Asking Askani

Phoenix Askani tweets.

Jun 7, 2010 Replying to @lattershed: Drink cranberry juice & get some vitamin C asap!

1 Jul 2010: @roadkillblues: “@PhoenixAskani who is your favorite marvel character?”
Is that a serious question? Jean Grey.

15 Nov 2010: “You look like Pete Wentz’s wife. Anyone ever tell you that?”
Nope, never….

16 Nov 2010: Just got recognized by a TSA employee at Oakland airport ahahah. “You look familiar. Aren’t you the one that likes X-Men?”

25 Nov 2010: @VioletMonroe
Hahaha. A girl was looking at me as I boarded my plane and she was like “um.. Violet?”
“No, Phoenix, but I know her!”

12 Dec 2010: “What’s your name?”
“My name is NO THANKS.”

13 Sep 2012: RT IAmRupertFlint: “@PhoenixAskani Do you prefer circumcised or natural? Give your reasons!”
I prefer hard.

27 Sep 2012: RT @J_G4 “@PhoenixAskani how does being dp feel?”
Really intense magical filled up feeling! Hard to describe!

20 Mar 2014: Dept store guy: “Wanna smell a new perfume that will absolutely drive men insane?”
“No thanks I already do that with my mind.”

May 7, 2014: Word of advice: don’t buy an IKEA bed if you have a lot of rough sex… unless you love it when it collapses under you.

24 Sep 2016: Amy Laurent, Celebrity Matchmaker: “Leave on a High Note: Keep a 1st date brief rather then lasting hours on end & you’ll keep him interested. Things that start fast, end fast.”

SO slut-shamey. My first “date” with my BF of 1.5 years was 12 hours. 😊 How is this woman giving dating now advice?! The advice should be about having a positive attitude, not limiting oneself because *gotta leave it on a high note*.

9 May 2017: Uber driver: You look familiar, where do I know you from?
Brain: Well that depends…
Me: I have no idea!

Jan 27, 2018: If ever asked for advice I always say to remember to treat yourself like a brand/business. That was something I could have done so much more. I was too busy “living it up” hahaha.

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