Pierce the veil

Caroline Pierce is a self-described bookworm and an actress who has been in horror movies. Here are her some of her tweets about her interest in these topics.

Right now, I’m reading the Druid Chronicles <book 1 & 2 were fun, book 3 is dragging> and my fave RPG system is Deadlands.

I’m a horror/sci-fi geek and not a book snob. lol. I’ll read anything as long as I’m entertained!

I’ve been with the same Shadowrun game group for 5 years. Love this setting, have since I first got the books in the 90s.

The turn out for the book signing/movie viewing could’ve been better, but it was nice to hear positive feedback about my old horror movies!

I’ve enjoyed the Neil Gaiman books I’ve heard on audio book, I’ll check this one out. I love a good audiobook when I’m driving!

Hey Vegas! Tonight I’ll be at the Sci-Fi Center 8pm w/ @Allen_Dusk promoting his new book Shady Palms & screening horror films I’ve done!

I’m gonna read Keith’s book Queen of Stone.

You see an artistic horror picture & somehow make the leap that my religion is Satanism? What do they have to do with each other?

I ♥ Lovecraft, but don’t often have the attention span to read his style, so I listen to it instead. Only author I do that for.

For the people that asked, I got the 3rd Discworld book “Equal Rights” by Terry Pratchett. Time to break out the Discworld maps! 😀

Don’t know anyone ‘famous’ in horror but @Allen_Dusk directed most of the horror movies I’ve been in and is an author.

Finally finished Changes, the latest book in the Dresden Files series.
Woo, fun roller-coaster read!

It’s not a scary movie at all. Night of the Giving Head is just goofy comedy.

Anyone read Steven Erikson’s The Malazan Book of the Fallen series? I’ve never read it, seems like it might be my kind of thing.

2 desires I have, totally unrelated:
1) I MISS shooting horror movies! I want to shoot one again!
2) Good gawd I wish I had a bigger kitchen.

Just saw The Lightening Thief. Cute movie, book was better, of course. Unnecessary movie plot differences, why do they always do that?

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