Texting Texan

The cover lady is Aspen Celeste. In music industry terms, this article is the equivalent of a double EP instead of a double LP.

Here is a sprawling message which she divided into half a dozen tweets…

Aug 17 2018: Everything has energy, energy is directly proportional to frequency, frequency is measured in wavelengths.

Therefore, “being on the same wavelength” as someone means you are sharing the same energy, sharing the same vibrational frequency. And what happens when we talk to one another?

Sound waves are omitted. Sound waves are a type of energy measured by frequency. So if you are on the same frequency as someone or “vibing” with them it’s more likely they will have a very easy time understanding your truest intent.

If you, however, are not on the same wavelength, chances are your voice (sound vibrations) are not vibrating to a frequency they are tuned in to and can understand at the time.

Moral is – it’s awesome when we can be on the same wavelength and totally get one another/however if you are suffering miscommunication, try your best to understand them rather than holding your ground and insisting they adapt to you and see things your way.

If you can take yourself outside of the situation and see it objectively where no one is right or wrong, you can have a better understanding of both points of view.

Here are different messages in half a dozen tweets:

Mar 10 2018: I’m sooooo attracted to intelligence, originality, and energy. Like talk to me deep and I’m in the palm of your hand.

Mar 17 2018: Miami traffic is the worst.

Mar 25 2018: To whoever stole my card info and left me fucked and stranded, if I ever find you – I will pour hot tea directly into your eyes, and take every thing you own or care about and make a bonfire with it. All my friends, you’re invited to the search / bonfire party.

Apr 2 2018: Woke up so confused…there’s sweet and sour sauce everywhere. I haven’t ordered Asian in days…my clothes are all over the place on the floor…bags poured out on the floor…..what the hell happened when I was sleeping? Was I abducted by aliens who enjoy Asian food or?

Aug 16: I don’t get people who block and unblock you all the time like what is your point?

Same day: I’ve been in character my entire life just to fit the f#ck into society but now I’ve embraced that I’m just different and being weird isn’t bad so I guess I’m just a pro actress now cause damn life has been a stage, tbh.


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