Pixel pixie

Yes, that’s a heavy metal band who Amy Faye was posing with. The title refers to the fact that she is a software engineer. Also, she previously modeled under the name Pixie. She’s Jewish, which reminds me of a New York band called Anthrax (who were one of the first thrash bands like the band seen on the cover). As such, here are all her tweets about liking metal…

14 Dec 2015: Two of my favorite music artists/bands are Rising Appalachia and Megadeth. Saw/met Megadeth so many times that Dave recognized me.

A few minutes later I’ll check out Caramelos. Old Metallica is classic. I remember learning to play Master of Puppets.

Half an hour later: @TarantinoXXX Pantera!!!!

29 Jan 2016 (one of my article’s cover photos): Throwback…Friday? Me in 2007, age 16 with @Megadeth @DaveMustaine. Still one of my favorite bands.

Same Friday: I saw Megadeth and Dream Theater together like 10 years ago and it was the best.

8 Apr 2016: @JCreepshow ah another performer who loves metal! Hello.

16 Apr 2016: Me… 🙂
“When she loves metal” https://t.co/0Bt93YHVcW

5 Jun 2016: Haha. Yeah, I’ve always been into metal and goth – which have never been mainstream…thankfully.

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