Snow White is the Huntsman

Nickey Huntsman, that is. She began her on-screen career in the same year when Snow White and the Huntsman came out – 2012. She turned 20 in that year, so let’s take a look at what was going on for her in that year by observing twenty highlights on Twitter…

6 Feb: I hate when plans fall through, going to Denver tomorrow instead of today because dad threw a fit about me driving while it’s snowing!

11 Feb: It’s been snowing here sooo much since I’ve gotten back from Miami. It makes me a sad panda. I miss the warmth.

28 Feb morning: Just got the role of the wife in a short film called, “Speed Trap” It’s just a local indie thing, but I am stoked! XD

Night: I was dumped at the beginning of January, it was def a great way to start 2012. -.-

29 Feb: I was dumped because I was his longest/most serious relationship and he had commitment issues.

9 Mar: Def think I am going to audition for The Lone Ranger” on the 23rd. ;D

14 Mar: My fav shirt may have been torched, but I still say my vengeance upon him was much worse…oh wellz we both deserve what we got. #wellplayed

25 Mar: Had a magazine shoot today, I am now a model in an amazing gentleman’s magazine known as “New Culture Magazine” Doing a fashion show in April!

28 Mar: Guess who gets to see Reo Speedwagon, Styx, and Ted Nugent in May?! This girl! Whoot! I am sooo excited! XD

29 Mar: I draw Disney characters/scenes, Anime, Manga, animals, and people. I like to use pencils, charcoals, pastels, etc.

4 Apr: I’m thinkin bout goin to the National Laser Institute to become a medical esthetician for now. However, I wanna be an RN someday.

13 Apr: Well I had a perm, which damaged my hair, which is why it is now so short, and I am trying to fix it and make it long again!

16 Apr: You know you have had the best sex of your life if you are still sore/worn out three days later… ;D

3 Jun: I’m in a new web series called Finding Princess Charming. =]

7 Jun: #That awkward moment when mentioning an ex and the past gets translated to you asking about them.

15 Jun: @RichySunrise If you knew how to give space and stop being so pessimistic, I would have enjoyed being around you.

26 Jun: Little by little, Colorado is burning to the ground. Watching the state I was born and raised in burn is depressing. =[

16 Nov: My Labyrinth worm tattoo almost finished. Whoot!!

26 Nov morning: Going back to Florida!! I hate early mornings but can’t wait to be back. I miss the palm trees and ocean. <3

Night: Jack and coke, toke and poke, sounds fun right now. Gonna live it up when I get back to Colorado. All work and no play = a really sad day.

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