The case of the two Lynns

I’ve decided that the tweets of these Sagittarius competitors should be arranged in a manner akin to a rap battle or roast battle as is the case with Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle, which Comedy Central U.K. has adopted with British comedians but no mention (or airing) of the American predecessor. Lynn LeMay was born first but was the least famous – December 17, 1961. Ginger Lynn was born on December 14, 1962. LeMay was 27 when she began porn in April 5, 1988 whereas Ginger was 22 when she began porn in 1984. Instead of this article being about themselves dissing each other, it’s more to do with comparing their funny bones on Twitter and Facebook – first starting with LeMay on Twitter before moving on to Ginger’s tweets…then LeMay’s Facebook (Ginger doesn’t provide much in the way of comedy value on Facebook).

26 Jul 2011: What would you do if at a convention, did a seminar and when you came back your booth mate has stolen some of your product?

8 Aug 2017: They cut up my movies. I have no idea anymore how many they actually put out. I know that I did 382 actual scripted movies.

As for Ginger Lynn – 27 Aug 2010: Looks like I’m in great shape…apparently you’ve gotta sin to get saved.

25 Sep 2010: Why are so many men wearing fur coats for a gang bang?

3 Oct 2010: Entourage storyline based on my relationship with Charlie Sheen. No one asked me or Charlie. How do they know? How do they do it?

10 Oct 2010: I used my left hand because had I use my right it would be over too quickly.

15 Oct 2010: At the Weekend of Horrors convention, Sybil Danning is the only other one here with tits.

15 Jun 2011: It’s hump day and I wanna ball all day. Where are all my humpers and bumpers and ballers? I’m horny and I know it. Please help!

22 Nov 2011: I’m lovin’ my yoga classes. Just got back from one. Now I’m hot, sweaty and very bendy. Lookin to try some new naughty positions.

2 Feb 2012: Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer!

13 Mar 2013: The girl that’s always in front of me at yoga wears loose shorts and no panties. It’s so hard to concentrate!

8 Feb 2016: Is it just me, or does Nicolas Cage seem to be in most of the movies on Netflix right now?

4 Feb 2017: I have to say that when I was growing up in Rockford I never saw the words “Eat Healthy” on any Beef A Roo sign.

13 Ded 2017: So I’ve now received FOUR fake checks from the Nigerian scammers for my artwork. They never learn and keep spending their money sending them. Good. I’m going to incorporate these checks into a painting. Keep sending them at your own cost and I’ll keep making art out of them!!!

Back to LeMay but on Facebook – December 29 2012: Man I hate when the cold starts to fade but the cough stays strong!

February 7, 2018: I’m sick and just needed a couple things from Walmart. I’m waiting in the checkout line and I dropped a $20 bill (…yep that’s me trying to hold everything, because I didn’t want a cart). The lady in front of me picked it up. I thanked her, held my hand out, she said, “The things found on Earth are kept by the collector,” and walks away. I was like oh heck NO!! When she got to her car, she put her bags on the ground trying to quickly get her trunk open. I was boiling at this point! I decided that her “finders keepers” rule just presented the perfect opportunity for a great teachable moment…SO…I went into track star mode, ran full speed, grabbed her grocery bags, and headed to my car yelling “The things found on Earth are kept by the collector!”

March 4 2018: Nudity is not pornography, weed isn’t a drug, gay isn’t wrong, borders aren’t real, and pineapple does go on pizza.

September 11 2018: Has anyone had a group that you’re a member of send somebody over to tell you that you’re an embarrassment and has to be the center of attention? I thought I was being fun. I guess not.

Ginger is the winner!

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