Jenny McCarthy’s dirty love

Quite literally too. Here are stills from the movie plus other photos while you are treated to relevant tweets from the lady also known as Jenny Wahlberg – she’s not married to Mark (she is married to Donnie).

September 30, 2010: Wanna hear about my steamy night with Brad Pitt and what hookers really talk about when having sex with creepy men? Love, Lust & Faking It is out!

July 15, 2015: Sex fixes everything.

January 24, 2011: Watching Skins on MTV. There’s so much sex. When I was on MTV, they wouldn’t let me wear a tank top that showed my belly button.

April 17, 2013: Sex with exes can do the mind and body good.

May 31, 2011: Woke up in Vegas with a chipped tooth and four broken nails. I either had great sex or fell down a flight of stairs.

October 3, 2011: Did you hear about the blonde lesbian? She keeps having sex with MEN!

February 15, 2013: Patti and I talk lesbian encounters and porn. 2 of my favorite things. Coming up next!

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