Little Alex

Alex Little’s height is 4 feet, 8 inches. Here are her best dozen tweets…

22 Dec 2014: Went to my first ever audition for the Batman vs Superman xxx parody by @axelbraun yesterday. I think it went well; we’ll see.

26 Jan 2015: When I meet new people I’m not shy, I’m just a listener. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and getting to know new people

Same day: Blocked from #Facebook for a lil bit for being too #naughty.

2 Mar 2015: With all the changes you’ve been through, it seems the stranger is always you.

10 Mar 2015: I need to take a break from playing PaRappa the Rapper for a bit…I’m stuck on the bathroom part and getting so p!$$ed off.

12 Mar 2015: About to take a walk to the comic book store. 🙂

30 Apr 2015: Always have more than one hustle or you’ll be one hustle away from no hustle.

4 May 2015: When you find yourself on the side of the majority it’s time to pause and reflect.

17 May 2015: Really can’t complain about life too much when someone close to you loses theirs.

13 Jun 2015: I always had my own unique style; I was never popular growing up. Made me a really humble person though.

11 Nov 2017: It baffles me how people make it through life acting so ditsy, entitled, and rude, just to name a few.

15 Nov 2017: It ALWAYS happens that u get that one person who calls at the busiest time, talks mad slow, asks 1000 questions about the whole menu, then only orders one small simple thing and asks for delivery.

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