Sly fox against sly devils

Savannah Sly has enemies who would probably describe her as having a sharp tongue. Seeing as how six is almost a homophone of sex, here are six tweets which attest to her tongue’s sharpness…

24 Feb 2014: Today is all about maintaining a cool and compassionate demeanor while clueless, horny dip-s#!ts try my patience via email. #Zen

31 Jul 2014: The white-uniformed sailor chumps who’ve been cat calling chicks in Pioneer Square remind me of A Clockwork Orange droogs, but less stylish.

May 4 2015: @Im_Jon Regardless of turmoil in the streets, under a desk is where you belong.

Jun 7 2015: @iamrashidajones Submitting to masochistic beauty standards while scrutinizing those who work in the adult industry: Ironic or hypocritical?

Jan 26 2018: The less I catered to demanding and critical “fans”, the more I was able to connect with real patrons who love and support what I do. Be unapologetically who you are.

Mar 8 2018: When a nasty-ass religious nut wielding a gigantic #jesus sign asks you if you “spit or swallow” at the #internationalwomansday2018 rally, the answer is I BITE.

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