Fine Jeanna

Jeanna Fine was in The Boondock Saints and American Pie (although not the one that you are thinking of if you catch my drift). She is a metalhead who was lucky enough to meet Pantera’s Abbott brothers. Here are less than half a dozen tweets from when she was on Twitter for less than half a year….

31 Dec 2015: I tend to mention donations to The Red Cross. My mother is in the medical field and was a first responder to many disasters including 9/11.

Later: If you live in the past, you only hurt the future. We must let go of the thing that is drowning us to breathe again.

10 Jan 2016: This is the same show with Vinnie and that’s my son. He was about 13, I think.

Part 2: and of course with Dimebag during an Oz Fest. So many lost for no good damn reason, but so many beautiful memories.

29 Feb 2016: I have 3 dead husbands. 2 women who I loved had killed themselves. My body count is high. Surgeon General says loving me can kill you.

Editor’s note: I first learned about Pantera after I learned that Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine had negative things to say about them. I’ve always thought that, intentional or otherwise, those two bands had the same career trajectory. In 1990, they released very melodic yet very technical albums. In 1994, they released their heaviest albums. The flip-side is that 1992 was when they released albums that had an awkward middle-ground. You can tell that their 1992 albums are transitional affairs. Conversely, it’s these albums which are their most popular. Coincidentally, Megadeth’s Marty Friedman said the problem with Megadeth is that there were many instances when the pop songs weren’t poppy enough whereas the heavy songs could’ve benefited from being heavier.

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