Aviophobic exhibitionist

Kate Bosworth has a fear of flying, but that hasn’t prevented her career or exhibitionism. She definitely isn’t afraid of public displays of affection with another woman (PDA is always preferable to PTA). I have selected eight tweets from Kate (the motif is RHW a.k.a. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

18 Apr 2012: @RHW Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!! xx KB

22 Apr 2012: Replying to @CherCoulter…

@CherCoulter @rhw missed you toooooo!!!
Sorry bout the late night walk home…C-ouch-ella 🙁

4 Sep 2012: @RHW Thank you lovely Rosie xx

8 Mar 2013: #ff #InternationalWomensDay 💗👍😘 @jasperpolish @CherCoulter @moonietunes @RHW @nikkipennie @lakebell @duplaselton @patiprema @EmeseSzenasy

18 April 2013: @RosieHW Happy Birthday you sexy thang! Hope you dance the night away… Sending all my love. xx 😘

3 Sep 2013: Thank you our gorgeous friend. @RosieHW @michael_polish

3 May 2014: With these gorgeous girls 😘 @taylorswift13 @karliekloss #harrysparty HarryJoshHair

1 Nov 2016: Replying to @RosieHW @BazaarUK…

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