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If you’re thirsty, here are thirty of Lena Paul’s tweets…

RIP to Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing still is one of the most haunting poetry collections I own. You were and are unforgettable.

The bass line on this sinister-ass music is giving me a music boner.

Radicalism arises with the isolation and nationalist rhetoric that Trump employs to preach “us vs them” ideas.

I was 135-140 when I entered porn. I’m 125 now because I developed stomach issues. I still eat burgers.

A haiku to my morning commute:

Get out of my way.
I’m gonna ram your f#cking Tesla.
I have a d!ck date.

Porn fans I love y’all but your obsession with big d!cks will never stop making me laugh. The machismo/homoerotic dichotomy is so funny to me.

Fascinating that @USAA turned me down for life insurance because of PTSD acquired working abroad and the medical marijuana I use to treat it.

My Uber driver keeps cracking his window and I’m trying to puzzle out if I really do smell that bad after girl sex or if he’s really gassy.

What cracks me up in this biz is how prudish and sex negative so many people in the industry are. Just have orgasms and get money, calm down.

I want to direct a metal-themed porno where when the female performers cum they do a death growl instead of high-pitched squeaky moans.

To the approx 14-y-o boy who left HIS PARENTS @ this @GojiraMusic concert to ask for a selfie: so flattered but not trying to go to jail.

I’m mildly horrified that when, like 50% of the time, I’m recognized in public it’s by children. THIS IS WHY WE HATE TUBE SITES.

Well, prisons for profit have been ruled unconstitutional haven’t they, @HillaryClinton ? Calm down, girl; we fixed that.

“Retire” is a strong word. I’ll be camming and doing ManyVids but I don’t intend to continue making mainstream videos.

My phone still autocorrects “Jesus” to “Jesús” and I feel like this says something about how much I need to stop chasing Latino boys.

My unpopular opinion: coconut oil is the sh!ttiest lube ever- no pun intended (ok…a little pun intended).

I put the “dead” in deadlift today. I just upped my weight and went to 5x5s. Why did I do this?!

Y’all know I’m a politics nerd with no dearth of opinions but the state of discourse these days makes me want to hide under a rock. 😦😱

Somebody come to my house, play DnD with me and drink mulled wine.

Some dude just sent me a picture of his watch front and I clicked on it because I like shiny things. Turns out it was wrapped around his d!ck. Well played sir, well played.

Sex work is not dangerous, in the same way sex isn’t. It’s toxic masculinity, misogyny and racism that is dangerous.

Flushing your system as much as possible really helps to account for the bloating and water retention issues that pills like those cause. I get the same problems from birth control no matter which kind. SAUNAS and up your water intake to at least 3 liters per day.

I’m tired of watching us play out interpersonal conflicts on social media that need to be kept behind closed doors — NOT because we should be protecting abusers but because anti-porn lawmakers will use our dirty laundry as evidence.

When abuse is exposed within porn and people go “How did you guys let this go on for so long?”, it’s the same as mainstream: when abusers hold the purse-strings then victims and bystanders stay quiet. Return power to models and add indie porn to your media diet!

The guitarist’s 94-y-o granny is onstage at this metal concert dancing and her gold sequin top is giving me LIFE. #fierce @mastodonmusic

When I was a young teen, I told my father the story of an assault that happened to me as if it happened to a friend of mine. I wanted to tell him; I didn’t know how yet. His response was skeptical, it sounded to him like the girl was being stupid. I never told him more.

A hit-and-run and an attempted burglary in one day? F#CK LAS VEGAS MAN. I have had more problems here in one day than I had living for weeks in Mexico City. LOL

I have a wine hangover (wangover) and my husband is blasting doom metal. One of us might die this morning.

If you have cat prints on the hood of your car, I automatically like you a little more.

Which one of you @ssholes was trying to get into my instagram account this morning.  I got like 3 password reset emails and I’m displeased.


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