Hourglass perfectionist

Abella Danger is the most popular 1995-born adult entertainer. Here are sixteen of her tweets which are an indication as to why. The rationale is that you need more than ten tweets to be convinced but you don’t need as much as twenty.

Sex isn’t that great of a workout, but workouts will never feel anything close to how good sex feels.

The weather may be s#!tty but it’s perfect for sex.

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been tempted to get lip injections but why mess with perfection?

People ask me: Do you like black guys? No, I like HOT guys. White or black.

Some DUMB b!tch just asked Bangbros if they’re a Latino company because she only works for “American” companies when she was already on her way to set. First of all, WHAT?
Secondly, you’re not white either so why are you discriminating?

Trump has the famous “You’re fired” slogan, but it can’t compare to Spiegler’s “You’re done!” Two words I hope I never hear.

I was informed: a girl caused a s#!t show on set for wanting a “interracial rate” for a scene. GET THE F#CK OUT YOU RACIST.

I hate small gatherings; there’s no privacy. Large parties are so intimate.

Scorpios deal with break ups by directing all their energy on one thing, this is my thing.

It’s always good to reconcile with people you once really cared for. God forbid they die tomorrow. You wouldn’t want to regret not doing so.

Flight attendants are like the teachers aids in high school…their authority is irrelevant. LOL.

The best is when you’ve gone through the worst so you don’t stress the rest.

It still makes me kinda sad how much hotter gay pornstars are than the straight male studs.

You know you’re comfortable with yourself when you’re obsessed with showing the raw and sometimes unattractive side of yourself.

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