Nadia’s nadir

As befits the theme, here are tweets about things not going Nadia White’s way…

15 Oct 2016: LOOKING TO RAISE THE FINAL AMOUNT FOR MY SURGERY NEXT MONTH! I have most of it, but just little more to go. Selling panties and videos.

17 Nov 2016: Almost 5k, let’s get there to cheer my crippled ass up!!!

23 Dec 2016: I hit a deer with my car tonight.

9 Nov 2017: These people also message us and say “I’m your biggest fan” but would never spend a cent to buy your content, we’ve lost the battle for piracy but the consumer still has the choice to #payforyourporn

9 Dec 2017: Due to brain chemistry and trauma, I’ve spent my life dealing with bipolar, bdp, anxiety, depression, and addicyion. I spent 8 times in the hospital for self-harm and being suicidal. Everyday might not be good, but I give it my best.

Same day: When your inflatable buttplug comes in the mail…and it’s a lot smaller than expected.

Jan 4 2018: When you want extensions but you know damn well they would get ripped out. smh.

Jan 9 2018: I come home and someone broke the TV!!!

Jan 16 2018: “Operation: Find My AVN Dress” is in overdrive. It said it was delivered to my house but I never got it, or a missed delivery note. WTF? It’s one of a kind and I never get myself anything special like this.

Feb 4 2018: Soo I lost my laptop, anyone that would like to donate to getting me a new one, I will certainly spoil back! I can’t do Skype or much work without one.

Feb 10 2018: I’m so f#cking upset…almost kicked out of an @Uber for addressing the driver as sir and being polite. WTF? Judging ass motherf#cker. I was fully clothed.

Feb 13 2018: Waking up into a full blown aniexty attack…wonderful. Going to be a rough day and I have a eating challange later…grrreat.

Mar 21 2018: When your ass sucks up a big bag enema before you know it….but doesn’t want to come out…ahhh. #buttslutproblems

Apr 13 2018: F#ck you @amyschumer this is going to hurt more people than it will “save”. It will force a lot of people back on the streets in harm’s way and back to pimps.

May 16 2018: I’m constantly doing shooting, films and projects but sometimes I feel like I’m not going anywher; I need to do more…..just stagnant.

Jul 29 2018: Omg, I’m crying! @nikolaivolkoff died 😭😭😭😭😭 I just acted with him a month ago, he was so sweet.

Editor’s note: She had her picture taken with Alex Skolnick (the popular Testament guitarist) on Jul 28, 2018. It didn’t get much publicity because she didn’t tag his name.

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