Everlasting Everleigh

Such is the case for those who are nostalgic about Lucy Everleigh. The tweets which I’ve focused on have the same theme – forever. Cats have nine lives, so here are nine tweets…

2 Nov 2013: Forever getting ID’d at adult stores.
This time, I said “I look at least 18, right?!” The dude laughed and said no.

19 Nov 2013: The real casualty in the loss of my phone is my Candy Crush account. I never logged in, and now 170-something levels are gone forever.

6 Jan 2014: Forever wanting to get gangbanged by hot guys.

24 Jan 2014: People who wear nail polish: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear lasts forever. Seriously, forever. I can’t get this sh!t off.

24 May 2015: Forever creeped out by the dudes who write their weird, dom fantasy crap on what would otherwise be lovely sex gifs on tumblr… smdh.

18 Dec 2017: Forever an arrogant hunter going out after beasts I’ll fright at seeing

31 May 2015: Forever annoyed that adult ent’ get the blame for ‘mainstream’ media + advertisers making sexual explicitness + innuendo so commonplace.

12 Jan 2018: I’ve been coughing for so many hours that I’m doing something I fear will haunt me forever: using the only cough drop I can find – cherry.

22 Sep 2018: When a guy, who’s been trying to slide in your DMs forever and isn’t a visual artist of any kind, hits you with “lets collab!” on your new art account.

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