According to the accordionist

Yhivi performs on screen if not on multitrack. The meaning of life can be learned from her tweets. Although she is not Asian, I consider her nuggets of wisdom to be the Twitter equivalent to Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching (i.e. Morality). Paraphrasing the title of a TV series, here are 13 reasons why…

Jun 16, 2015: After caring for a cat for a few months, I am 100% positive that I am nowhere near ready for the responsibility of raising another human.

Aug 27, 2015: There’s nothing wrong with self-love, but being so thoroughly immersed in yourself only further disconnects you from others and the world around you.

Dec 3, 2015: If your power is built upon the weakness or oppression of others, its foundation is shaky, and your tenability is, too.

Dec 18, 2015: Take a break from worrying about how others might hurt you to focus on supporting yourself through personal growth and meaningful interactions.

Dec 23, 2015: When somebody says they’re not like other girls, I immediately know they’re like a large majority of other girls.

Jan 9, 2017: I refuse to believe it was ever naive to say “Give your heart to everything that you could find.”

Jan 18, 2017: There seems to be a large amount of people on the internet that are extremely comfortable making and pushing assumptions.

Jan 26, 2017: Leave it to the alt right to commandeer a frog for their symbolism while simultaneously f#cking up any chance for literal frogs.

Feb 21 2017: Why is the DL suspension for driving without insurance longer than getting a DUI? Because money/property will always be more valuable than human life in the court of law.

Feb 22, 2017: Reminder that walking away from a friendship and needing money does not excuse violating someone’s personal and legal consent.

Apr 1, 2017: Forgiveness does not imply renewed trust.

May 31, 2017: One time, I gave Dave Navarro my phone number and after I told him I don’t like to be called baby, he unfollowed me on Twitter.

Feb 15, 2018: Today, I am grateful to feel the wind flow around me. How a touch so weightless can remind me of a consciousness that so quickly guides me back to myself and all that surrounds me is exactly the kind of duality I need to process and honor all this pain, while making moves to love and heal.

Editor’s note: If you can’t get enough of Yhivi, read her thoughts over at Tumblr.

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