White spirit

This is the English translation of Bai Ling – an actress who is well known for being provocative in a way that would make Annabel Chong proud. In fact, it’s because of her provocativeness that her role on Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) was removed during editing. The provocation being her willingness to pose for the June 2005 issue of the U.S. Playboy magazine. I’ve compiled a dozen tweets which sum her up. They are divided into two sextets (this is ironic since six is almost a homophone of sex).

30 Apr 2009: Post hot sex pic on my blog, let me know your thoughts. Leave me comment there, I know you have things to say.

31 May 2009: Chelsea Lately? Is her last name lately? Strange……what about Chelsea Midnight?

30 Sep 2009: This reporter I am having lunch with just give me a book called: Bisexual’s Guide. Funny do you think?

18 Apr 2011: Let’s appreciate women being sexy. 🙂

26 Jun 2013: A woman’s world can be gentle, sexy, mysterious, romantic, pure, innocent, mischievous and little.

5 Jun 2014: Angelina Jolie – one of the most beautiful women in the world. I worked with her twice.

26 Oct 2014: The sensuality of a woman comes from inner feeling of her own sultry nature.

23 Jan 2016: Art is the romance of life.

4 Mar 2016: Gentleness is the quality that a woman must have.

17 Mar 2017: A beautiful female body is art.

20 Mar 2017: Judge me with artistic eyes.

25 Jan 2017: Love pauses in music. Without them, there is no music.

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