Look for the woman

The title of one of her books featured on her bookcase. The title synchronizes with the curiosity of anyone who wants to know who this article is about. Here are the tweets of a comedienne who likes to take part in roasts of celebrities. She is also an actress who is best known for her work in a reality TV parody titled Another Period. Her name is Natasha Leggero.

12 Jan 2010: Bragging that you had sex with a prostitute is like bragging that you got some Doritos from a vending machine.

27 April 2010: Grace Kelly never used sex to win a role, just to become a princess.

25 May 2010: The affordable way to find out who you’ve been having sex with: http://bit.ly/bYVzX8

18 Aug 2010: It was such an honor to be on Chelsea Lately last night with the girls whose sister made a sex tape with Brandy’s brother.

25 Sep 2010: Having sex and uploading it = the new acting conservatory.

23 Oct 2010: Skirts in Vegas reach all the way to the pussy.

9 Nov 2010: Sex tape, reality show, perfume, retirement.

4 Mar 2011: Great run-in with Martin Lawrence tonight at the Comedy Store. That guy’s the master of dry pussy jokes.

29 Apr 2011: Think of how many times you have to f#ck a football player to have a royal wedding in America.

28 Feb 2012: I am on Chelsea Lately tonight posing the very important question – “WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST HAVE BUTT SEX AND BE LEFT ALONE?”

16 May 2012: How much bronzer does it take to make a Kardashian look like something you would have sex with?

5 Jun 2012: Do you know any women doctors who do it to get d!ck?

14 Jul 2012: Guys who play air guitar must get a lot of air pussy.

16 Dec 2012: D!ck pics are the new sonnets.

1 Feb 2013: Who do I have to f#ck to get more Instagram followers?

25 Jul 2013: Who do I have to f#ck for it to be cool to start wearing a crown?

6 Feb 2014: I had to leave my hometown because no one there knew how to f#ck.

20 Feb 2014: Watch me talk about sex with black guys in @KeyAndPeele sketch http://t.co/PjJZJboESZ

18 Apr 2014: How many girls does James Franco f#ck per selfie?

27 April 2018: Not sure how I thought I was going to get on Dawson’s Creek wearing a boa and sex worker eyeliner. #firstheadshotday.

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