Latina Lina

Lina Bembe specializes in arthouse porn. She’s definitely one of those porn stars who you can imagine being interviewed on the Vice channel. Seeing as how six is almost a homophone of sex, here are six of her tweets…

Bottomline of the so-called #escortgate: Combine as many layers of sexism as possible. No need for any honest & intelligent declaration.

Sad and frustrating that every time I get catcalled in #Berlin is in Spanish. Had a big argument with 3 #Latin American cavemen. #harassment

Rediscovering colonial art could help us trace back the origins of our racist and colorist attitudes.

The only time I’ve been suggested to get a boob job and shamed for not having the libido of a panda has been at my former gynecologist. She also couldn’t refrain from saying stupid stuff like “Cute little uterus. Veeeeery beautiful btw.” Doctors can be super misogynistic jerks!

I love how non-porn productions look for porn performers to portray stories about intimacy and complex emotions. #pornpeopledoitbetter

25 Sep 2017: Yesterday, over 6 million Germans made the Neo-Nazi party the 3rd political force in the country. Welcome back to 1933.


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