Pope hopes

The rhyme is fitting given how Carly Pope’s Twitter handle is Pope_Onarope. She primarily became famous for being one of the stars of a teen-themed TV series titled Popular (as Sam McPherson). Recently, she was in Suits (as Tara Messer) and more prominently in Arrow (as Susan Williams). Here are ten tweets where Pope hopes for something…

18 Apr 2013: @BryceOJohnson I’m lobbing over an ice cream cake to you right NOW. Hope it reaches swiftly before it melts over universal. #HBD xx

5 May 2013: Was sincerely hoping I’d open my door to find that the @nytimes sunday edition was a piñata today.

27 Sep 2013: My hope today is that the degenerate who fatally hit/ran a(nother) person in Hwood this A.M. is found. Inexcusable/disheartening. 💛 to the fam.

28 Sep 2013: @badgleyy INDEED! Happiest birthday to you…hope you’re swimming in sapphires.

29 Oct 2013: @UnrealFehr sending, also, a Goliath-sized happy birthday wish to you, dearest. You’re special. Hope today’s perfect + fuzzzzzzzy.

27 Feb 2014: Too much to hope that @CraigDavid JUST ONCE calls me “cinnamon queen”?! #7Days #tbt #np

22 Aug 2014: Dear human who robbed us earlier today: I really hope it meant things to you cause it really meant things to me. Also, I hope you’re a 34A. xx

13 Jun 2016: @MGRhoad Thank you for the love on this! Hope all is crusading forward in the name of human rights.

21 Jul 2013: @xx__starryeyes Canada UNITE! Hoping to get in front of a camera soon enough. Selfies-en-masse just aren’t cutting it, je sais. 😉

3 Aug 2016: *That moment you realize you left @jennyandteets #LFDH on a low table at the market + are only hoping it lands in the right toddler’s hands*

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