Asking Askani

Phoenix Askani tweets.

Jun 7, 2010 Replying to @lattershed: Drink cranberry juice & get some vitamin C asap!

Oct 11, 2010 General rule of thumb – You don’t tip or tip sh!tty, go to the bar after I ask if you need anything, & don’t start a tab: I’m not busin sh!t.

Sep 13, 2012: RT IAmRupertFlint: “@PhoenixAskani Do you prefer circumcised or natural? Give your reasons!”
I prefer hard.


Jan 10, 2014: My first @ThoughtCatalog post of 2014: 20 Reasons I Won’t Give You 20 Tips For Being In Your 20s

Apr 26, 2014: This one time I wrote some blowjob tips.

May 7, 2014: Word of advice: don’t buy an IKEA bed if you have a lot of rough sex… unless you love it when it collapses under you.

I always have the most ideas and creative flow on the days when I have time constraints. Time to spend an hour crossing town then hiking.

Sep 24, 2016: Replying to Amy Laurent, Celebrity Matchmaker: “Leave on a High Note: Keep a 1st date brief rather then lasting hours on end & you’ll keep him interested. Things that start fast, end fast.”

SO slut-shamey. My first “date” with my BF of 1.5 years was 12 hours. 😊 How is this woman giving dating now advice?! The advice should be about having a positive attitude, not limiting oneself because *gotta leave it on a high note*.

Oct 3, 2016: Replying to @kj_fetishmodel – #1 Pro tip – keep on those probiotics and healthy PH balances 😂

Oct 16, 2017: Like a paid Airbnb. house or cat sit for someone in the Palisades. Enjoy ocean and west side friends temporarily. Like a paid Airbnb. 😂

Jan 27, 2018: If ever asked for advice I always say to remember to treat yourself like a brand/business. That was something I could have done so much more. I was too busy “living it up” hahaha.

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