Four eyes on all fours

As befitting the stereotype, this bespectacled woman is smart. Here are her smartest tweets…

Why do people think strippers do drugs and party, especially when they are working? Seriously, do you drink and do drugs when you are working?

I love how people confuse manners with being shy and meek. What happened to manners and etiquette? You better have them to play with me!

People are still surprised that Britney Spears doesn’t sing live! Are these people brain dead? They need to get a life and shut up.

When will people learn it is NEVER a good idea to get drunk at the office party.

When do some people stop believing they can be anything they want to be? I find that truly sad when someone gives up on themselves.

I don’t understand why people do not pick up their dog poop when it snows. It’s not going to disappear when the snow melts!

I wonder if you eat a few fortune cookies in a row, if the fortunes will still apply or will they cancel themselves out.

Why are perfume/cologne commercials so stupid?!?!?

How do these people waiting in line to board the plane have so much energy after Disney? Aren’t they tired of waiting in lines?

I’m constantly amazed that guys get laid. I’m surprised that the human race hasn’t dwindled out of existence.

Tagging me on CamModels with the tag of “very educated” is like a death sentence. No one wants to talk to someone with that tag. LOL

I wouldn’t do what this person wanted me to do, so he said I looked like a man. Someone needs to work on their persuasion skills.

One of the 20-somethings now is saying, “Like I’m totally doing a lecture next week.” Dear god, who is taking that lecture?

Someone’s definition of a milf: sophisticated mid-30s woman you would fantasize about. Teachers, bakery ladies, lunch ladies.

Being a designated driver for four other adults is like herding drunk cats around a maze of yarn balls.

I wish I knew Italian. This argument is half English, half Italian. Lots of finger pointing. Lots and lots of fingers being pointed.

I am beyond disappointed that this election is this close! It makes me realize how many people are fine with discrimination and bullying.

The worst part about finishing a good book is that when it ends, I lose those friends, and have to find new ones.

The 50 Shades of Grey commercials make me cringe. That book is horrible!

I don’t think they realize it’s a huge process to become a Canadian – a long, long process. Trump will be gone before they get it.


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