Liberated Libran

Here are 17 tweets from Alison Rey, since sick chick flicks would be rated NC-17 if released in mainstream cinemas…

17 Nov 2014: “@Mike_Cheyne: Most public sex act?” Sex under the stairwell at school.

30 Nov 2014: I’m in this industry to capitalize on my body and the sex appeal I didn’t know existed until recently.

20 Jan 2015: Just because I do porn doesn’t mean I am a sex therapist. If you need advice, ask Google. OR AN ACTUAL SEX THERAPIST.

10 Feb 2015: I already consider myself a sex therapist. My body’s out there for y’all to put your sexuality into practice via masturbation.

13 May 2015: They can’t separate a sexually liberated individual from a slut because society says you’re both.

11 Oct 2016: Porn. It’s allowed me to explore my sexuality in a safe environment and has given me more self confidence than I could have ever imagined.

5 Jul 2017: Do you think fitness trainers know what your sex moans sound like based on your workout grunts?

18 Jul 2017: No, I’m not religious. Sex is an animal instinct. It being “sacred” is taught to you by the religion and society you were brought up in.

4 Apr 2018: You know there are plenty of married women in porn right? Having the state recognize your marriage doesn’t mean that people stop f#cking on camera. Some do, but you’re making quite the assumption here.

3 May 2018: “Easy” girls are just women who have transcended societal expectations of female purity.

Explanation: Girls are taught that virginity/purity in a woman is “valuable”, and you “lose” something when you become sexually active. Many women still believe in this construct. That’s why they withhold sex. “Pure” women are “superior” according to our socialization.

15 May 2018: “F#ck you, I’m quitting”
I just quit my day job and I never have to see my @sshole of a boss ever again. I’m f#cking FREE.

26 May 2018: Sometimes masturbating is fun, sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m a sociopath.

30 May 2018: I’m so lucky to be where I am in my life. I’m privileged to have a job I love, surrounded by people I love. Grateful everyday for the industry that gave me the time and freedom to learn about myself. And I love every single one of you that has been part of my journey thus far.

20 Jun 2018: Does anyone have a 15 or under child I can borrow Monday? I wanna go to the Big Bounce America but adults only get one hour unless they are accompanying a child instead of 4 hours of bounce house fun. NOT FAIR! *tantrum ensues*

1 Aug 2018: When I was 8, my teacher told us that if we ever wake up from a nightmare, to flip our pillow over because there’s a good dream side and a bad dream side. It sounds silly and impossible, but now I’m 22 goddamn years old and it still works like a charm. Bless that woman.

7 September, 2018: LMAO. WHY do companies think it’s ok to tell girls “when you’re ready to do xyz, let us know”? Girl, your limits are VALID. You DO NOT have to do xyz if you don’t want to. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. There are plenty successful girls working within their limits.

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