Nadia’s nadir

As befits the theme, here are tweets about things not going Nadia White’s way…

15 Oct 2016: LOOKING TO RAISE THE FINAL AMOUNT FOR MY SURGERY NEXT MONTH! I have most of it, but just little more to go. Selling panties and videos.

17 Nov 2016: Almost 5k, let’s get there to cheer my crippled ass up!!!

23 Dec 2016: I hit a deer with my car tonight.

9 Nov 2017: These people also message us and say “I’m your biggest fan” but would never spend a cent to buy your content, we’ve lost the battle for piracy but the consumer still has the choice to #payforyourporn

9 Dec 2017: Due to brain chemistry and trauma, I’ve spent my life dealing with bipolar, bdp, anxiety, depression, and addicyion. I spent 8 times in the hospital for self-harm and being suicidal. Everyday might not be good, but I give it my best.

Same day: When your inflatable buttplug comes in the mail…and it’s a lot smaller than expected.

Jan 4 2018: When you want extensions but you know damn well they would get ripped out. smh.

Jan 9 2018: I come home and someone broke the TV!!!

Jan 16 2018: “Operation: Find My AVN Dress” is in overdrive. It said it was delivered to my house but I never got it, or a missed delivery note. WTF? It’s one of a kind and I never get myself anything special like this.

Feb 4 2018: Soo I lost my laptop, anyone that would like to donate to getting me a new one, I will certainly spoil back! I can’t do Skype or much work without one.

Feb 10 2018: I’m so f#cking upset…almost kicked out of an @Uber for addressing the driver as sir and being polite. WTF? Judging ass motherf#cker. I was fully clothed.

Feb 13 2018: Waking up into a full blown aniexty attack…wonderful. Going to be a rough day and I have a eating challange later…grrreat.

Mar 21 2018: When your ass sucks up a big bag enema before you know it….but doesn’t want to come out…ahhh. #buttslutproblems

Apr 13 2018: F#ck you @amyschumer this is going to hurt more people than it will “save”. It will force a lot of people back on the streets in harm’s way and back to pimps.

May 16 2018: I’m constantly doing shooting, films and projects but sometimes I feel like I’m not going anywher; I need to do more…..just stagnant.

Jul 29 2018: Omg, I’m crying! @nikolaivolkoff died 😭😭😭😭😭 I just acted with him a month ago, he was so sweet.

Editor’s note: She had her picture taken with Alex Skolnick (the popular Testament guitarist) on Jul 28, 2018. It didn’t get much publicity because she didn’t tag his name. Like how there’s always been a connection between porn and heavy metal, there has always been a connection between heavy metal and horror (i.e. the first photo has Nadia with Kane Hodder). It’s like the connection between rap and Kung Fu movies.

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