Marilyn Mansion

Not to be confused with Marilyn Manson.

Jul 21 2017: My soul is blacker than Kodak black.

Sep 30 2017: Everytime I see a guy with tattoos all over his hands, I want him to finger me just for the aesthetic.

Jan 29 2018: Judgement seems mandatory these days.

Feb 1 2018: Y’all don’t seem to know a lot about me…my ethnicity is Italian, German, Brazilian, and French. I have 32D-sized titties, and my eyes are dirt brown; I’m 5’4 and I weigh 113 lbs.

The sequel: My Father was born in Munich, Germany and raised in Frieburg. Half his family on his mother’s side is French. My mother is from Sau Paulo Brazil and half her family on her father’s side is Italian. I AM A FOREIGN B!TCH.

Feb 2 2018: I’m like that girl from the chocolate factory except I got the squirrel.

Apr 4 2018: Homeless people out here in L.A. smokin weed ‘n’ sh!t. LOL.

Apr 15 2018: Men lie, women lie, asexuality doesn’t.

Jun 19 2018: In the darkest of times, in order for one to come at hope, one must come at peace.

Jul 12 2018: I forever refuse to eat pizza if I’m not in Italy or New York.

Jul 19 2018: What if being awake is an illusion, our dreams are reality yet our souls are trapped for eternity in restless yearning to sleep alive and wake asleep.

Aug 29 2018: Money will not bring you happiness, but I would rather cry in a Mercedes than in a bus.


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