Public Service Announcements

“Name-dropping in LA is just silly.

These are the words of Andi Ray. This is her Amazon wish list. She is a fan of Parks and Recreation as well as the Steve Carell version of The Office. She is a devotee of Anaïs Nin and hates avocado (it hurts her stomach and gives her mouth hives). She also hates having to repeat herself as evidenced by things that she has said on her FetLife account e.g. (“I thought my social skills were bad until I joined FetLife. Now, I feel a lot better about my communication skills because, DAMN, some of you need to learn how to speak to another human in the DM’s”). She expressed a desire to have a FAQ post about her, so I have decided to compile her status updates which begin with PSA:

1) This is my job. Yes I’ve been on FL since 2011 for my personal life, and many of you saw that, but Andi Ray is a sex worker, here to work. I’m not here to find a boyfriend.

2) I post a lot of free content here because FL is my fam, but I also like to remind you that there are more ways to support me. I get ad revenue from tube sites, sell clips, panties, and VIP Snap! 💓 SpankBang is pretty much one of the most unethical porn sites I’ve ever seen. I file DMCA requests almost weekly to take down stolen videos. If you see something with my watermark, send me the link.

3) My joints are hyperflexible so bondage can be very painful / possibly harmful to me.

4) Don’t call a girl BBW unless you know she identifies as such. I’m a size 10 with big hips & small waist. If I tagged myself as BBW in porn, I would get a sh!tstorm from some BBW fans. That being said I have massive love for all body types. I just don’t classify myself as a category that I know I am rightfully not. Some girls do it as a competitive edge since the category is soooo popular, and I have seen it rub BBW performers and fans alike the wrong way.

5) I am not the one to mentor you on how to get into the industry (penis having humans, I’m especially talking to you). 💜

6) Cringe when another human with tits says to me “You can’t be xyz bra size bc I am that size and my tits don’t look like yours.” Everyone’s body is different. If I say I’m a 32DDD, why fight me?

7) No, I don’t want to show you LA while you are in town. As lovely as you may be, I am not even going out with LA peeps let alone out of towners. I mostly just stay in and focus on work. Pushiness turns me OFF. If I say no, take it as a NO.

8) If you sling targeted insults at a woman for being a sex worker & immediately block her, you’re a pussy ass b!tch & I have 0 respect for you. Don’t “ick” other people’s “yums.” For real. If it’s legal and no one is getting harmed, STFU with announcing your opinion publicly. I hate “you would look better” comments. “You’d look better if your clothes were on the floor” “You’d look better if that was my cock” bruh we get it you’re horny. Stop with backhanded compliments. We all have our own kinks. Everyone is different, including our kinks. Just because someone has a small dick, does not mean like enjoy SPH. Likewise just because someone enjoys or has a BBC doesn’t mean they’re into cuckholding.

9) There is a story behind every stuffie on my bed. Past lovers, past metamours….. every single one has a memory and story. My little family.

10) I left the 🐼 Pandas in April 2018 and haven’t filmed with them since. I met them before they even started camming. Telling me you are sad I left my ex is kinda weird. I did not start dating him to be a public family. It just happened that way. I am monumentally happier now that I’m single. I understand you’re sad about no new collabs but that’s life.

11) I’ve NEVER identified as a QOS and believe the term to be extremely racist. I’m an ally, not fetishizing a whole race like you. Ugh.

12) Please don’t DM me asking why I don’t shoot with Elle. We were never friends and she was not a welcoming energy for me. We only dealt with each other because we dated the same guy. Didn’t y’all notice we didn’t touch each other at all during the first few months of camming together? Didn’t you see the bad vibes she was shooting at me during the shows? She is the final straw behind why I left. But if I talked about it, I just looked like a petty b!tch. Mic drop.

13) I add people randomly on every site I use. Please don’t get offended by my FR, just reject it and move on. Feel free to block me if you do not want to be added. Thanks for listening.

14) I don’t edit sh!t out of my videos, like me almost falling over d!ck drunk in my recent clip. Moments like that add a realness I don’t think I could get with scripted, over-edited sex.

15) #payforyourporn

Let me say it louder for the people in the back…. porn is a LUXURY, not a NECESSITY.

16) My previous stage name, Jade, represented me being my ex’s precious stone as royalty in certain countries valued it highly. I still have an attachment to that past name he gave me; it represented his love for me.

Editor’s note: Here are her other public service announcements. Andi lived in Michigan for 21 years before moving to L.A. to be with a man who she has no longer been with since 2016. They were together for four years. Andi has lived in L.A. for six years now. She felt confident in leaving Michigan because she had finished college. She only returned to attend a funeral. She became a sex worker after her 28th birthday in 2017. Her grandma was a redhead, so Andi is kind of a blonde with hints of it in the right light. Out of all the things that Andi has said, my favourite saying is: “No one knows the truth but the parties involved.”

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