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The title of a song by The Who. This adult entertainer is Lily Love. She will be turning 27 in December. Hopefully, she won’t join the list of non-porn celebrities who died at that age a.k.a. The 27 Club. Here are 27 of her tweets…

9 Oct 2012: Sometimes I feel a little weird, just a little, knowing that certain people have made Twitter accounts just to follow me.

6 Dec 2012: Chiropractor told me my neck looks like it’s been in a car crash…but I have never been in one of those or anything similar.

14 Oct 2013: 90 minutes of being touched without a quart of baby oil or a d!ck in my face sounds so crazy I just might enjoy it.

Dec 30 2013: They’re *hereditary* dark circles under my eyes. I’ve had them my whole life. The only tired I am is tired of people pointing them out. lol.

Jul 14 2015: How weird is it that ppl in HS who made fun of me for being bi are probably watching my lesbian porn?

Feb 25 2016: I don’t care about weed or coke, I just want a glass of wine/some whiskey.

16 Jan 2017: Haven’t gotten laid in over a month, and it’s giving me THE CRAZIEST SEX DREAMS this time.

11 Feb 2017: The lesser the logic, the greater the annoyance to me.

24 Feb 2017: Dreamt about anal and highlighting my cheeks. I had his d!ck in my butt and he helped me put glitter on my cheeks.

29 Mar 2017: The neighbors here are being pretty loud, so I guess that means I need to play some porn on the highest volume my laptop will allow.

6 Apr 2017: Can’t date guys younger than I am because the amount of body spray they use could trigger my asthma.

10 May 2017: Me: *takes nudes at hotel*
Google Maps: Would you like to post these pictures to your hotel’s location page?

3 June 2017: Anytime I need to push myself a little harder in cardio, I imagine naked hot guys cheering me on with pom poms.

6 June 2017: Girl, if you hate me, why are you trying to be like me? Why are you stalking my Insta? Are you stalking my Twitter too??

18 Aug 2017: I love making white men mad. ♡

2 Oct 2017: I just realized….I don’t f#ck American guys while I’m abroad. That’s kind of how I started porn: American men disappoint a lot. lol

Feb 10 2018: I don’t think I even want sex. I want an above average attractive man to give me his undivided attention for at least an hour.

Feb 13 2018: I always bake cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, and it reminds me of my mom and the time I baked like 60 cupcakes for the 4th of July. She had me pose and take pictures with them and then was like “You should take a topless one too!”

Feb 23 2018: This couple just came into this restaurant ten minutes before it closed. I was a waitress for a few years before porn, and this couple is SO obnoxious. I can’t believe they were let in. lol

Likewise: This white lady who came to eat at this restaurant ten minutes before closing time really just had the nerve to tell one of the kitchen guys to “close the door” in terrible Spanish instead of just saying it in English.

May 13 2018: That week of your birth control where you’re less bloated, but more insane.

May 20, 2018: You never realize how much of a language you know until you try reading something in a language you don’t know.

Ditto: If the sex isn’t good, I forget it. Deleted from my memory. I can remember hot sh!t that a guy whispered in my ear 5 years ago, but I almost completely forgot having sex a few months ago with this one guy because I’d rather not remember.

June 3 2018: Do you ever think about all the popular celebrities who know and like sex workers but never use their platform to even vaguely support them?

June 7 2018: I love LA late at night because all the idiots are off the road, and I can drive like a regular, non-aggressive person.

August 2 2018: Just saw the tiniest dude p!ssing on a tree with the longest d!ck. Like, you couldn’t avoid seeing it. Why?

August 24 2018: I’ve had more success dating in a week of vacation than I’ve had in almost an entire year of living in LA.


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