Bay Watch

Raven Bay is from Florida’s Tampa Bay. Get prepared for a sleazy slew of tweets…

When you’re in porn and can take a load on your face but hate dirty floors!!

Brunette blonde duo are always my ultimate number one fantasy with the D of course. HAPPY.

Top of the moanin’ to ya!!! I want a gorgeous female in my bed right now. Spoon, baby, spoon!

2 cocks, 1 Bay…I like those odds. #doubleblowjob

Blueberry pancakes with eggs Benedict. Blueberry Benedict sounds like a typical stripper name instead.

Hiking #runyoncanyon `til I’m soaking wet! The smaller you wear, the more they stare! Lmao.

Undress me like I’m your Barbie doll.  #brazzersofficial #brazzers

Disappointment to the slave that quit once again after ONLY getting slapped by me 4 times!! Obviously you can’t get ball busted.

Therapy to cleanse my mind of mental slavery haha! After a guy jerking off in front of me on the train the other day I’m going to need it!

29 Jan 2014: Just did my first interracial scene for @DogfartNetwork ! Whew, my jaw hurts for sure! All I gotta say is 2 huge cocks…

22 Dec 2015: I’m officially 26 with a 18-year-old body. Lmao, give me hips, Drs! Lmao.

13 Dec: 2016 #DPSTAR I would definitely be an amazing DP girl! I’ve worked so hard for 4 years.

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