The title refers to a two-headed fire god in Hinduism. In American showbiz, it’s unusual for two sisters to share a Twitter account but Alyson Michalka (a.k.a. Aly) and Amanda Joy Michalka (a.k.a. AJ) seem to make it work. They are songwriting singers who acted in a 2015 indie film titled Weepah Way for Now. Aly is on the left in the cover photos, but I’m starting with AJ for the following list of cinema related tweets.

27 Jun 2009: Watching Sideways right now with the fam, such a great film! Amazing cast. Xo AJ.

5 Oct 2009: Wow, just saw Zombieland! Such a great film, not a fan of the gore but really well done! Congrats Emma. 🙂 AJ.

29 Oct 2009: Why are guys always better looking in pictures or on film? No offense to dudes, but it’s kinda true…just throwing that out there. Xo AJ.

25 Mar 2010: More Of course what movie would we be going to after tea? Not the obvious, Alice In Wonderland….REPO MEN!!!! Xo AJ.

29 Jun 2010: What is your favorite movie you’ve seen recently in theaters over the past few months? Mine was How to Train Your Dragon. 🙂 x Aly.

21 Jul 2010: Favorite movie I’ve seen in a long time = Despicable Me…amazing. Xo AJ.

13 Sep 2010: Stoked for the Easy A premiere tonight, you guys are gonna dig this film! Proud of Aly in it! Out September 17th! XO AJ.

26 Sep 2010: Movie night. :p Seeing Legend of the Guardians, looks precious. Xo AJ.

5 Dec 2010: 127 Hours was mind blowing, Aly and I are so emotional right now, wow. Sensory overload…incredible film. Xo AJ.

6 Jan 2011: The Fighter was superb, unbelievably well acted! Love great films. Xo AJ.

15 Jan 2011: Just saw Freedom Writers on MTV, beautiful film! Xo AJ.

7 Feb 2011: Best Movies of the year: King’s Speech, The Fighter and Social Network. x Aly.

4 Jan 2012: Contagion is insane! This movies has now made me paranoid…..great. Aly.

They say mothers lock up your daughters, but maybe the daughters should lock up their mother (Carrie is MILF material).

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