Mad about Madison

Madison Young has too many clever and amusing tweets for myself to showcase her on here, but I will focus on a theme seeing as how she wrote a memoir titled Daddy. Here are such tweets that predated herself mentioning the book…

21 Jun 2009: Taking my daddy to pancakes for daddy day then off to the park for a walk with his spaniel. 🙂

27 Dec 2009: My amazing love is installing and hooking up my new mac desk top with new final cut. My daddy is very good to me.

25 May 2010: Bought father’s day cards today for my “daddy”, dad, and dad-in-law-ish.

Same day: @adrialang If you will be my baby’s daddy then we can have a munchkin, a parasite, and a bobo. 🙂

16 Jun 2010: Want to win a FREE Membership to Send me your favorite Daddy erotica or homage in a tweet. Its almost father’s day. 🙂

Two tweets, one story (16 June 2010): His callused hands run up my silky thighs as he presses me down onto our dining room table. Daddy hikes up my already short skirt to reveal, making its way into my sopping wet c#nt, thrusting forward as his strong callused hands slam down on my @ss. Thank you, Daddy.

16 Jun 2010: @Amber_Raynexxx Thanks. You should write a daddy erotica piece back so I can get off. 🙂

17 Jun 2010: I’ll be accepting short twitterable erotic “daddy” stories until 5pm PST tomorrow. Submit 4 a chance to win a membership to

21 Apr 2011: @MinxGrrl Are you and your Daddy coming by ArtGasm Art Opening tomorrow? I’ll make you one of my special breast milkshakes. 7pm 2111 mission

10 Apr 2012: @adrialang It was so great to see you too. I’ve missed you. Now I need to get out of my mommybrain so I can think about “Daddy”

20 Jun 2012: So excited about @VanEdge next week!!! My 1st time in Vancouver. Ready to get tied up & have some mommy & daddy kink time.

25 Dec 2012: The Moguls are listening to new/old vinyl on daddy’s new record player.

11 Jun 2013: So excited 4 @feminapotens upcoming wine and rope tasting benefit! Date night 4 me and Daddy. Buy tickets today

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