Khaleesi Wilde unfortunately doesn’t tweet much about being a Game of Thrones fan. Still, she tweets interesting things aplenty. Here are flirty thirty of them from this thirsty thirtysomething…

10 Sep 2014: My mom is staying at my house while I’m out of town this weekend. Gotta hide all my sex toys and a s#!t load of Amazon boxes. #Camgirlproblems

18 Sep 2014: How many of you would be interested in reading KWilde erotic fan fiction??

20 Sep 2014: Look! I’m an angel! Just kidding I have way too many sex toys to be an angel! Haha.

21 Sep 2014: Some drunk guy gave me this hat at the wedding I was at last weekend. I already lost the hat. Whoops.

25 Sep 2014: My maid just found my sex toys. O.o She very casually arranged them nicely in the bag and put them by the bed. Haha.

23 Dec 2014: Watching a horror movie about a cam site. Lol

7 Jan 2015: Every time I see a hot girl with long nails, I think “Ouch.”

Same day: @KittyPurrzMFC just tell him you work for the government and if you tell him you’ll have to kill him.

4 Feb 2015: Lost: my motivation. If found, please return.

15 Mar 2015: A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.

29 Mar 2015: I don’t look sun kissed. I look sun violently raped repeatedly.

16 Apr 2015: A dad at the bus stop: why you looking so sexy today?
Me: How’s your wife doing?
Conversation over.

19 Apr 2015: Hey fellas. How many of you would be interested in a date raffle to accompany me to a Yankees game this summer??

23 May 2015: I’m currently at an abandoned insane asylum hiding from security. My next post may be from jail. Lol #funnybutnot

22 Jun 2015: Maintenence just cam to my room to fix toilet. Saw my studio lights in the room. “Are you a photographer?” ………yep…yes….I am.

12 Aug 2015: I’ll be ready for a fun cammiversary blacklight show around 10pm EST!!!! Hope to see you there!!!

22 Aug 2015: It makes me LOL when I see my stolen porn online under the “teen” category.

2 Sep 2015: Also….it’s incredibly likely that I would be in prison if I tweeted every thought that popped into my head. Lolol #feelingfeisty

3 Oct 2015: @KittyPurrz You’re f#cking hotter. I can’t wait to f#ck you again! Rawr!

24 Oct 2015: I accidentally texted my dad’s girlfriend a list of porn stars I’m interested in working with. #thatsawkward #sorrydad #whoops

27 Jan 2016: I have a fist-sized bruise on my leg and I have NO idea where it came from.

2 Feb 2016: I’m thinking about running a book club with some of my avid reader regs…. What do you guys think?!?

9 Jun 2017: My mom just called me freaking out bc some swingers tried to pick her up at the pool!

4 Jul 2017: When you wake up still wet from the amazing sex you had last night.

20 Aug 2017: Just read something that said women start to reach their sexual peak around age 36! At least now I have something to look forward to!

7 Feb 2018: I am not in a polyamorous relationship BUT our marriage is open to a certain degree. Honesty is absolutely KEY. If you’re doing something that you’re afraid of your partner discovering then it’s cheating.

8 Feb 2018: Gasp. Chicks love my taco.

28 Mar 2018: The people staying in the building across from us are talking very loudly with their friends about wanting to watch lesbian porn. So tempted to scream over to them to check my stuff out.

29 Aug 2018: I’m soooo tired of women being put down and shamed for being sexual creatures. We have every right to express sexuality and enjoy sex just as much as any man and not be called a whore for it. #fightme

5 Sep 2018: I smells like cornflakes and sex in my hotel room.

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