Guns and Roses

First, there will be a tweet courtesy of Ana Rose (from her Twitter account under her real name where she advertises her professional Instagram account) before I make my way on to Rose McGowan’s gun-related tweets.

16 Jul 2013: Shoot me with that nerf gun one more time, b!tch.

29 Sep 2009: What the world needs now is guns, more guns – no, not just for me but for everyone – new lyrics.

25 Jan 2010: Listening to Guns n Roses ‘Rocket Queen’. Damn. The oldies were good.

Apr 29, 2010: Just finished up 2 hours at the gun range. Most satisfying.

Sep 8 2010: Missed my flight so I’ve gone to the gun range to kill time.

10 Jun 2014: Obviously, yes, guns are a huge problem. I realized the common media title for the murderers is shooter. Murder is jarring, terrifying. Saying ‘shooter’ softens the horror. I want us to be horrified.

Dec 2, 2015: I’m sick of men with guns killing us.

Dec 2, 2015: F#ck these gun people. F#ck these “shooters.” F#ck you GOP for killing us with your hate filled rhetoric.

Dec 2, 2015: You gun nuts fighting for your “right” to shoot animals (I mean, wtf is wrong with you?) is killing the rest of us. Have you no empathy?

Thursday Dec 3, 2015: You should only be allowed to buy a gun if you’ve completed the evolutionary cycle. #fact

Dec 4 2015: Empiric evidence shows a direct correlation between loving guns and not being able to spell.

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