked at this point in time…

If you’re using sites like FetLife to find playmates, you’re up against people who have got years of experience. A lot of subs prefer someone who knows what they’re doing. I don’t know if these men understand the d/s relationship, how acutely aware and responsive that a dom needs to be of a sub’s needs and limits, or how to dominate someone rather than just calling them a slut and telling them to suck your cock. These young guys who appear on sites or at events are at best uncouth…at worst – downright dangerous.

Her sympathy regarding these men and the women who they get involved with…

It occurs to me that it can be hard for these young guys (perhaps for dommes too but I’d imagine not as much) to learn the trade as it were. How many more experienced doms are going to want to take time to show someone younger the ropes (that is a pun which was definitely intended) when there might then be a more attractive play partner for younger subs down the line? Until there’s more knowledge sharing and education, there’s going to be a proliferation of these guys about and they could wreck some young subby girl’s introduction to the world of kink, or worse…cause someone lasting damage.

Miscellaneous observations…

I would tell people if I could read minds, but only to help them though. I lean towards freedom of speech over lack thereof with a couple of exceptions. I have an irrational fear of wasps…I’m working on it. Physical love may not be necessary to provide happiness for everyone…but it is for me.

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