Aviophobic exhibitionist

Kate Bosworth has a fear of flying, but that hasn’t prevented her career or exhibitionism. She definitely isn’t afraid of public displays of affection with another woman (PDA is always preferable to PTA) as seen by the below photoa of herself with Liv Tyler. I have selected eight tweets from Kate (the motif is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

18 Apr 2012: @RHW Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!! xx KB

22 Apr 2012: Replying to @CherCoulter…

@CherCoulter @rhw missed you toooooo!!!
Sorry bout the late night walk home…C-ouch-ella 🙁

4 Sep 2012: @RHW Thank you lovely Rosie xx

8 Mar 2013: #ff #InternationalWomensDay 💗👍😘 @jasperpolish @CherCoulter @moonietunes @RHW @nikkipennie @lakebell @duplaselton @patiprema @EmeseSzenasy

18 April 2013: @RosieHW Happy Birthday you sexy thang! Hope you dance the night away… Sending all my love. xx 😘

3 Sep 2013: Thank you our gorgeous friend. @RosieHW @michael_polish

3 May 2014: With these gorgeous girls 😘 @taylorswift13 @karliekloss #harrysparty HarryJoshHair

1 Nov 2016: Replying to @RosieHW @BazaarUK…

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